"Mo Yu Yun Jian": Two "An Le Zhuan" better than "Fox Spirit Matchmaker"

    I know that our Mr. Yu Zheng will never let this industry down. Whenever the ancient idol market falls into despairing dullness and boredom, Yu Zheng will come back with a breakthrough work, like a concubine/abandoned concubine/real daughter with deep hatred, and come back to kill all the enemies. And the dramas he produces are always like him, with highs and lows, vigorous and colorful. "Mo Yu Yun Jian" is such a drama that makes me sigh "the only topic in the domestic entertainment industry, the true god has returned."

    Xue Fangfei, played by Wu Jinyan, has the flavor of "Sister Wei Returns to the Palace".

    The main setting of "Mo Yu Yun Jian" is that the county magistrate's daughter Xue Fangfei (played by Wu Jinyan) married a Phoenix man for love, but after the man became successful, he framed her and buried her alive and sent her away. Xue Fangfei managed to escape and replaced the prime minister's daughter Jiang Li (played by Yang Chaoyue) and returned to Beijing to avenge the dead Jiang Li and herself.

    Jiang Li, played by Yang Chaoyue, became popular because of her sense of brokenness.

    Look, the things that were not explained clearly in the 2011 drama "Temptation of Going Home" in several episodes were explained clearly in one episode of "Mo Yu Yun Jian" in 2024. After 13 years, the narrative efficiency of Chinese TV dramas has increased by more than ten times, which is amazing. The revenge of the heroine is doubled, which makes the melodrama full.

    The first two or three episodes were shot a bit too much like a music video. Director Lu Haojiji's skilled blower aesthetics makes people dream back to "The Rise of Phoenixes", but to be honest, the fluttering "mosquito net" and tumbling slow-motion shots were a surprise in 2015, but in 2024, the audience who have seen all kinds of strong winds and heavy rains have long since lost interest in them.

    On the contrary, some overly designed shots (unnecessary overhead shots/pushing/long jibs) interfered with the normal narrative, especially the scene of Jiang Li's death, where a series of slightly contrived arrangements really puzzled me. But after the heroine returned to Beijing, the camera arrangements returned to normal, which made me look up the Baidu Encyclopedia of the three directors of the show and ponder the division of labor and cooperation process for a long time.

    Blower, pear petals, upgrade three-piece set

    Secondly, I must admit that many of the plots in the drama are indeed for younger audiences, so don’t even think about them, let alone speculate on them. For example, I laughed like a pig when the heroine and Jiang Sanniang (played by Liu Xening) were competing in playing the piano.

    How to describe it? Although it is a literary play with piano, it plays out the second-year feeling and special effects of "The Cooking Master Boy" and "Saint Seiya", making people want to care about the mental state of the screenwriter and director: "Are you crazy about literature or martial arts?" This play is really highly recommended for everyone to appreciate.

    Who can tell the difference between "Mo Yu Yun Jian" and "Fox Spirit Matchmaker", which one is the fantasy drama?

    But I must admit that when I saw this scene, I laughed to tears for the first time this year. I was as happy as a 55kg kid who squats 95kg.

    So it is unnecessary to criticize others for being exaggerated. Even Eason Chan said that exaggeration is not a sin. For ancient idol dramas, the sin is to fool around with the script and be boring. I still stick to my consistent point of view. The first criterion for judging genre works is whether the genre task is completed. In my opinion, among the ancient idol dramas, the screenwriter of "Mo Yu Yun Jian" has completed the genre task very well, at least two "An Le Zhuan" better than "Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Moon Red Chapter".

    The main rival of the heroine's house fight, stepmother (played by Chen Qiaoen)

    You have to admit that the script of "Mo Yu Yun Jian", as an ancient puppet drama, is worth watching——

    In terms of the overall setting, "Double Revenge of the Stand-in" is novel;

    In terms of character design, the actors, whether the main or supporting roles, were quite unexpected, and the characters' personalities were also prominent and distinct, especially the eldest princess played by Li Meng, who was particularly crazy;

    The eldest princess and ex-husband are a pair of xipi, and their characters are very interesting.

    In terms of narrative, the pace is fast enough. Sister Wu is still the same as in "Story of Yanxi Palace". She must fight back against the grievances she suffered today. There is at least one explosive highlight segment in each episode.

    In terms of the emotional line, the black-bellied prince and the vengeful wife can also give those who know how to read some new flavors of immorality.

    Some evidence that the male protagonist, Duke Su (played by Wang Xingyue), "is so in love".

    Even in terms of popularity, the show has been on the hot search list for a few days, with topics like "madman", "Cao thief", and "having the appearance of an old friend, but without the oil of an old friend", which really made people who saw the hot search list so curious that they couldn't help but want to jump in and try it out. In the final analysis, the current popularity and data of this show are quite good because the script does not lag behind in terms of innovation and execution.

    There are so many castings that the platform even edited a "madman" collection.

    Just looking at this year's "Flower Order", "Xihuazhi", "Moyuyunjian", and last year's "Weiyou Anxianglai", "new" has now become a powerful weapon for ancient puppet dramas. The main plot, the protagonist, the villain, the relationship between the characters, the choice of actors, all aspects of micro-innovation, together, is the freshness perceived by the audience. At a time when the audience's attention is easily diverted, this sense of freshness has become a weapon to retain the popularity data. Objectively speaking, as a commodity, "Moyuyunjian" has raised its service awareness to five stars.

    I collapsed on the sofa, enjoying the fun of the Douyin short play brought to me by "Ink Rain and Clouds", and at the same time, I also tried to make some serious literary criticisms. My friend said something calming, "Imagine if you were a primary school student, would this play be a joy for you this summer?"

    I think my friend is right. If I had come across this play when I was eight years old, it would have become a childhood joy that I would have missed for the rest of my life. Superficial happiness is not a problem. If you want to be profound, ancient idol dramas will not hinder your desire to read Tolstoy. If you don't read Tolstoy, we can't blame Yu Zheng, right?


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