Interview|Ren Dahua talks about "Borderwalker": Big Brother Love and Mandarin Duck Milk Tea

    "My past role? Either a soldier or a thief."
    In a previous TV interview, Hong Kong actor Ren Dahua said with a smile, looking back on his half-life to take pictures on the screen. Indeed, since he stepped into the entertainment industry as a model in the 1970s, he was one of the few newcomers among Hong Kong actors who did not pass the TVB artist training class and started acting. In 1985's "Sequel to Senior Brother Xinzha", Ren Dahua played the villain Chief Inspector Han Bin, which not only made the audience grit their teeth, but also made him famous in one fell swoop. Ren Dahua

    Ren Dahua

    In 1987, he turned to focus on the shooting of Hong Kong-produced films, and Ren Dahua's screen image left many "big brothers" with different temperaments. Audiences who have come from the old Hong Kong film era will probably not forget the bloody battle between his "Judge" and Chow Yun-fat in "Rogue Goofy" (1992). In 1996, he took over the "Young and Dangerous" series of films, played by Ren Dahua as the boss of Hongxing Society, Jiang Tiansheng. Although he did not have the most roles, the sentence "Now is a legal society, and it is not enough to fight and kill alone. Remember to make money. High profile, the gang should be low profile!" is one of the classic lines in genre films.
    After entering the new millennium, Ren Dahua also went to Hollywood and played a gangster in "Tomb Raider 2", but he left people with more impression that he changed his acting career in order to cultivate his personal acting career, and played Youqing many times. Righteous police image. In 2003, at the beginning of the movie "PTU Mobile Force", He Wenzhan, who was sitting in a police car, roared with a gloomy face, "Hey! It's my brother who died. What will people outside hear? What will happen to his family? This uniform is my own." It seems to be a sign of Ren Dahua's transformation into a police officer. With that performance, he won the Best Actor in Hong Kong Film Golden Bauhinia Award for the first time (2004). Coincidentally, two years later, he won this honor again, but with his ruthless elder brother Le Shao in "Dragon City Years".
    One soldier and one thief, two diametrically opposed images can win awards, and they complement each other. This has also become the best footnote of Ren Dahua's changeable roles, good at balancing righteousness and evil, and difficult to distinguish between loyal and treacherous roles. Since then, his acting skills have gradually become consummate, and he has long since gotten rid of the "soldier" or "thief" genre. After many nominations, Ren Dahua finally won the best actor in the Hong Kong Film Awards for his role as the shoemaker Luo Sheng in "The Thief of the Years". In the film, he and the husband and wife played by Wu Junru sing together, "The word 'shoes' is half 'difficult' and half 'good'." "It's good to be a difficult person, and it's difficult to finish good." It is a vivid picture of a generation of people at the bottom of Hong Kong. Support each other and rejoice in suffering. "Edge Walker" stills, Ren Dahua as Lin Yaochang

    "Edge Walker" stills, Ren Dahua as Lin Yaochang

    The movie "Border Walker", which was released nationwide on April 15, is Ren Dahua's challenge to his big brother's appearance again, and the latest police and bandit movie. Coincidentally, in "Manslaughter 2", which was released six months ago, the character he portrayed is still a bearded man. , the police of justice law enforcement.
    Recently, in an exclusive interview with The Paper Online, he talked about this, and he laughed heartily first, "My ancestral home is in Jining, Shandong. You know that we Shandong people are very forthright and loyal. So the role I play will definitely have the feelings of Shandong people in it."
    The story background of the movie "Edge Walker" took place on the eve of the return of Hong Kong in 1997. Under the great changes of the times, Hong Kong's politics, business, police and criminals collude with each other, and money and power transactions are rampant. Although Lin Yaochang, played by Ren Dahua, is the leader of the society, he is also a big brother who pays attention to "thieves are also wise". He keenly felt the changes in the current situation, but he insisted not to bow to the black police and the evil forces behind him, and resolutely did not allow gangs to participate in the drug trade.
    In the film, the scene in which Lin Yaochang and the British black police broke up was arranged on the bustling streets of Hong Kong: a cup of local mandarin duck milk tea was placed in front of the two of them - this drink is regarded as a symbol of the "Pearl of the Orient" culture. It is used to describe the social conditions and landscape of the blending of Chinese and Western cultures in the local area, and it has even been included in the intangible cultural heritage of Hong Kong. It is said that to make such a drink, milk tea accounts for 70%, coffee accounts for 30%, white (evaporated milk), brown (Ceylon black tea), black (coffee), and the three colors and in between, not only present the unique spectrum of local culture, but also Lin Yaochang's A character's character background.
    In the interview, Ren Dahua also used this Hong Kong-style drink as an example, "I drink a cup of milk tea in Hong Kong today and drink a cup of milk tea in Europe. In my opinion, they are both Chinese-flavored milk tea. I won't drink it because I drink it in France. If I buy milk tea, I will become French, no. I also hope that the younger generation must remember that we are Chinese.” "Edgewalker" poster

    "Edgewalker" poster

    "Being an actor is a kind of enjoyment for me"
    The Paper : Introduce the origin of participating in "Edge Walker"? After getting the script, how did you feel about playing the role of Lin Yaochang?
    Ren Dahua : After reading the script, I feel that it still gives me a lot of room to play. I can deepen the role of Lin Yaochang from other angles, including his outfit in the film, as well as the style. I want to bring some special attention to it. .
    The background of this film is the years before 1997. I asked the costumer of the crew to give me a British-style green leather suit, that kind of "British Racing Green" (British Racing Green) must be given to me. Later, I found a (similar) piece from my closet and gave it to the crew (to imitate the design).
    Because Lin Yaochang is the eldest brother in the play, a lot of times, his inner play is conveyed by external outfits. Especially in the early stage, although he is the eldest brother, he has to meet the requirements and expectations of many people in the society, especially the scumbags of the police in the British Hong Kong government. Only in this way can he win everyone's trust and work well. I thought of a lot of ways to make this character deeper, and I'm very happy that the director also supported me in doing so. Lin Yaochang (second from left)'s green leather suit

    Lin Yaochang (second from left)'s green leather suit

    The Paper : I heard that there are a lot of outfits for this filming, which you took out of your closet. I noticed a detail. In the film, Brother Chang often wears shirts and suits without a tie, but he still wears the collar of his shirt. Don't put the "collar pin" on the top, why is there this design, and what character and side of the character do you want to show through it?
    Ren Dahua : Before 1997, things in Hong Kong were dominated by foreigners. At first, this character hoped that the Western world would accept him and recognize him. Otherwise, he would not be able to make things so big. In fact, Lin Yaochang is not used to wearing suits, such foreign clothes. I'm glad you noticed this detail, because I originally wanted to design this collar pin as a stealth weapon that he could pull out in a pinch to defend himself.
    The Paper : You once said that your role in the past was "either a soldier or a thief". How do you feel about acting as a police officer or as a gangster? In your life, would you communicate with your brother Mr. Yam Darong and talk about how to play a good Hong Kong policeman?
    Ren Dahua : Ha, it may be because of my father (who is a police officer). My observation ability is also very strong. Because the police are very specialized front-line personnel, especially the police patrolling the streets, they must be able to observe the people around them, whether it is sweeping the floor or selling milk tea, he must be able to see the problem at a glance. In fact, this is the same as when I became an actor later. It is to learn to observe life. Every person has his own characteristics. When a policeman, you need to be able to observe the characteristics of others. It is the same as an actor, so that we can play different roles in the play well. .
    Being an actor is a joy for me. In the process of filming, I will meet different characters, because I usually pay attention to their state, so I can easily enter their inner world. In fact, at home, I didn't discuss his career with my brother too much, because he is a high-ranking officer in the police force. Most of the police officers I play are on the front line, and his thinking and way of handling things are very different from his. Use his model to play my role. For a police officer on the front line, every minute and every second, he does not know what will happen. He must be more active and must not show his cowardice. "Edgewalker" poster

    "Edgewalker" poster

    The Paper : My interest in the film "Edge Walker" is first of all about the background of the time in which the story is set. Since the beginning of the new century, except for "Infernal Affairs 2", few people went to film Hong Kong on the eve of the handover in 1997. We all know that you are a native of Hong Kong, can you make a review based on your own personal experience?
    Ren Dahua : As we all know, there was the Opium War in 1840 in the history of our country, and it was the British who brought opium to China, so this time I must put the sense of responsibility and morality of a Chinese on my eldest brother——(My subordinates ) You can make money by doing anything, but you can’t touch drugs. If anyone touches drugs, Lin Yaochang will definitely beat him to death in the end.
    There was a scene in the script that was slightly revised. In the film, the black policeman of the Political Department, the British was the umbrella of the gang before. There was a scene where I had an appointment with him on the street and drank the mandarin duck milk tea unique to Hong Kong. The black police tried to force me into submission, and even offered me conditions to immigrate. At this time, there was a local old man next to us who wrote graffiti on the wall and scolded the British Hong Kong government. I just told the director not to limit what the actor who plays the old man can write. He doesn't need to know the script, just write down all the misfortunes and dissatisfaction he experienced before his return in 1997, so that it will be more real. The "prosperity" before Hong Kong's return was actually a false prosperity. This illusion was given to us by the British. In fact, many people are transferring Hong Kong's assets. These bubbles are huge and the common people can feel it. Lin Yaochang breaks with the black police

    Lin Yaochang breaks with the black police

    "The part of 'play' should be added to the play"
    The Paper : Director Huang Mingsheng is a senior action film director in the industry. Before shooting, how did he introduce the arc of Lin Yaochang to you?
    Ren Dahua : Director Huang Mingsheng used to be the martial arts instructor of the "Marriage Class". He is very famous in the circle, and we have known each other for a long time. Of course, it's okay for him to shoot action scenes. We discussed this time, not to fight for the sake of "fighting", but to add the "playing" part.
    The Paper : The relationship between Lin Yaochang and the undercover A Luo (played by Ren Xianqi) is also very delicate. They are not only the relationship between the leading brother and his subordinates, but also a deep mutual recognition of human nature. In the second half of the movie, it can be said that the two of you are "playing the cards", which is different from many undercover movies in the past. Tell me about your understanding and experience?
    Ren Dahua : Yes, at the end of the movie, I actually already knew that A Luo was a police undercover agent, but I still insisted on passing him the position of the "faucet chair" and chose him as his successor, just because I knew that he was an absolute leader. Don't touch the drug trade. There was a fight between us, and I was going to put a gun to his head, but I shot at the car window next to me, because I didn't want to hurt him, but to force him to retreat. What's the matter, I, big brother, will carry it. Lin Yaochang is actually a tragic figure. He is affectionate and righteous, but he was involved in this dispute, but his bottom line is that he must never touch drugs or harm his compatriots. "Edgewalker" stills

    "Edgewalker" stills

    The Paper: Lin Yaochang has a line in the play, "In our world, if you don't respect morality and do your duty, you can't survive at all." This sentence reminds me of the classic gangster movie "The Godfather", which is also the case this year. The 50th anniversary of the film's release, can you talk about your experience with it?
    Ren Dahua : "The Godfather" is a "Godfather". Although it is a gangster film, it pays attention to "stealing is also a way", and it is very life-like. People from all walks of life will have some insights when watching it. No matter which industry you are in, you should abide by the rules and have a sense of responsibility and morality. No matter if you are a big brother in the underworld today or the CEO of a company, every industry has its own rules. This point was given to me when I watched "The Godfather". Inspired. In fact, you said Godfather, he is also firmly opposed to touching the drug trade, which is very similar to the Lin Yaochang I played this time. But "Edge Walker" is a story that takes place in Hong Kong, and we still have to put the story in Hong Kong.
    The Paper : This film also highlights the friendship between Lin Yaochang and his four subordinate brothers. We all know that you have played a lot of "big brother" since you started filming, but I also know that in real life, you are two at home, and you have your own "second philosophy". What are your thoughts on playing the big brother?
    Ren Dahua : When it comes to family, my dad is a very punctual person. When I was a kid, my dad beat me up 10 minutes late because I didn't come home on time for dinner. At that time, I was about six or seven years old, and this meal taught me what it means to be on time, so from the past filming to now, I have never been late once, and I will definitely be early. I take the attitude of being on time to heart, which is the first rule in my inner world.
    I'm a Pisces, and I've acted a bit like a Scorpio after that (laughs). For example, Lin Huaile, the overlord of Jordan I played in "Dragon City Years" (formerly known as "Underworld", directed by To Qifeng, 2005), is a bit like a Scorpio. But Lin Yaochang, the eldest brother, is very Pisces and knows how to take care of others' feelings.
    In fact, how to play the big brother still has to be combined with the setting of the plot, and this is a story that happened in Hong Kong. The same thing that happened in Africa and America may have different results. Hong Kong is a very human place. We still have the tradition of respecting the elderly and loving the young. In foreign countries, children may leave the family when they are 18 years old, and it seems that they have nothing to do with their parents, but this is not the case in Chinese society. This kind of human touch will also bring into the relationship between gangs. Lin Yaochang is the eldest brother. In the film, he has to take care of his father and his younger brother. When he is really powerless, he has to fight for it himself. In addition, my ancestral home is in Jining, Shandong. You know that we Shandong people are very generous and loyal, so the role I play will definitely have the feelings of Shandong people in it. "Edgewalker" stills

    "Edgewalker" stills

    The Paper : In the movie, you and the retired elder brother played by Sammo Hung also had a conversation about numbers, the scene of "Ming Yi Gua" (signifying disappointment and bad luck), can you talk about your views on traditional Chinese culture?
    Ren Dahua : The screenwriter put the plot of Sammo Hung's fortune-telling in it. The two of us were very entertained when we acted in this scene. I think the audience will also find it quite enjoyable when they watch it. "Ming Yi Gua" is developed in conjunction with the plot, and has the meaning of predicting the result, but Lin Yaochang believes that things are man-made, not all relying on God's will. So in the movie, the audience will see that he knows he will sacrifice, but the rules cannot be broken.
    "I hope the younger generation will remember that we are Chinese"
    The Paper : In "The Thief of the Years", your father Lao Luo was a shoemaker, and you learned to make leather shoes for this reason; in "My Motherland and Me: Return", you played the boss of Guohua's watch repair shop, and you also showed table repair skills. Can you introduce your personal taste in life, and how to bring these skills and tastes into the role and perform well?
    Ren Dahua : In fact, leather shoes are not the most difficult to make, but high heels are the most difficult to make. I have an idol, and I was honored to sit down with him for tea and chat, Mr. Zhou Yangjie, the founder of Jimmy Choo. When filming "The Thief of the Years", I checked his information, because I was also a hand-made shoemaker in the film. There is no one in the world who can do a better hand-made (shoe-making) than Mr. Zhou, and he is of Chinese descent. I also adore it. Mr. Zhou is originally from Guangdong and was born in Malaysia. He has designed the shoes of Princess Diana of the United Kingdom. He is the most famous Chinese shoe designer in the world, and he has also created his own label. Stills of "The Thief of the Years"

    Stills of "The Thief of the Years"

    About the year before last, I was filming in Malaysia, and Mr. Zhou happened to be in Malaysia at that time. I asked the person to give him a message, hoping to meet and chat. Everyone is busy with work during the day, so I want to accommodate him and meet at ten o'clock one night. We chatted for about two hours, drinking tea and chatting. From the different foot shapes of Eastern and Western people, from the time of making shoes and lasts, we talked about different cultural habits and concepts, and found that there are many common topics, happy terrific.
    I am a very punctual person. In the movie "My Motherland and Me", I also put punctuality on this character. In the movie, he handed the repaired watch to his wife (played by Hui Yinghong) and said, "Don't worry. , not less than a second." This second is too important for the people of Hong Kong and all of us Chinese, because it is a very important historical moment, the first second and the second second are completely different concepts. Can't be wrong. Screenshot of "My Motherland and Me"

    Screenshot of "My Motherland and Me"

    The Paper : In the film, Lin Yaochang is a big man who loves the country and Hong Kong. This reminds me of "The Thief of the Years", where the British police officer of the British Hong Kong government said to Lao Luo's second son, "Your family name is Luo, and the English translation is Law. , how about it? Law? Hong Kong speaks law? It should be translated as low, so that you can earn money." In fact, in Hong Kong movies, there has always been an attitude towards colonial history, I would like to hear your opinion?
    Ren Dahua : I have always considered myself to be Chinese, and the identity of Chinese is more important than everything else. Today, a cup of milk tea in Hong Kong and a cup of milk tea in Europe, in my opinion, are both Chinese-flavored milk tea. I won't become French because of the milk tea I drank in France, no. I also hope that the younger generation must remember that we are Chinese.
    The Paper : I noticed a number of ceremonies and ceremonial activities in the film that reflect the association, among which the scene was also filmed at the Tang Ancestral Hall in Ha Village, Yuen Long, Hong Kong. I know that one of your hobbies is photography. Can you talk about the special sets in this film?
    Ren Dahua : We went to observe every scene, including after Sammo Hung appeared, there was a "filial piety" on the wall behind him. For the gangster system, filial piety is a very important belief. You can pay attention to it. Our art director, Zhao Chongbang, has worked with director Tsui Hark many times before. Tsui Hark is a man of unrestrained ambition, and so is the art director. He knows how to use the set to convey a lot of information in and out of the scene inadvertently. "filial piety"

    "filial piety"


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