Interview|Qin Hao: Acting as Gong Biao has a sense of mission

    "Gong Biao is very important in this story, even he is the most critical person." Director Xin Shuang told Qin Hao.

    Before meeting Xin Shuang and his party, Qin Hao wanted to reject the script of "The Long Season": He and Xin Shuang had a good personal relationship, and they had also collaborated on "The Hidden Corner". In this script, Gong Biao is a character who hovers outside the main line. Xin Shuang "persuaded" Qin Hao for two days, talking about this character and the "fate" of the script. "At the end of the chat, it aroused our common emotion for the Northeast."

    Xin Shuang repeatedly emphasized to Qin Hao that the case and the suspense are not important, and what he wanted to film was a story about people and fate; at that time, Xin Shuang's father left, and Qin Hao was moved by these, "There are mixed feelings in it." A lot of emotions of his father's generation, including some thoughts and emotions about the Northeast where we were born and raised, and the land where he grew up."

    Qin Hao as Gong Biao

    Looking at it now, the importance of Gong Biao is self-evident, and Xin Shuang did not "fool" Qin Hao. "The Long Season" is a complex, diverse and emotional work, with suspense as the line, time as the base, and life as the base. entanglement. Gong Biao really embodies the half of life that most people don't understand. From a handsome and straight college student, Freud talks about it, and gradually becomes a middle-aged man with a fat head and big ears who can't do anything. This character often makes people feel ridiculous, but after laughing, it makes people feel sympathetic.

    "The Long Season" Stills

    Break away from Qin Hao and become Gong Biao

    In the play, the middle-aged Gong Biao appeared before the college student version. I believe many people couldn’t believe it at first. This is Qin Hao—big cheeks, big belly, black and yellow hair that looks unwashed, and his whole body is shiny like a baked bun.

    For the middle-aged Biaozi, Qin Hao paid a lot. "Special effect makeup is very hard, both physically and psychologically. It sticks for four or five hours, and takes off for one or two hours. Every day, the glue sticks to the face, and the face will have pimples and rot, but it still has to stick. Because sometimes the plan cannot be arranged, and the continuous shooting for several days, so the face is full of pimples. In order to make this person's mouth more protruding, a bit buck-toothed, I also wear braces, that thing only needs to be worn three or four times After more than an hour, the mouth will start to grind and foam."

    In order to reflect the change in body shape, under Xin Shuang's suggestion, Qin Hao deliberately gained nearly 20 catties. After filming, he needed to lose weight as soon as possible for the next film.

    Wife Yi Nengjing shared Qin Hao's diet on Weibo

    As an actor, this complex special effects makeup was a novel challenge for Qin Hao. He was quite excited when he suddenly had an opportunity to subvert the image of "Qin Hao".

    "Some things need to be overcome, but there are some things you need to cooperate with, and they complement each other. After wearing the braces, the sense of character is stronger, so we would rather have the braces, but the disadvantage of the braces is that we can't speak clearly. , I have bubbles in my mouth and I wear braces. I have to work hard to speak clearly. But this is out of Qin Hao's speaking system and conforms to Gong Biao's system. Because you can't speak clearly, you have to go Try to say, then there is a situation, this person seems to have a sloppy expression, and Gong Biao has a kind of poverty-stricken temperament, which just fits, and we turned him into a more three-dimensional character .”

    The glue on his face made Qin Hao look stiff. "Audiences who feel that my face is stiff after posting things often compare Gong Biao and Qin Hao with me, because they have watched my countless scenes and know what my expressions are like. But what if they leave Qin Hao? ?”

    "Special effects will affect the expression, so I will always feel wrong, I have to adjust until I master the muscle memory, which means that I really reshaped a person, not who Qin Hao is playing. The difficulty finally became A driving force that allows me to make new creations.”

    The stomach and face can be made up, but the legs are inconvenient to add special effects. In order to make the special effects more reasonable, Qin Hao and Xin Shuang made Gong Biao suffer from diabetes, because some diabetics have big stomachs but thin legs.

    Young Gong Biao and middle-aged Gong Biao

    The young Gong Biao and the middle-aged Gong Biao, how to talk and do things, are the main creators groping while filming. "We want the audience to feel that Gong Biao is someone close to us. We often see on the Internet what two people look like before they get married, and what they look like after they get married. This is a very common phenomenon, and this is not a special case. , This is a commonality. So there is a saying that time is a butcher's knife. We just think how to rationalize the commonality. I think Gong Biao's changes are not unconventional, but close to reality." Qin Hao said.

    live in your character, not in the play

    Frankly speaking, the role of Gong Biao is not easy to play. He is important, but in the main case in the play, he basically does not participate in it. We must grasp the proportion that he is both important and not too existential.

    The part of Northeast dialect is handy for Qin Hao, "That is your childhood memory, your growing environment, and the things that flow in your blood. It will not be like other dramas, when you think about it; Northeast dialect is from the heart. Spontaneously."

    As for the sense of proportion, he feels that skills are not needed at all, as long as he is a professional actor, he should do it, "Live in the role, not in the play."

    "You live in your role, just like we do in life. For example, when the leader speaks in a meeting, will you grab what the leader has to say? Will you argue with your leader about who speaks more? It makes sense. You can’t live in the movie, and you can’t say that they were all arguing during filming. If I don’t quarrel, it means I’m out of the show. Isn’t that out of reality? This is not what a professional actor should do.”

    On the basis of living in the character, how to add luster to the character is the ability bestowed by his experience. "You need to know what the scene wants. If you are completing a small foreshadowing, it will be boring if you just complete it. You have to enrich the foreshadowing so that the audience feels that this is not a foreshadowing, but a scene. Looking back later, it turned out to be a foreshadowing."

    Because he was living in the role, Qin Hao didn't even watch the complete broadcast version. He felt that he had lived that character once, and there was nothing to watch. He never watched the drama he acted in.

    "The Long Season" Stills

    The three-person scene of Gong Biao, Wang Xiang and the cavalry team is the most jokes. The Northeast dialect is repeated, and they keep throwing burdens, which is very tacit. Qin Hao said that because he and Fan Wei are both from the Northeast, and Chen Minghao is an old classmate for many years, they all have a tacit understanding. They did not communicate and chat or eat in advance to cultivate their relationship and tacit understanding. Many "burdens" are hanging .

    "Every scene has our own processing, because these things are too close to our lives. Xin Shuang is a director who gives actors a lot of room to create. There was a paragraph some time ago, Wang Xiang and Ma Desheng were arguing In that part, the two of them had some problems with the lines. I made a suggestion after reading the script. This is what I remember. The rest of the play was basically performed on the spot. The KTV dance is also the same. The scene came directly. I said dance. What, they said that dancing "Qinghong" should pay tribute to Xiaoshuai." (Note: Qin Hao starred in the work "Qinghong" directed by Wang Xiaoshuai)

    "The Long Season" Stills

    Does Gong Biao really love Liru?

    Gong Biao did not participate in the core of the case. From young to middle-aged, he just accompanied Wang Xiang, but the series spent a lot of space describing the changes in the couple between him and Liru in the past 20 years. Since she fell in love at first sight when she was young, she actively pursued her. Even though she was cuckolded, Gong Biao never left Liru. But 20 years later, Gong Biao has become a greasy middle-aged man who does not work at home, delays his wife's work, and flirts with small shop assistants outside. There is heated discussion on the Internet, does Gong Biao really love Liru?

    As the actor, Qin Hao is sure that Gong Biao loves Liru deeply.

    "I think most of the people discussing this matter do not have that deep experience and are relatively young, which is understandable because they have not experienced life. Whether it is from the appearance or the heart, as well as the unique complex brought by the original family who likes the smell of disinfectant since childhood That's right, they are true love. Since it is true love, when Liru was bullied, he went to beat the factory manager. Needless to say, this is the reason. Everyone thinks that Gong Biao treated her badly later, but I think this is marriage, this is Life. There is no story about their 20-year experience in the play, but the audience can imagine what happened in it. I believe that all divorced couples, including some relatives and friends, and classmates’ parents divorced. It may not be mutual love, why did it become like that in the end? There is no embellishment or cover-up in this drama, life is like this sometimes, we just restored it."

    "The Long Season" Stills

    Qin Hao believes, "Some people can understand after they have experience, and some people who have not experienced it may feel a little doubtful. It's as simple as that. To be more precise, after more than 20 years of marriage, Gong Biao's love for Liru Love has become a family relationship. He just lives in his marriage. He doesn't deliberately behave good or bad. Different people have different opinions, and the wise see wisdom. Let the audience see his good and bad. Some viewers are still saying, Gong Biao is much better than my husband, and I won't divorce if it's me."

    "The Long Season" Stills

    He affirmed Gong Biao's feelings, but he didn't want to comment on what kind of person Gong Biao was.

    "As an actor, I should not judge my character, but live in his life. This is the principle I have been adhering to for so many years. The typical cases of evaluating my character often appear in some good and bad dramas. The actors first Judging me as a bad guy, and then acting, acting out the expression and behavior of a bad guy, or if I am a tall character, I judge that I am tall first, and then act like a tall person should be. But actors All you have to do is play the character of the moment."

    Gong Biao's ending is dramatic. After he agreed to divorce Liru, he cooked her a meal, named her beauty salon "Rumeng", put down the key and walked out. In this scene, he seemed to be a college student run by the factory again. Qin Hao didn't think this meant that the main creator showed mercy to Gong Biao's subordinates, preferred to take care of him, and saved his image. Gong Biao in his heart has always been such a person.

    "I think it's not awkward to put the cooking scene in it. Biaozi's character, he can do such a thing. He is a character who can run with his brother-in-law every day for his brother-in-law's children. People. After more than 20 years, Gong Biao and Liru have become a family relationship. When I finally found out that Liru was really unhappy, she didn’t smile at you for more than 20 years, but she smiled at others. Let him feel that letting go is the best choice. People who think like this are often really simple and kind-hearted people, and I think it is also a common phenomenon among many Northeast people around me."

    Qin Hao said with emotion, avoiding black and white evaluation of characters, this is also an important thing he learned from filming with Director Lou Ye, "Don't be limited, the world is big, everyone has their own way of life, when young, generally I feel that my way of living is right, and everyone should be like me. But in fact, we must allow everyone to be different. We are not acting as the person you imagined in filming. We are talking about a commonality, or the existence in life people."

    Qin Hao didn't care about the audience's criticism of the character Gong Biao. He could think about it, and this play wasn't meant to educate people.

    "Take out your favorite food, and others may not say that it is delicious. Everyone's life background and growth environment are different, and you can't care about these, because you can't decide. What we shoot is to restore a real Characters, I am not acting in an educational film. I want to teach everyone how to be a human being and what kind of person they should be. The work is for everyone to think and discuss. If you define it yourself, what else will the audience think about? What else will they discuss? Woolen cloth?"

    "The Long Season" Stills

    Gong Biao is a real person

    Qin Hao has deep feelings for Gong Biao. The play did not show how Gong Biao and Liru spent their 20 years, but it is not difficult for Qin Hao to make up for the 20 years of Gong Biao. The prototypes around me, uncles, uncles, and uncles, I can follow their life trajectories in the past 20 years of Gong Biao."

    "I believe that after Gong Biao got married, he would definitely have a particularly happy time. He also worked hard for his family and wanted to change the status quo, but when he really went to society, he would be whipped by society. This lesson must be true. Yes, because of these lessons, Liru's trust in him gradually decreased, and the relationship between the two gradually disappeared. Wang Xiang took him to rent a job that could make ends meet, but he was unwilling. Because he had always had high expectations, and he took up such a job again, he tried every means to change his life. Gong Biao is definitely not the kind of person who will lie flat for 20 years, and he is also in line with the optimistic spirit of Northeast people."

    How to make the audience believe that the two seemingly different Gong Biao are the same person, or whether it is possible to believe that he will become like that, no matter in terms of appearance or behavior, Qin Hao made some designs to find both the same person, It doesn't feel like the same soul. For example, when young Gong Biao first entered the factory, he basically spoke Mandarin, and sometimes showed a completely different enthusiasm from the declining factories.

    "When he was young, he received a certain degree of cultural education at the university. He went to a factory, read so many books, and came to this environment again. It is impossible for him to integrate so well with this environment. The environment seemed out of place. He talked about Freud and literary movies. But after more than 20 years in this environment, he has been assimilated. After 20 years, all he talked about was lottery tickets. The important point is how you say it and what you say."

    Twenty years later, Gong Biao speaks Northeast dialect mixed with allegory, contributing a lot of comedy elements. Qin Hao emphasized again that it was contributed by Gong Biao.

    "This character has a sense of joy, and many of his words are very interesting. The audience thinks Gong Biao is very funny. They are all brought by Gong Biao and have nothing to do with Qin Hao. Gong Biao himself is such a person in this story."

    Gong Biao's ending is full of romanticism. In the cheerful music, he holds the winning lottery ticket and drives a reluctant taxi towards the end of his life. But Qin Hao believes that the reason why this drama is so touching is not because of such drama.

    "I also talked with Xin Shuang. This drama is about the relationship between people and fate. I admire him because of this. He can think of this, unlike other film and television dramas that deal with characters. Of course, this theme is also related to him. It is closely related to the departure of my father. Fate is fair to everyone. When death comes, I have never greeted anyone. Many friends around us, such as classmates, friends and colleagues, may suddenly One day I heard that he passed away, and that’s how I felt.”

    "When I saw this ending, I felt that it was different from the ending of the characters in other domestic dramas. He is close to everyone in life. Why do you say that this drama has a lot of stamina, and the one who touches you in the end is often sure that we are not for Let him die for drama, drama for drama's sake. We are to convey the feeling of life and the things in life to the audience."

    Wang Xiang said at the end, "Look forward, don't look back." In fact, for Gong Biao, there is no turning back, and he can no longer look forward. However, Qin Hao felt that Gong Biao's death did not mean the end, he was always looking forward, when the snowflakes were falling, when Gong Biao came out of the staff meeting, he was the Biaozi looking forward.

    "Others said that his wife was having an affair with the factory director, but he still raised his head at that moment, saying that I want to marry Liru, the one I love, and he walked forward with stubbornness. That part was the most difficult to act. Yes, for me, that scene has already made me feel the phrase 'look forward, don't look back'." Qin Hao acted that part three times, and Gong Biao got bruised and swollen from the fight, and it was snowing outside. I played a comedy version, a nonsensical version, and a particularly heavy version. In the end, Xin Shuang made the decision, and Gong Biao was expressionless, but he put on his green scarf and walked forward in relief.

    "The Long Season" Stills

    Qin Hao felt that Gong Biao's life was very suitable for the people in the land where he was born and raised.

    "He is a lovely person who can represent the land that raised me and the kind, optimistic and brave people in that land. He is very optimistic. At the last moment he saw winning the lottery, even in the face of death, he smiled. He made me very happy. What I love is that he has both advantages and disadvantages. He is everyone around me. Whether the role can make the audience believe and whether the audience can empathize is always what I value most. What I play is not The play is not about how Gong Biao cries and laughs; I am playing a character, his name is Gong Biao. If I can let the men and women in my hometown and the hometown around me feel that this is a real existence after watching it It is enough for me to let them move and resonate, and then extend it, so that everyone can think about it."

    "The Long Season" Stills

    "Gong Biao" is my only character with a sense of mission

    Qin Hao couldn't choose the part of Gong Biao's life that he felt the most about, because Biaozi was very emotional every minute of his life, which is also rare in his career, "As an actor, this is rarely the case , because an actor just enters the role, builds emotions with the role, and rarely has a sense of mission. The sense of mission means that no matter how difficult it is, I will do it well. When some difficulties make me feel like giving up, I will have the support of a belief."

    The last time I played a role with a sense of mission was Jiang Cheng in "A Night Intoxicated by the Spring Breeze". "Jiang Cheng was very difficult to act, and the acting was very twisted. At that time, Lou Ye said something to me and always supported me in the filming of that film." , He said, Haozi, many people will thank us, because at that time, we at least made a voice for them.”

    "When I decided to play Gong Biao this time, I also had a sense of mission. Now everyone sees the Northeast as "Undocumented Crime", but in fact we have a little say. We are from the Northeast. We have seen In the sunny Northeast, you say that we are unconventional, anti-traditional, or smashing ourselves. We are not divorced from reality. We have seen the sunny Northeast, just like the characters. You can’t always take one side Come to see a person. I think it is more accurate to say that it is the emotion for the land and the group of people who raised me, because people are like this. The older you get, the more you will think of your parents and the people in your hometown , this thing may only be available at a certain age, and I would not have felt it 30 years ago."

    What made him gratified was that after the episode aired, many family members and friends, even elementary school classmates who hadn’t been in touch for many years, sent him messages, saying, “This is my uncle, my uncle, it’s exactly the same.” He felt that the audience The feeling is the best answer to whether Gong Biao is close enough to the truth.


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