Back then丨"The Family of Gold Fans": In the past 20 years, I have never liked Jin Yanxi

    Editor's note: This is a nostalgic theater.

    When I typed this title, there was a hint of worry, some people might say: who are you, who cares whether you like it or not. Indeed, I am just an ordinary audience. Not liking Jin Yanxi does not mean that I am a "black fan" of Chen Kun, who plays Jin Yanxi, nor does it mean that I am a "three-view party", replacing the evaluation of literary dimensions with three views-on the contrary, I hope There can be more first protagonists with complex human nature in domestic dramas. Not liking Jin Yanxi is just the strongest and most intuitive feeling I have watched "The Family of Gold Fans" three times in the past 20 years (two episodes and one novel). Since I want to remember that year, I will honestly record my emotions at that time.

    "The Family of Gold Powder" poster

    The first time I watched "The Family of Gold Fans" was in 2003, when the show premiered, and I was still in the third year of middle school. At that time, reading was not as "quiet" as it is now. Even though the high school entrance examination was about to take place, it didn't delay me watching prime-time TV series with my family every night. "The Family of Gold Fans" became very popular after it was broadcast on CCTV8, with an average rating of 7.68%. The whole family was attracted by the relationship between Jin Yanxi (played by Chen Kun) and Leng Qingqiu (played by Dong Jie). At that time, I didn't know what Zhang Henshui's original novel was about, and I didn't know much about the historical background of the Republic of China, so I just regarded it as an idol drama.

    Jin Yanxi (played by Chen Kun)

    Leng Qingqiu (played by Dong Jie)

    After the broadcast of "Meteor Garden" in 2001, Daomingsi-style idol drama male protagonists became very popular. When Jin Yanxi began to pursue Leng Qingqiu, the elder sister who watched TV dramas together liked Jin Yanxi very much, thinking that Jin Yanxi was really like Daoming Temple, domineering and rich, romantic and dedicated.

    I found out after reading the novel that Jin Yanxi has been greatly beautified in the series (more on this later), and the romantic plots of idol dramas in the play are also added by the screenwriter himself, such as encounters in the night alley, Seeking in the rain, lily's love offensive, banner confession, etc.

    I don't like Jin Yanxi at this time, it's purely a judgment from the perspective of an idol drama: Daoming Si really loves Shancai, but Jin Yanxi "begins to mess up and finally abandons".

    As the plot progresses, the audience knows the follow-up: Jin Yanxi is still hard to change the nature of a playboy and the temper of the young master. Not long after marriage, she stays out all night, even when Leng Qingqiu is confinement and sick. Responsibilities as a husband, as a father, as a lover.

    After marriage, Jin Yanxi (Seventh Lord) often stays out at night

    When Jin Yanxi's father died unexpectedly, the pillars of the family collapsed, and the Jin family went into decline, Jin Yanxi was devastated and at a loss. He was like a pampered "child" from beginning to end. , To put it bluntly, it is childish and incompetent.

    When I read "The Family of Gold Fans" again, it was a novel, the time was around 2008, and I was already a sophomore in the Chinese Department. In the course of modern literature, Zhang Henshui was mentioned. When I learned that the series was adapted from Zhang Henshui’s novel of the same name, which was serialized from 1927 to 1932, I found the original novel and read it. I found that the series and the novel had been greatly changed. You can also understand the deep connotation of this drama to write the history of the family and the country with the love of men and women.

    What remains unchanged is that I am very disgusted with Jin Yanxi in the novel, and the disgust escalates.

    All the advantages of Jin Yanxi in the play come from the beautification of the screenwriter. Jin Yanxi in the novel can be said to be useless, and even the affection for Leng Qingqiu at the beginning was "fake". Jin Yanxi is the favored seventh young master of the Jin family. He is ignorant, profligate, reckless, and dissolute. The women around him—from Bai Xiuzhu to Miss Wu, Miss Qiu, Bai Lianhua, and Bai Yuhua have always It never stopped, when she pursued Leng Qingqiu, she still hooked up with other women at the same time.

    The reason why he married Leng Qingqiu was based on the scumbag's calculations, "If you want to have a girlfriend, it's better to be a new-style woman in the social field. But if you want to be a partner for a hundred years and take care of family affairs, it's better to be more simple. If I married that girl back, I think her love must be pure, and she is also very gentle, never like a woman in the social field, not only can't interfere with her actions, but she will also interfere with your actions La". In other words, prostitutes can play casually, and those who marry back home have to be more "plain" and don't interfere with their own profligacy.

    Because of vanity, Leng Qingqiu in the novel was bought by Jin Yanxi's sugar-coated bullets. After marriage, Jin Yanxi didn't cherish her, and he continued to hang out with women. In the play, when the Jin Mansion was in decline, Jin Yanxi stayed out at night on the grounds that he was looking for a job, but in the novel, he still lingers in romantic places, obviously not rich, and spends a lot of money to please other women, even making Leng Qingqiu Taking out the dowry and jewelry to give away to others, she also spoke harsh words to Leng Qingqiu, which broke Leng Qingqiu's heart.

    If in the drama version, the tragedy of Jin Yanxi and Leng Qingqiu can more or less be attributed to "Qi Dafei", the difference in personality and the impermanence of fate, then the fundamental reason for the breakdown of the relationship between the two in the novel is that Jin Yanxi has been in love from the beginning to the end. In the end, it is a "parasite" and a "delicate" waste. It is said that he is "exquisite" because he somewhat has some characteristics of the "newcomers" of that era, such as being able to shout a few slogans about freedom in love and freedom in marriage, although he only says one thing and does another.

    The portrayal of Jin Yanxi as a "parasite" is related to Zhang Henshui's creative intention. He used the love tragedy between Jin Yanxi and Leng Qingqiu to present the inevitable decline of a "golden family" in the Republic of China. , with romance as the weft", the pattern surpasses the romance of the ordinary mandarin duck and butterfly school, and has the ambition to describe the tragedy of the times.

    A family like the Jin family is the epitome of the government of the Republic of China and the high society of the Republic of China. This family has some "new" elements. For example, Jin Quan, the patriarch of the Jin family, and some of his children have overseas study experience, and occasionally have some enlightened ideas; Jin Quan himself served as the prime minister in the government of the Republic of China. and courage. But under the "exquisite" shell, what the Jin family has is the general ethics, extravagance, and corruption of a large feudal family, especially reflected in the sons of the Jin family, all of whom are "parasites" who rely on their father's power Shady, living a life of idleness, spiritual emptiness, and shamelessness, "Flower streets and willow alleys, debauchery, full of troubles all year round..." Jin Yanxi in the novel is just a representative of the "parasites" of the Jin family.

    The Jin family raised a bunch of prodigal sons

    After reading the novel, when I think back to the TV series, I can not only treat it as an ordinary idol drama, but also understand the hidden line of family decline under the love tragedy, and further see the essence of Jin Yanxi.

    Although Jin Yanxi in the play is more pure and innocent than in the novel, she has not changed her "parasite" nature. At the end of the series, when the younger sister asked how he and Leng Qingqiu were so in love before, why they fell apart, Jin Yanxi said: "I have never changed, but the surrounding environment has changed. I have tried to change myself to adapt to her. There were so many things I didn't understand, so I failed."

    Some viewers think that he has not changed, which means that his love for Leng Qingqiu has not changed. In essence, his nature as a playboy has never changed. When the tree fell and the monkeys scattered, Jin Yanxi could never act like Leng Qingqiu. When a "newcomer" goes to live a real life, he loses everything, and he is caught off guard by the times, which is just a coincidence.

    Jin Yanxi has always been a son-in-law

    Twenty years later, I watched the TV series "The Family of Gold Fans" intermittently again, but I still have no feelings for Jin Yanxi. Twenty years have passed, and the mainstream ideas and aesthetics of the whole society have undergone great changes. Especially with the improvement of women's status and the awakening of women's consciousness, the ancient "dominant president" has gradually lost the favor of female audiences.

    The reason is that the overbearing president's "conquering" process of women, such as various stalking, stalking and monitoring, actually constitutes harassment of women. In the period when women's consciousness is ignorant, harassment and violation of women are often regarded as the beginning of love, such as Jin Yanxi searching for Leng Qingqiu all over the city, moving to her next door to pursue Leng Qingqiu, going to her school to be a teacher, "Buying" her family, 20 years ago, the audience didn't think much of it, thinking that this "dominant president" was rich and innocent, and Leng Qingqiu was also moved.

    Twenty years later, mainstream idol dramas no longer dare to portray the "dominant president" in this way. This is not based on the three views leading literary and artistic creation, but literary and artistic works have consciously avoided beautifying the "violation culture" of men against women. What's more, love has countless forms of equality and romance. A good screenwriter can write a love story that touches the audience while offending the audience.

    This is not to negate "The Family of Gold Fans" with three views. We really can't judge the creators 20 years ago with the current cognition, not to mention that the market orientation at that time was such an emotional model. However, female audiences who would have been moved by Jin Yanxi's statement "I have never loved women other than Leng Qingqiu" 20 years ago may gradually become insensitive to this kind of "innocent" confession of men today. Leaving aside this kind of "pure love" that is inconsistent with words and deeds, it is mostly the self-movement of men, but when women are financially independent and spiritually independent, they no longer need to use the so-called "pure love" of men to confirm their value. Of course, many women still yearn for sincere love, but when two people are not suitable, they can afford to let go, and their own feelings are the most precious.

    For 20 years, I have never liked Jin Yanxi, but for 20 years, I have always liked Leng Qingqiu. It is true that Leng Qingqiu, from the novel to the series, has some shortcomings, such as vanity, such as still being influenced by some traditional concepts. But in general, she is a new-style woman, she has a proud character, she advocates equality and self-esteem, she cannot tolerate a parasitic lifestyle, she will not complain about herself, and most importantly, she pursues independence .

    When Jin Yanxi humiliated her, "Look carefully, which one of your head to toe is not from the Jin family? Which one is from the Leng family?" She immediately moved to the backyard to live in the backyard and earn her own income: "I In order to respect my own personality, I can no longer seek compromise from him and become a parasite. I am confident that with my ability, I can still find a bowl of food; even if I can't find food, I am willing to starve to death."

    This became the fuse of the breakup between the two

    In the end, Leng Qingqiu left, showing her bravery and determination even more. A big fire destroyed this decaying old family and her love with Jin Yanxi, Leng Qingqiu took her son and fled the Jin family. Even though Leng Qingqiu lived a life of poverty from now on, she was already braver than women of her generation, and she is still braver today.

    It's a pity that Jin Yanxi was eliminated by the times, wish Leng Qingqiu!


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