China Television Association: Cultivating morality and art is the basic requirement of literary and art workers

    Recently, the actor Li Moumou was administratively detained by the Beijing police according to the law, which caused heated discussions in the public opinion and caused a bad social impact in the whole society.

    Literature and art undertake the responsibility of cultivating and educating people with literature. The times have provided an unprecedented broad stage for the prosperity and development of literature and art in our country. Literature and art must shape people's hearts, and literary and art workers must first shape themselves. Those who are not good in morality cannot be far-reaching, and those who are not very talented cannot be broad-minded. As a public figure, well-known actors will attract attention from all walks of life in their words and deeds, and their actions will have an impact on the society. They should be a model to abide by laws and regulations, cherish their social image, and follow the rules of words and behaviors. Unify being a person, doing things, and performing arts. No matter what achievements you have made, no matter what honors you have won, if you don't keep yourself clean, if you violate the laws and regulations, the so-called fame will disappear, and the so-called future will be ruined.

    Here, we solemnly call on the vast number of TV art workers to regard morality and art as their life's homework, consciously emphasize taste, style, and responsibility, consciously abide by the law, follow public order and good customs, be an upright person, do things with integrity, and strive to be true, kind and beautiful. Disseminator, practitioner of advanced culture, leader of the fashion of the times, shaper of social image.


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