"Singer 2024": The second act of "Battle of Changsha", where are the weapons at hand?

    "Singer 2024" is a blast. The first scene last Friday was like "Battle of Changsha". It's been a long time since a music variety show has had such a good performance. It's really lively. The live broadcast without sound editing and one take led to a meme contest on the Internet, which can be watched both online and offline. The second round will be a double elimination system. The program team knows how to play. No matter what, we still have to applaud the singers who stand on the stage under pressure. Although they stand on the stage in a hurry, please come down safely.

    Some friends around me say that the show is a magic mirror, but I don't completely agree. To be more precise, it should be the mirror of Snow White's stepmother. Both have the effect of refreshing the mind. The public always likes to see it. When the wreath is removed, the pigeons no longer land on the shoulders, and Athena can only chase the train barefoot.

    This Wednesday, the second episode playlist of the program was released, and the comment sections of the original singers were all flooded with comments. People went to listen to each song one by one, and they could already hear the singers themselves, and they hurriedly prepared tissues and glow sticks in advance.

    However, the greater the expectations, the greater the disappointment.

    Let’s talk about the newcomers to the village first.

    When the eight-member Hanggai band came on stage, there was no tension. The 20-year-old band has seen all kinds of scenes. After the first episode was broadcast, the author guessed that any Chinese minority singer could comfort the broken hearts of the majority of netizens who liked Baozou Yaoren. But canceling the Dalian concert to challenge the club was indeed a bit disappointing and reduced the favorability.

    Hanggai Band

    Hanggai performed the song "Reincarnation", which was created in the 24-hour limit of "Sing China". The opening song "Khoomei" immediately changed the expression of the post-00s girl. With the original and natural sound state, the eight people showed the galloping of 10,000 elite Mongolian soldiers. Hanggai is not the most musical Mongolian band, but even so, it easily crushed the others.

    Although the men on the grassland successfully won the award, to be honest, rock bands are not suitable for singers. Not to mention that you still have to listen to the instruments when listening to a band, it is difficult to achieve the degree of live restoration on a live stage. Speaking of singing, unless there is an all-round lead singer who is proficient in all types of music, between group fights and one-on-one duels, I respect the latter more. The audience of music variety shows will always need fresher and brave lone heroes.

    Huang Xuan's performance was very complete, and he was relaxed and infectious on the spot. I like his style. His overall ability is indeed very strong, but the song he chose is average and still niche.

    Huang Xuan

    I don't know if he was too relaxed or he also needed to go through the process of getting familiar with the stage, but he was obviously not used to singing this song in Chinese. Jazz music is the most unethical because of the chromatic scale (wrong notes), which requires the singer to have strong breath control and absolute pitch accuracy to control it. If you are not careful, showing off your skills will become gaudy and unpleasant.

    This is the first game, but I am still looking forward to his next one. His off-court performance is even better than his on-court performance. With more than 800 small movements in one sentence, he still needs a sense of variety. After all, others are so nervous that they can't stop, but he is so excited that he can't stop.

    As an old listener of Ershoumeigui, I am very happy that they sang this song "Ode to Sister-in-law". Liang Long has singing skills, as can be seen from his performance in the next program "The Shining Band". This song is not good, and Ershoumeigui's songs have never been good.

    Second-hand Rose

    Liang Long has his own heartfelt treatment in this song, returning to simplicity and paying tribute to the Northeast and the past of the Northeast that should not be forgotten. Again, this is not the track for Ershoumeigui, because the live broadcast on TV has lost the visual effect of Ershoumeigui's beauty, which is hard to swallow.

    Wang Sulong's relaxed feeling is very pleasing. Obviously, he still didn't want to please the audience in this song, so he chose a song "Blood and Flesh" which is not very melodic, and his recitation was even worse, so "Wang Sulong is unpleasant" quickly became a hot search.

    Wang Sulong

    I have heard the original singer before, and it is his comfortable range and the tonality he likes, but the live performance is still average, the emotions are too strong to be dissolved, and sometimes it is a burden. I hope Wang Sulong can see a foreign professional's comments on Zhou Shen's reaction. She said: "I love the restraint shown by capable singers, letting the song tell its own story."

    Speaking of restraint, I have to gently criticize Na Ying, this restraint is not the same as that restraint. You are not nervous, you just want to finish the whole process safely. After the second round of singing, I still didn't see the real queen.

    Na Ying

    In this performance, Yingzi chose the song very well. Cui Di's "Break Free" seemed tailor-made for her. The melody was nice, and the climax could highlight her voice. The original singer's voice was too clean, and Na Ying's voice would make the whole song more detailed. As a result, it was really embarrassing to see you staring at the prompter and singing with your fingers raised. After singing each paragraph, you can see your inner thoughts nakedly: OK, I'm done. On the stage, we prefer to see the cute "Natasha" who is desperate and occasionally deviates.

    Hailai Amu

    Hailai Amu's performance was actually better than the first one. The melody of Yu Quan's song "Did It Happen" was still nice, but Hailai Amu's singing style and voice were still quite limited. His breath control lacked continuity, his voice was closed and flat, and his voice was sometimes like Wang Feng's and sometimes like Yang Kun's. For example, some hosts read the script, some recited the script, and some digested the script and spoke it out in their own words. Even if you listen to a song that has not been fully digested for a hundred times, it still sounds like a passerby.

    Rainie Yang's look was really beautiful, but her singing voice was still inferior. Singers with small voices are born with deficiencies. If they don't know how to choose songs that play to their strengths and avoid their weaknesses, they are just like demining warriors, brave but not wise. It's wrong to let the audience worry about you while listening to a song.

    Rainie Yang

    Some people said that her poor performance was caused by nervousness, but I think she was much more relaxed in this show. Everything is relative. At the main venue of the concert, it was more like enjoying music with good friends. On the stage of "Singer", she wanted to prove herself too much, but there was no need to do so. She could have returned to her comfort zone and was just as beautiful and brilliant.

    Faouzia is young, talented and full of energy. She doesn't sing "Set Fire To The Rain" as decisively as Adele, but she does sing it in a relaxed way.


    However, Faouzia's performance was too showy, lacking the expression of emotions and details in the song, and it really didn't touch my heart. It's just that Faouzia is indeed particularly suitable for the stage of "Singer" in all aspects, with a loud and impactful voice. Later, she will have the blessing of instruments and Arabic music, and maybe she will go further, but this kind of singing will always make people feel bored, what should we do then?

    Chanté Moore's song "Superwoman" was not as good as the first one. The sound was obviously problematic. The whistle sound was weak and could not be supplemented. I don't know if it was to cater to the audience's taste. I think Chinese audiences do have their own pulse. She also seemed to be trying too hard and lacked the smooth and effortless state. She is suitable for singing with ease and disdain. But compared with other singers, her strength is already extraordinary.

    Chanté Moore

    The stage of "Singer" is essentially a psychological suspense battle triggered by live broadcast. No matter how much hype or criticism there is, it actually brings the singers and listeners closer together, which is a good thing.

    ​​​​​​​​A variety show cannot change anyone. People who really love music will not listen to music on TV. For the industry, the fig leaf will always be there; for the public, preference will always be there. Everyone should do their job and enjoy the beauty brought by music.

    In the next show, singers should choose a weapon that they can lift, and stop thinking about being Sun Wukong.


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