Jia Ling responded to losing 100 pounds: She didn’t “get thinner” but “got stronger”

    On the first day of the new year, the Spring Festival comedy film "Hot and Spicy" directed by Jia Ling was officially released. As the film released the "Love Yourself" version of the poster early in the morning, and the audience who walked into the theater couldn't help but take out their mobile phones to "take pictures" "Jia Ling, who lost 100 pounds, couldn't hide it anymore.

    On the day of the release, Jia Ling posted a poster after losing weight and changed her Weibo avatar. She showed off her iconic pear smile, which made netizens exclaim "slim down the jawline".

    Although this is not a movie that promotes weight loss, Jia Ling's body transformation has indeed brought the greatest attention to this year's Spring Festival. From the beginning of the movie, "Jia Ling's complete record of weight loss", "Jia Ling's abdominal muscles", "Jia Ling now", "Jia Ling's explosive transformation without any makeup", "Hot and hot release", "Jia Ling loses weight and Zhang Xiaofei seemed to be "Jia Ling is really shocked"... Among the top ten hot searches on Weibo throughout the whole day at the beginning of the year, more than half of the topics were related to Jia Ling. Whether it is the powerful boxing in the movie or the talk in the live broadcast room at night, Jia Ling shows a brand-new brilliance, just like the title of the movie, hot and hot.

    Before the movie was released, Jia Ling did a good job of keeping it secret. Just a "little essay" on Weibo reporting the current situation of the past year to the audience aroused expectations. "In the more than a year since I disappeared, I made a movie called "Hot Hot". I also successfully lost 100 pounds and became like a boxer. This is a movie about how a kind-hearted person can find Self, learn to love your own movie. And you, my friend, have you learned to be better to yourself? I tried my best to make this movie. I just hope that you can feel for me when you see me again in the cinema. pride."

    In the movie, she played Le Ying, who went from being a "waste" who was beaten down by life and stayed at home for ten years, to a warrior who tried her best to stand in the ring in order to "win once". She completed a transformation that can be called "reborn". "The transformation. The footage that scrolls with the subtitles at the end of the film also records the whole process of Jia Ling's weight loss journey starting from her weight of more than 200 kilograms in early 2023. In the behind-the-scenes video, she couldn't even hold the plank for five seconds at first. Two months after she lost weight, she was excited to cross her legs for the first time. A few months later, she happily recorded that she "turned out to have ankles." In the video, she lost control and cried while filming the scene where Leying appeared in the boxing ring. She also cried because she could have a bite of cake after filming.

    On the night of the release, Jia Ling also sat in the live broadcast room of media platforms including People's Daily Online and CCTV6 to introduce to the audience her journey of filming the film.

    Jia Ling has repeatedly emphasized that this movie is not about weight loss. In order to deliberately downplay this point, she did not focus on the reaction of Leying's family after seeing her lose 100 pounds. "Everyone passed by in a flash, and I I don’t want to make a big fuss about my figure.” Jia Ling said that she showed her changes through the changes in Leying’s fist speed and eyes becoming more and more determined throughout the year. "I don't want to cause body anxiety, but the growth of this character and what she has to do are indeed shown through changes in appearance. I hope the audience will see her getting stronger instead of getting thinner when they go to the cinema."

    In the film, Le Ying gained a more powerful self through boxing, but the game in the boxing ring did not stage a cliché victory counterattack. Jia Ling said that she never thought about letting this character win in the secular sense from the beginning. "As long as she enjoys her life to the fullest, her goal is to finish a game." The same goes for herself, " On the final day, I asked myself, did I try my best? I felt that if I did, I would have won."

    Jia Ling talked about the process of losing weight. She tried her best and acted within her ability. "I didn't force myself very much. The goal I set for myself was to do my best for such a long time. I would shoot whatever I could and do whatever I could." I lost this shot before I did it.”

    In fact, since the content of the film was exposed, controversy over whether the film promotes "body anxiety" has occurred on the Internet. Jia Ling said in the live broadcast, "This is indeed an unavoidable discussion. I have no way to control it and can only hide myself." She does not want too much attention to body shape to affect the delivery of the movie's theme, so before the release No publicity at all. "I'm afraid that I won't be able to avoid this explosive news when I appear. I know that everyone will ask me about my weight loss recipes, exercise programs, weight loss mentality, and body shaping plans... I can't avoid this, so I would rather sacrifice something. heat."

    "The audience is like friends, I want to share my feelings about life with them." Jia Ling has a very good audience connection, probably because she always has something to say to everyone. The last film directorial debut "Hello, Li Huanying" made Jia Ling the highest-grossing female director in the world. At that time, Jia Ling opened up about the pain deep in her heart and told everyone about it in a comedic way. A heart-wrenching family fairy tale. But this time, Jia Ling transformed her body and also hoped that the audience who watched the movie would pay attention to themselves and love themselves.

    She said in the live broadcast, "When others become better because of your movie, I will feel great. I was not happy because of the box office of "Hello, Li Huanying", and the box office is not that important. But there was a time during the Spring Festival when I didn't want to go back to see my parents. My family drove back after watching the movie. At that moment, it was very meaningful to me. This time after Xie Nan watched the movie, she sent me a message saying that she signed up for the calligraphy class she had been thinking about for a long time, and she also felt that she was meaningful and valuable. "

    The host asked if she was worried that the audience would like her more when she was fat. She did say that once during her response, "Lying in bed, I thought to myself what if the audience doesn't like me anymore and I have no job." But Jia Ling soon figured it out, "The way of expressing and speaking will change, but this person and this heart will not change."

    As of 0:00 on February 11, the box office of "Hot and Spicy" has exceeded 500 million.


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