A sneak peek of the highlights of Dragon TV's Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Gala, "Flowers" and "Uncle" are about to reunite

    "Spring Festival Oriental Dragon Chases the Light·2024 Dragon TV Spring Festival Gala" will be broadcast on Dragon TV at 19:30 on February 10, 2024 (the first day of the Lunar New Year), and will be broadcast simultaneously on BesTV APP for the general public The audience is presented with a new surprise and celebrates the Year of the Dragon with overseas Chinese.

    Dragon TV Spring Festival Gala Poster

    Creative integration of cultural tourism industry highlights Shanghai style

    Every Spring Festival Gala, creative choreography has always been an important magic weapon for attracting attention. According to Wang Hong, the chief director of the 2024 Dragon TV Spring Festival Gala and an independent producer of Dragon TV, compared with previous years, the stage of this year’s Spring Festival Gala will be more realistic, using real-life stage performances to create a “flying dragon” in a vivid and expressive way. , vividly interprets the visual concept of "Dragon Soaring across the World", conveying a happy, auspicious and joyful New Year atmosphere.

    This year’s Spring Festival Gala will also break through the limitations of stage space, highlight the sense of technology and fashion, and integrate new technologies, new ideas and stage effects. In the singing and dancing stage "The Happiness of Enduring Hardships Together", the popular group Era Youth Troupe walks under the light and shadow, interpreting love and growth in the "cross-time and space" encounter that integrates virtual space and the real world.

    Times Youth League

    The hyper-realistic virtual person Dongfang Ai collaborates with the BOYHOOD boy band to come to the Guangfulin Cultural Site, which is known as the "root of Shanghai's history and culture", to perform a joyful performance of "Dragon Raises its Head". The work integrates traditional Spring Festival folk customs such as blacksmithing and dragon dancing into the real scene. Cultural interpretation allows "national style + technology" to achieve a two-way journey.

    "Flowers" and "Old Mother" are reunited in the audience's favorite drama series

    This year's Spring Festival Gala of Dragon TV is based on "Shanghai-style culture in the new era" and strives to deliver a festive and joyful Shanghai-style cultural feast full of New Year flavor to the national audience. Among them, language programs are the highlight of the Spring Festival Gala.

    This year’s Spring Festival Gala language programs will return to the “comedy” nature of language programs, focusing on the life stories of ordinary people around us. The invitation list includes senior comedians such as Song Xiaobao and Wen Song who are loved by the Chinese people, as well as new-generation all-round artists who are loved by young people such as Yang Chaoyue, Jiang Long, Jiang Yi, Liu Xingchen, as well as Jia Bing and Han Xue. This pair of "golden partners" who meet people all over the country every year, and there is also an unexpected double champion "cross-border combination" like Yue Yunpeng and Chen Chusheng. What hot memes will they create? What kind of sparks will collide?

    Comedy shows are the highlight

    In the Shanghai-style Spring Festival Gala, Shanghai elements are indispensable. There are two classic film and television dramas focusing on Shanghai stories, and the cast will reunite for this year's Spring Festival Gala.

    "Flowers" directed by Wong Kar-wai is adapted from Jin Yucheng's novel of the same name, which won the "Five One Project" Award and the Mao Dun Literary Award. It tells a legend among the trend-setting children in Shanghai in the early 1990s. Since its broadcast, Not only does the ratings remain high, but the "long tail effect" it brings also continues.

    "Flowers" same style check-in

    This Spring Festival Gala, overseas actors Hu Ge, Tang Yan, Zheng Kai, Chen Long, Chen Guoqing, Fan Tantan, Chen Guanning, Cheng Liang, Huang Ling and others will gather again. In addition to telling anecdotes about filming, they will also use situational interpretation to create an alternative continuation. A "new chapter" story on the road to becoming a virtuous person.

    "Flowers" cast reunites

    The cast of "Uncle" reunites

    Thirty years ago, the movie "Uncle" set off a craze for learning Shanghainese. This classic, known as the "Shanghai-style" indoor sitcom, has become a youthful memory for generations. Thirty years later, the main creators of "Uncle" including Nen Niang, Ma Lili, Qian Cheng, Ni Yingchun, Mao Mengda, Wang Wenli, Xu Lei, Chen Guoqing, Luo Wenlian, Yao Qier, Liu Min and others also welcomed the Oriental TV Spring Festival Gala. A happy reunion. When old friends who haven’t seen each other for many years meet again, and when a familiar voice sounds, how many beautiful memories instantly come to mind?

    Raise expectations with surprise "cross-border partners"

    In addition to sketches, cross talk, situation dramas, interactive stories and other forms, this year's Dragon TV Spring Festival Gala will also inject ardent expectations and beautiful visions for the new year through exciting program arrangements such as songs, dances and operas. Judging from the guest lineup, this Spring Festival Gala not only includes national singers such as Liao Changyong, Ren Xianqi, and Xu Meijing who have awakened the youthful memories of a generation, but also powerful singers such as Li Yuchun and Zhou Shen, as well as popular and capable singers such as Times Youth League and Luo Yizhou. They are a rising star who ingeniously combines various tracks to convey love and courage with their melodies.

    "Integration" is a surprising feature of this year's Dragon TV Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Gala. Ju Jingyi collaborated with Yue opera actor Chen Lijun to perform Yue opera songs for the first time, giving traditional opera a new light in the collision with popular music.

    Shanghai, as the performing arts capital of Asia, is the source and dock of musicals. It is a brand new challenge for Yu Shuxin and seven children from the China Welfare Society Children's Palace Little Friends Art Troupe to sing the classic musical numbers.

    It is worth mentioning that this year, viewers can also log in to the BesTV APP to "watch the Spring Festival Gala in a different way." This time we have made every effort to create a cultural "New Year's Eve dinner" suitable for all ages. Starting from 13:30 on the first day of the Lunar New Year, BesTV's Spring Festival Gala interactive live broadcast room will open in advance. Viewers only need to open the BesTV APP and search for "Spring Festival Gala Interactive" ”, you can enter the Spring Festival Gala in advance, and there will be surprise benefits and exclusive behind-the-scenes drops at any time.

    During the live TV broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala, a group of SMG Spring Festival Gala hosts watched online, chatting about Spring Festival customs and celebrating the New Year in the Year of the Dragon. If the Spring Festival Gala live broadcast leaves you wanting more, BesTV’s Spring Festival Gala special area also collects the latest and most complete exclusive visits to the Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Gala and behind-the-scenes footage. The special area is specially planned around the interactive theme "Happiness Comes Solitaire", with four major sections: "Happy Solitaire", "Youth Solitaire", "Modern Solitaire" and "Nostalgic Solitaire", reviewing the classic scenes of Dragon TV Spring Festival Gala over the years, and joining the Times Youth League Welcome the New Year, check in with flowers and the same New Year flavor, review the Shanghai-language sitcom "Uncle", and invite users to enjoy the Shanghai-style New Year flavor together.

    Spring Festival Gala Interaction


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