"I miss you very much": In the fast-paced era, do we still need sweet love?

    "I miss you very much" tells the sweet story of Gu Sheng, a senior who loves music, who persists in his dream and longs to collaborate with the dubbing master "Qiang Qingci", but his cooperation turns into love. As of December 9, this drama has been online for 10 days and has performed well in the ratings statistics of Maoyan and Beacon, once again proving the possibility of urban sweet dramas with small and big results.

    "I miss you very much" poster

    2016's "A Smile Is Charming" and 2019's "Dear, Love" can both be classified as urban sweet dramas. Most of them will have some campus elements and focus on the daily love life of a beautiful and handsome guy. Even if love has The twists and turns are not as sadistic as in "Snow on a Thousand Mountains", and even if there is a gap in status, they are not the class barriers between plutocrats and commoners like in "Meteor Garden".

    In the category of sweet dramas, especially contemporary themes, the plots are usually bland and have no major twists and turns. They only focus on love dramas. Unlike ancient puppet dramas, martial arts dramas, and fantasy dramas, there are life and death tests, three lives, three lives, and ups and downs. The sweetness of love comes from the elaboration and meticulous presentation of the details of daily life. People who like to watch the details of love will enjoy it with gusto, but those who like to watch strong plots will find the pace slow and not exciting enough.

    Mo Qingcheng (played by Tan Jianci)

    As a drama critic whose job is to watch domestic dramas, urban sweet dramas are not my comfort zone. Because I have no grasp of writing, I often scratch my head for a long time to find a unique point in the drama to comment on. But from the perspective of the film and television drama industry, the creation of this type of work is not simple, because the more mundane and everyday, the more difficult it is to write.

    Drama comes from conflicts and dislocations. Strong plots often have routines and techniques to follow, but stories with weak plots naturally have difficulty retaining the audience's attraction. They are just sketches of daily life, which cannot be a selling point in love dramas. In the line drawing of daily life, the audience's resonance and "suspense" of the love details in daily life can be found. There are almost no routines to follow in this creative method, which relies on the author's personal insights and creative experience. After the creation of the text is completed, it requires full cooperation from the director, actors and other departments to interpret the sweetness of love from these ordinary little details.

    Therefore, when it comes to the reasons why the play has become popular, first of all, it is screenwriter Mo Bao Fei Bao Zhuyu. This author's novels and scripts go hand in hand. Her screenwriting experience can be traced back to "Bu Bu Jing Xin" and "Dear" adapted from her original work. , Beloved" also became a big hit a few years ago. Later, he also came up with "twin scripts" such as "Zhou Sheng Ru Gu" and "One Life to Live", which were first tortured and then sweetened. It can be said that the details of this person's love drama are picking out the weak persimmons in the comfort zone - he got it right. .

    For example, in "I Miss You Very Much", the male protagonist sends the female protagonist downstairs in the dormitory, and the second male protagonist accompanies the second female protagonist to physical education class. Various details that are full of first love make many young viewers feel full of a sense of immersion. There are also embarrassing moments like when the heroine's hair hooked on the watch on the hero's wrist, which could kill me, and it was written with a heartbeat feeling of being closer.

    "I miss you very much" stills

    In addition, the lineup combination of Zhou Ye and Tan Jianci is also quite innovative. In addition, with the recent hits of "Sauvignon Blanc" and "The Secret Fragrance", the time for the two's new dramas is just right. And don’t mention the petite and delicate Xiaotan. She stood and sat next to Yezi, who had a big "evil girl" filter in "Young You", and suddenly the author was stunned and saw a kind of "Four Loves". This sense of CP is very avant-garde and fresh, and it beats a large number of male A and female dramas.

    And Tan Jianci is indeed good at acting. Nowadays, what often arouses heated discussions in the film and television circles is: which traffic relies entirely on voice actors to support their acting skills. Tan Jianci is brave enough to play the role of a voice actor in reverse, and performs all the singing and dubbing parts in the play with real voices. This confidence deserves a thumbs up in the current environment.

    Gu Sheng (played by Zhou Ye)

    In the author's observation, urban sweet dramas generally adopt the element configuration of "love + career", using more spectacular professions to increase the watchability of love dramas. A few years ago, e-sports was popular, and this one is Focusing on the dubbing circle and the ancient music circle, this is even more niche than the e-sports circle that idol dramas loved in previous years. For ordinary viewers, there will be career curiosity.

    However, the dubbing circle is not as good as the e-sports circle. The e-sports circle has advantages in visual presentation (can create game graphics, settings of two worlds, etc.). How to highlight the "voice charm" of the characters through dramatic plots is difficult. of. Therefore, "I Miss You Very Much" seems to have a food buff, allowing the male protagonist to read the recipe to the female protagonist and cook delicious food for the female protagonist. "Beauty, beautiful voice, delicious food" focuses on massaging the audience's eyeballs and taste cortex.

    "I miss you very much" stills

    "I miss you very much" stills

    But the problems faced by this kind of urban sweet drama are also obvious.

    In terms of production quality, the drama is no less than that of "A Little Smile" and "Dear, Love", but in terms of ratings performance, "I Miss You Very Much" can only be considered a good broadcast, not a good one. The explosion of the two aforementioned. To be honest, in the past two years, this kind of love-detailed book would have been impossible to pass on the platform if the team had not had a successful production record. At the moment when costs are reduced and efficiency is increased, what a cautious platform wants is " Projects that are clear in type, innovative, exciting, and promising.”

    In addition, the projects that have become popular in recent years are mainly about "big heroines" and "careers". Even if the heroine has many relationships, she will be hated by the audience. The "career brain of all employees" has become a new high point for the audience. fall in love? In the past, young people did not fall in love in reality, but the CP I was talking about must be HE; but now, young people not only do not fall in love in reality, but they also want to shake the protagonist's love brain when watching dramas: money! Make money! Make money! In such an atmosphere of the times, it is increasingly necessary for love dramas to find the "love point" of the audience.

    "I miss you very much" stills

    At the same time, the author asked himself, this is a drama that I would have followed with gusto fifteen years ago. At that time, I was still a middle school student. I was hanging out in a group of dubbing enthusiasts on QQ. In addition to my intense schoolwork, I practiced my lines several nights a week. The group leader said that I was Yu Jie Yin. The character needs to be a "little general" kind of person. The first half of Wuling is a young man in Jinshidong, and the second half dies on the battlefield before reaching adulthood. What he wants is BE. Just think about it, if I had encountered this kind of "Voice Controlled Paradise" drama at that time, how happy would I be?

    But now, under the impact of short videos, in the high-speed narrative era of "there is a woman named Xiaomei and a man named Xiaoshuai", the author has completely become a person who just wants to be paralyzed after work. The couch potato 2.0 version of "Watching blockbuster movies in five minutes" on the sofa while scrolling through Douyin. Niche hobbies, ordinary beauty, and love details are not as good as a "30 seconds for a bombshell, one minute for a slap" short video. Videos are a great way to relieve stress and heal. I am ashamed of my sinking, but really, the number of viewers who can quietly savor the ordinary and beautiful daily life of love is probably decreasing.

    I'm curious, in the era of fast-paced dramas where "catching a horse", "bloody", "revenge", "counterattack" and "making money" have become traffic passwords, will works like "Miss You Very Much" become more and more popular? More, or less and less.


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