Andy Lau's father passed away. Andy Lau once said that he will always be just an ordinary person in front of his parents.

    This afternoon (23rd), Andy Lau's official fan club "Huazi Tiandi" announced the death of Andy Lau's father Liu Li in the ANDY'S BLOG column. "My father passed away peacefully on the 20th, surrounded by his family." A large number of Andy Lau fans came to leave messages of condolences, and the official website of "Hua Tsai World" also turned into a black and white interface to mourn Andy Lau's father Liu Li.

    Screenshot of the official website of "China World"

    Andy Lau has dominated the entertainment industry for many years. He is very protective of his family and fans, and is especially filial to his parents. Andy Lau once won the first special award for the top ten filial sons in the Chinese entertainment industry. The event was hosted by the Organizing Committee of Chinese Philanthropy and Filial Piety Activities of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Ethics Society, China Philanthropy and Filial Piety Network and Shandong TV Station. It aimed to establish a group of performing arts stars nationwide as examples of filial piety and respect for the elderly, guide young people, and drive the whole society to form a model of respecting and loving the elderly. , a good trend in helping the elderly.

    According to media reports, in 2006, Andy Lau attended the "Awa Tsai World" party to celebrate the 18th anniversary of "Awa Tsai World" with more than 2,000 fans from all over the world, and took the opportunity to celebrate Father's Day for his father. At that time, Andy and his partners prepared several magic performances for fans and parents, which made Liu's father and mother clap non-stop when they saw it.

    Andy Lau celebrates his father’s birthday (file photo) According to Xinhuanet

    It is also reported that in order to spend more time with his parents, Andy Lau even opened the walls of the two houses, "because we are a family." Andy Lau's manager said that Andy has always been very filial to his parents, "Wa Jai said that no matter how famous your children are, you should never forget that in front of your parents, you will always be just an ordinary person."

    According to public reports, Andy Lau's father Liu Li was a firefighter at Kai Tak Airport when he was young. Before he was 5 years old, Andy Lau lived with his grandfather in Taiheng Village, Taibu Town, Hong Kong. After he was 6 years old, he was brought to the city by his father. In that year, his father opened a snack grocery store to supplement the family's income, selling soy milk and fried dough sticks in the morning. Coffee and pastries are sold at noon, and Andy is responsible for writing the names of dishes on the blackboard with chalk, and washing hundreds of bowls every day.


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