Centenary of Xie Jin’s birth丨Zhu Xijuan: He changed my life path

    Shanghai Film Group and the Shanghai Xie Jin Film Art Foundation jointly launched the documentary "A Hundred Years of Xie Jin". Starting from Xie Jin's artistic life, he interviewed nearly a hundred celebrities in the literary and art circles who had interactions with director Xie Jin, and compiled it into a precious memoir.

    This film interviews actress Zhu Xijuan, who has appeared in the films "Red Detachment of Women" and "Ah!" directed by Xie Jin. "The Cradle" and won the first Popular Film Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actress for her role as Wu Qionghua in "Red Detachment of Women".

    Zhu Xijuan recalled filming "Red Detachment of Women" with director Xie Jin. Video source: "A Hundred Years of Xie Jin" (02:55)
    Zhu Xijuan said: "Director Xie Jin is my mentor and helpful friend. In my life, it is Director Xie Jin who has changed my life path to this day. The greatest happiness in my life may be that Director Xie Jin chose me to play Wu Qionghua. "

    She believes, "He is an epoch-making and should be said to be the best director in China. He has dedicated his whole life to China's film industry."

    "Red Detachment of Women" stills


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