Female director wins the Palme d'Or for the third time, Yuji Sakamoto and Koji Yakusho have their own gains

    On the evening of May 27 local time, the closing ceremony of the 76th Cannes Film Festival was held as scheduled. French director Justin Triet's "Anatomy of Death from a Fall" won the Palme d'Or. In addition, films such as "Area of Interest", "Dead Leaves", "Dodan Buffane's Desire" and "Monster" have also received awards.

    "The Anatomy of a Falling Death" poster

    Justin Treier

    "The Anatomy of a Falling Death" tells a suspenseful Hitchcockian story in which the wife becomes the prime suspect after the mysterious death of her husband. With this film, Justin Triet becomes the third person to win the Palme d'Or, after Jane Campion (The Piano Lesson) in 1993 and Giulia Di Cuono (Titanium) in 2021 female director. When she accepted the award, she expressed support for the ongoing protests against the delayed retirement bill in France and criticized Macron's government.

    "Area of Interest" Poster

    "Dead Leaves" poster

    The Jury Grand Prix, which is equivalent to the second place, was won by "Area of Interest", which had a high demand for gold. The film was written by the British director Jonathan Glazer, based on the book of the recently deceased British writer Martin Amis, presenting the family life of the Nazi officers in the concentration camps. The Jury Prize, which is equivalent to the third place, was won by the famous Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki's "Dead Leaves".

    The Desire of Dodan Buffane poster

    Chen Yingxiong

    In terms of individual awards, Vietnamese-French director Tran Hero won the Best Director Award for "The Desire of Dodan Buffane". This is the second time he won the Cannes award after winning the Golden Camera Award in 1993 for his first feature film "The Smell of Green Papaya".

    "Monster" poster

    Hiroshi Kore-eda and Yuji Daisaka Moto came to the stage to accept the award

    The famous Japanese screenwriter Yuji Sakamoto won the Best Screenplay Award for "Monster". Since Sakamoto had returned to Japan, the director was Hirokazu Kore-eda to accept the award on his behalf. This is the first collaboration between the two, and it is also the first time Hirokazu Kore-eda has directed a script written by others except for his first feature film "Phantom Light" in 1995 since he started filming.

    "Perfect Day" poster

    Yakusho Koji

    In terms of actor awards, Japanese actor Koji Yakusho lived up to the expectations of the outside world and won the Best Actor Award for "A Perfect Day" by the famous German director Wim Wenders. This is the consecutive East Asian actor who shines in Cannes after Korean actor Song Kanghao won the award for Hirokazu Kore-eda's "Broker" last year. At the same time, the 67-year-old Yakusho Koji is also the second Japanese actor to win the award after Yanagaku Yuya ("Nobody Knows").

    "Withered Grass" poster

    Mirvi Dizdal

    The best actress award went to Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan's "Hay Grass" starring Mirvi Dizdar. Accepting the award, she said in her native Turkish that the award is "dedicated to all the women in the world who are struggling to survive and hold on to hope."

    In addition to the above awards, Vietnamese director Fan Tianan won the Golden Photography Award for the first feature film for "The Golden Cocoon Room". The Short Film Palme d'Or went to Hungarian director Flora Anna Buda for "27".

    【The list of winners of the 76th Cannes Film Festival】

    Palme d'Or: The Anatomy of Death from a Fall by Justin Triet

    Jury Prize: Areas of Interest Jonathan Glazer

    Jury Prize: "Dried Leaves" Aki Kaurismaki

    Best Director: Chen Yingxiong "Dodan Buffane's Desire"

    Best Screenplay: Yuji Sakamoto "Monster"

    Best Actor: Koji Yakusho "Perfect Day"

    Best Actress: Mirvi Dizdal, "Withered Grass"

    Golden Camera Award: "Golden Cocoon Room" Fan Tianan

    Short Film Palme d'Or: 27 by Flora Anna Buda

    Special Mention in Short Films: "Fár" Gunnur Martinsdottir Schlueter


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