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    Every "October", I am in a hurry and feel uneasy.

    The heart that wanted to escape was persuaded back by the high-speed parking lot that must be blocked every festival. I can’t book a hotel, I’m crowded everywhere, I’m exhausted, I spend a lot of money after a day, and I don’t travel less, but from the inside to the outside, I feel that I haven’t seen anything, and I haven’t eaten well, which is quite annoying. , some regrets... It's better to stay at home, order a takeout, and do something you like.

    Even without leaving home, you can have a good vacation.

    My suggestion is to watch the documentaries I recommend, make sure you eat well, play well, feel good, mainly because the sofa is paralyzed and you are not tired, by the way, you can climb to another level of life. How about the cost-effectiveness?

    Chef's Table

    Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

    language: English

    First broadcast: April 26, 2015

    Well, not much nonsense, of course, from the food. I pondered for a long time, or the whole point of the high-end game. This is not a shot, but it will be amazing.

    The documentary has had six seasons since its premiere in 2015. "Deliciousness" can be given 4.8 stars. The director of the film is David Gelb, who has filmed "The God of Sushi", and the protagonist of "Chef's Table" is six chefs from different parts of the world. From their perspectives, the delicacies of France, the United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, the United States, Thailand and other countries are displayed, and the culture and background contained in the food are described.

    "I think eating a meal is like watching a wonderful performance. Food is not only the presentation of art and craftsmanship, but also the innovation and performance of science." Chef Grant Achatz spoke highly of the art of cooking.

    Here, they are not only chefs, but also six artists, some insist on using the best raw materials to ensure the purity of the food, while others pursue a distinct personal cooking style.

    Taking food to a new level, this documentary will make your table culture rise immediately, and a film has been eaten all over the world, quite yummy!

    "Life is boiling"

    Country/Region of Production: China

    language Chinese

    Premiere: December 20, 2019

    For me, hot pot must be eaten on important days, because that's what makes it grand! It's booming! The hotpot documentary "Life is Boiling", jointly produced by Station B and Dasheng Media, will satisfy all your fantasies about hotpot.

    Caijiashan's cooking pot dishes are very similar to the copper stove hot pot in old Beijing. Meat and vegetables are stacked layer by layer. Everyone gathers together to eat hot pot and taste the feelings; eating hot pot in an air-raid shelter, yes A major feature of Chongqing. Ma crucian carp transported from Hubei, the hot soup base is paired with white tender fish, with a pair of chopsticks, gently bite, the good taste blooms on the tip of the tongue; Shantou hot pot, the soup is boiled with big bones and bream for 4 hours, Supplemented with sand tea sauce, the combination of fresh, sweet and spicy, the food never lies; sour cabbage hot pot, yuba, frozen tofu, sauerkraut, fish balls, and meat and vegetables are matched to create a rich taste, and the sour fragrance goes well with hot pot; Beijing shabu-shabu, a slightly sour sesame sauce, mutton dipped in sauce, has a unique taste; bacon soil hot pot, salty and fragrant bacon base, full of meat, the fragrance is in the air; Cangzhou, Hebei, all over the streets and small Alley's Hot Pot Chicken. Dip in sweet vinegar, take a bite of the tender chicken, and dip a green onion cake in the hot pot soup, all of which make people's taste buds greatly satisfied; stinky tofu smells stinky and tastes good, so what about stinky hot pot? The tempeh hot pot in Guizhou is stinky and fragrant. The soul lies in the tempeh cake, which is an excellent partner with rice.

    There is nothing that a hot pot can't solve... Really, a meal can solve it.

    "Home/Earth Home" (Home)

    Director: Yann Arthus-Bertrand

    Country/Region of Manufacture: France

    Language: French

    Premiere: June 5, 2009

    Let's take a bigger picture and take a look at our earth home. The earth is the miracle of the universe, the cradle of life, and the common home of mankind. She provides human beings with living space and resources, so that human beings can live and multiply here.

    From the Great Barrier Reef on the ocean floor to Mount Kilimanjaro on the Kenyan plateau in Africa, the Amazon rainforest to the Gobi Desert, the continuous cotton fields in Texas, USA to the industrial towns in Shanghai, China. The picturesque beauty awakens the world to optimistically cherish the 50% of the rainforest we still have, instead of only focusing on the lost half, and more importantly, the 6 billion human beings on the earth should wake up, our responsibility lies.

    "Homeland" was brewed for 15 years by Jan Altis Bertrand, took 5 years to arrange the shooting, spanned more than 50 countries, employed 88,000 employees, and completed the shooting in 21 months, asking zoologists to teach different species The migration time of 2000 was 400 hours, and the footage was shot by helicopter. Has been translated into 14 languages, Chinese dubbed by Zhou Xun, a shocking documentary.

    You haven't seen this movie, you can only say that life is a pity.

    Night on Earth

    Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

    language: English

    Premiere: January 29, 2020

    Have you ever wondered what our little animal companions who live on the same earth are doing when we are asleep?

    "Earth's Night" can be said to be a historical animal documentary, a spiritual exploration film dedicated to night owls looking for the same kind, and a unique secret film that tests the ability to show off your skills without sleep, because most of its footage was shot It's all in the dark. After watching this film, you have to admire that the animals that survive in the dark night each have a set of hidden secrets.

    For example, hunting on the grasslands is completely unaffected by changes in the moon - lions. Strong body and excellent night vision ability make the lion a proper king of the dark night on the grassland. More than 90% of their hunting activities are carried out at night. Even on dark nights, lions have the ability to target their prey, sneak up on them, and give them a deadly attack.

    Through this documentary, we see the wonderful events that happened in the dark night. It also provides thinking: How should we share the same earth with animals?

    "Guankou Zhihong's China Railway Chronicle"

    Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan

    Language: Japanese

    First broadcast: April 8, 2007

    The Douban score of this documentary is as high as 9.6. It can be regarded as a masterpiece of train travel documentaries. It must be in my travel film list all the year round.

    In 2007, in order to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Japan, NHK, together with artist Zhihong Guan, took the railway train to travel across most of China, 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions from north to south, which took more than 5 months in total, and the This process was made into a documentary and broadcast to people all over the world.

    This railway trip through most of China is divided into two parts: Spring and Autumn. The spring chapter departed from Lhasa on April 3, passed through Chengdu, Sichuan, Kunming, Yunnan, passed through Guangzhou and Guilin, stopped in Shanghai, and finally arrived at the ancient capital Xi'an, which took about two months; the autumn chapter departed from Xi'an on September 2 of the same year, On November 15, we arrived at Kashgar, the final destination. After the design of a Japanese scholar specializing in China's railway transportation, this railway line was the longest line in China that could be achieved without going back.

    The most special thing is that there is basically no pre-arrangement for the itinerary of "China Railway Chronicle". The audience really traveled all the way with Chihiro Sekiguchi. Japanese viewers said that the documentary allowed them to "know the real China", and everyone who watched the documentary would be healed immediately, igniting a strong desire to go out for a walk.

    Looking back at this travel documentary released by Japan's NHK 14 years ago, it is still the best travel documentary, because the horses and horses in the past were very slow, and the happiness in the past was really happy. We have seen many Chinese people live peaceful and happy lives. .

    World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

    Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

    language: English

    Premiere: June 18, 2021

    "Universal Fantastic Vacation Home" is about a fantastic vacation home journey started by several global travel experts and well-known interior designers as guests. Natural cave houses on the cliff side, luxury holiday houses on private beaches, snow glacier holiday houses in Finland, tree houses sleeping with alpacas... Here, traveler's dream holiday houses are collected all over the world, let us Feel free to explore different worlds.

    One of the most varied vacation homes is the one in Mexico where you live in a snake belly, which is a paradise for snake-shaped toys. It perfectly integrates the Quetzalcoatl's Nest sculpture garden with the landscape, the courtyard with the surrounding topography and ecology.

    The most attractive thing about the film is the 360-degree immersive tour and experience, which makes people feel like they are on the scene. In "Universal Magic Vacation Home", natural environmental protection is the concept throughout, and we must reduce the concern for the natural environment. damage, and more environmentally friendly and natural energy supply methods are used.

    Rather than living on a cliff or in the middle of the sea, I prefer to try an igloo.

    The World's Most Extraordinary Homes

    Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom

    language: English

    First broadcast: January 6, 2017

    I especially love building documentaries, and you'll find that a real house breathes, not a tin box that traps people. Take a look at the house in this documentary, is there your dream home?

    Award-winning architect Piers Taylor and actress Caroline Quentin explore extraordinary homes around the world, built in mountains, forests, coasts and underground.

    In Norway, they took a speedboat to visit a four-bedroom house by the sea; in southern Spain, they were in a house built on a steep cliff, enjoying the spectacular scenery in front of them...

    The documentary shows how challenging the environment each house is to build in, and how these homes were designed and responded to those environments and challenges. The two presenters will also spend the night, eat and kill time in each dwelling, exploring how these design pieces function as real homes in a "talk about it" approach.

    A Traveler's Guid to the planet

    Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

    language: English

    First broadcast: 2010

    From the nearest to the furthest, from the hottest to the coldest, interstellar travel takes you to the limit.

    The documentary "Guide to Interstellar Travel" is a 6-episode series, which introduces planets such as Venus and Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus, and Pluto in order according to the closest and farthest from the sun. From the hottest to the coldest, these planets give you a sense of what it's like to be a fire and ice. Jupiter, known as the "giant planet", is actually turbulent and undercurrent under the gorgeous clouds. The iconic Great Red Spot is the largest hurricane known to mankind.

    Saturn's surface lava won't kill you, but it can freeze you instantly, because Saturn is full of compounds of water and ammonia, and their melting points are extremely low; blue-blue Uranus is an ice giant, and its mantle is composed of methane and ammonia. It is the planet with the coldest atmosphere; the farthest one is Neptune, whose huge cyclone and extremely cold environment make us shudder; the only reverse-rotating Venus has gone through hardships, and the ocean has ceased to exist, which is the most difficult for human beings at present. Unfamiliar planet, still waiting to continue to explore.

    When you want to get close to Mars, prepare a space suit and enough oxygen. This trip would be an interstellar traveler's dream: jump on the planet next door and see the view, under that cream-colored sky, huge rust-colored deserts and spectacular canyons. This rocky planet is the best place for humans to reach the rest of the universe, and the most likely place known to mankind for alien life forms...

    This is a very cute documentary. It is an interstellar travel guide with great value for money. It has an immersive rhythm. The tour guide is quite serious and responsible, and it will not be so boring for children. The audio-visual sense is really It can be compared to a planetarium movie.

    Prehistoric Planet

    Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom, United States

    language: English

    Premiere: May 23, 2022

    After the outer space travel is over, you think that is enough, so you have to take a trip through it anyway. How about traveling back to prehistory? This is the best documentary of the year. I was so excited after watching it as a child. After all, the dinosaurs I saw before were all made of granite, but this time they all have their own hair!

    "Prehistoric Planet" has two ace producers, one is Mike Gunton, the creative director of the BBC's Natural History Group, and "Earth Pulse" and "Dynasty" are both his works; "Fantasy Forest" and "The Lion King" both showed amazing movie special effects. In addition, the dubbing and narration of the film is served by the 96-year-old David Attenborough, a British national treasure naturalist.

    In order to ensure the visual effects, the program team shot a lot of pictures similar to ancient times around the world, and then used computer CG special effects to add various dinosaurs. A total of about 210 minutes of documentary, they literally took 3 and a half years to complete the production.

    The film's chief advisor is paleontologist Darren Naish, with several other archaeologists and biologists joining in. Whether it is the knowledge that appears in the film or the design of the dinosaur image, it is professional and authoritative, representing the latest research results on dinosaurs in the world today.

    "Undercover Billionaire" (Undercover Billionaire)

    Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

    language: English

    Premiere: August 6, 2019

    After the tossing and going back to the real world, do you feel that you have two bananas (empty hands), and you can only dream when you have no money and no direction? Then it's better to watch this reality show and learn how to turn over from the bottom with the rich.

    With a Douban score of 9.1, the two seasons of "The Rich's Bottom Line" tells the story of American billionaire Glenn Stearns who accepts the challenge and truly reproduces how he went from a poor man to the president of a million-dollar company. Glenn withheld his surname on the show, started with just $100 and a truck, and completed the process in 90 days to create a $1 million company.

    Many people on the Internet question the authenticity of the story, but reality shows have always been scripted, true and false. In fact, the real value is the courage in the process of starting a business and the ingenuity of solving problems.

    for example:

    1. Emotional stability is the cornerstone of everything

    2. Always understand that effort and results are not the same thing

    3. Face is worthless, don't be impatient when doing things

    4. The next time someone draws a cake for you, don’t turn your head and leave, at least sit down and listen to it

    After watching this film, it can reduce your negative energy and give you a lot of inspiration for making money. You can wait until the last day of the long vacation to watch it, so as to reduce the negative impact of the syndrome of not wanting to work after the holiday.

    How about this "Eleventh", when the heavens and the earth are turned upside down, they understand everything in the universe, they worship others, and they understand themselves. Are you cool? !


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