What to watch this week | "Sweeping Black" and "Negotiation Expert" compete for the first place in Dragon Boat Festival pre-sale

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    Cinema box office

    According to the Lighthouse Professional Edition, as of 16:00 on June 7, Mad Max: Fury of the Goddess, which was released on its first day, and I Don't Want to Be Your Friend, which was screened, temporarily ranked first and second on Friday's single-day box office chart. Garfield and Family and Sweeping Black: Never Give Up ranked third and fourth respectively, and Thelma and Louise and The American Civil War ranked fifth and sixth.

    The full-day box office data predicted by Lighthouse shows that "I Don't Want to Be Your Friend" is expected to surpass "Mad Max" with a slight advantage and take the first place.

    In the 2024 Dragon Boat Festival new film box office list, "Sweeping Black: Never Give Up", "Negotiation Expert" and "I Don't Want to Be Friends with You" ranked in the top three. Among them, the battle for the first place in "Sweeping Black" and "Negotiation Expert" was very tense. The box office of the three films (including previews and pre-sales) has exceeded 30 million.

    From "The Negotiation Expert" to see whether Hong Kong movies are still good

    Premiere|"Stop and Go": The self-consistency and healing of a light comedy in the flow of life

    In addition, "Hotel Transylvania", which was originally scheduled to be released on June 8, has been rescheduled to June 28.

    Shanghai International Film Festival

    As of 12:00 noon on June 7, the Shanghai Film Festival has officially started selling tickets on Tao Piaopiao; screenings outside Shanghai (Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Hefei) will go on sale online at 12:00 noon on June 8 .

    Tickets for the Shanghai International Film Festival will be available at noon: The first wave of happiness comes from those who grab tickets

    The 26th Shanghai International Film Festival schedule is announced (with online ticket purchase guide)

    This year's Shanghai Film Festival will officially open on June 14, and "Youxi" will be with everyone throughout the entire process to witness the birth of major awards.

    【Special topic】Shanghai International Film and Television Festival

    Other recommendations:

    New film|Welcome to Me starring Yu Shi and Wang Yinglu will be released on July 5

    【TV drama】

    New drama starts

    The 48-episode TV series " May We Live Long " adapted from Teresa Teng's life experience will be broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV and Jiangsu Satellite TV in prime time from June 6, and will be jointly broadcast on Tencent Video and Youku. The series stars Michelle Chen, Peter Ho, Jiang Shan, Peng Guanying, Hou Yong, Lü Yi, and Ni Hongjie. The series was filmed in 2018 and has been in backlog for 6 years.

    Adapted from the novel of the same name by Yi Shu, directed by Wang Jun and starring Liu Yifei, Tong Dawei, Lin Gengxin, Peng Guanying, Lin Yi and others , "The Story of Rose" will premiere on CCTV-8's prime time on June 8, and will be broadcast simultaneously on Tencent Video.

    The story is based on Huang Yimei's (played by Liu Yifei) growth story and emotional journey spanning more than 20 years, deeply portraying the emotional life of the city. The whole play focuses on many social phenomena and hot topics, and vividly interprets the wonderful moments of contemporary women's brave bloom.

    Stills from "The Story of Rose"

    New drama|Liu Yifei stars in "The Story of Rose" which premieres on CCTV-8 on June 8

    New drama starts

    iQIYI's new drama "Shadow Maze" (original name: Dead End) has started filming and officially announced the cast. The series stars Liao Fan, Yin Fang, Liu Lin, Fu Dalong, Zhao Yang, Ma Su, Zhang Tong, Huang Miyi and others.

    Ink Rain and Clouds

    "Mo Yu Yun Jian" starring Wu Jinyan and Wang Xingyue has a Douban score of 6.9, with more than 13,000 people rating it. It is rare for Douban to score it only four days after it was aired.

    Less than 52 hours after the SVIP launch of "Mo Yu Yun Jian", the popularity on Youku exceeded 10,000, surpassing "Flower Order", setting a record for the fastest popularity after Youku's revision.

    On multiple charts, "Joy of Life 2" remained at the top for several days after its finale. Later, the plot of "Mo Yu Yun Jian" fermented, and it overtook the charts on some lists. The topic of discussion in sinking markets such as Douyin was also not low.

    With "The Story of Rose" about to be aired, Yu Zheng and Wang Jun will face off again after "Story of Yanxi Palace" and "Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace", which has also made the audience very much looking forward to it.

    The drama became the drama that broke the 10,000-point popularity mark on Youku the fastest this year.

    Xue Fangfei, played by Wu Jinyan, has become one of the focus points of the drama, gaining much market attention and topic discussion, highlighting her advantages in the track of costume dramas, especially revenge dramas. Since the official announcement of the cast of the drama, Wu Jinyan has attracted much attention. She plays a costume role again. Her unique temperament of coldness and tenacity complements Xue Fangfei's character in the play who does not bow to fate in the face of various difficulties and challenges. In addition, Xue Fangfei is highly recognized by the market as a "cool heroine".

    Although many viewers have complained about the series' bugs, such as the pit being too big and how the heroine climbed out, and the appearance of fantasy drama scenes when playing the piano, etc., due to its refreshing nature, coupled with the heroine's complicated life experience and the fast-paced plot, overall, this drama is undoubtedly a recent hit.

    Stills from "Ink Rain and Clouds"

    The Boy Who Can't See Shadows

    Old acquaintances of the Misty Theater once again staged a suspense story. The series, starring Zhang Songwen, Rong Zishan, Cheng Taishen, Chen Yuxi and Li Jian, tells the emotional suspense story between the "lost" criminal policeman Wang Shitu and the boy Xiaoqi whose identity is a mystery three years after his disappearance, from confrontation to mutual redemption, and together they explore the truth and move towards the light.

    Judging from the configuration of the main characters, it looks like a spin-off of "The Hidden Corner" about Zhu Yongping and his son, but in fact the plots are unrelated. It is more like a new work by the crew of "Summer in West Xiaohe" again. After all, the director is Zhou Quan, the director of "Summer in West Xiaohe".

    On the second day after the series was released, it hovered around fifth place on lists such as Lighthouse and Datawin, failing to break through the recent trend of costume dramas.

    As of press time, the popularity of "The Boy Who Can't See Shadow" on iQiyi has exceeded 6,500.

    Judging from the audience feedback, the series continues the suspenseful atmosphere of the Misty Theater, but overall, the suspense is sufficient, but the storytelling ability is not enough. The editing of the first few episodes makes people feel too scattered and messy, which reminds people of last year's "The Returning Daughter", which also came from the Misty Theater and had a bad ending.

    iQiyi was the first platform to open up the suspense track, but now, Misty Theater has become the most unstable one among the major suspense theaters.

    The Right Time

    The drama is adapted from Jiang Lizi's novel "My Mom is Pregnant", starring Qin Hailu, Bao Jianfeng, Zuo Xiaoqing and Tian Yu. The drama focuses on social issues such as middle-aged unemployment, company layoffs, unexpected second births, and full-time wives returning to the workplace. It has certain social value and practical significance. Through the life difficulties and growth challenges faced by three women, it reflects the pressure and anxiety of middle-aged women in the face of family, career, love and other aspects.

    It currently ranks first in the urban drama genre on various lists. While the overall list is dominated by costume dramas, it has performed well since its premiere and has ranked among the top in popularity.

    Stills from The Right Time

    According to public opinion on various social platforms, the performances of powerful actors such as Qin Hailu and Bao Jianfeng have been recognized, which has added a lot of color to the drama and made the entire series more realistic. The overall plot does not try to please all age groups, but focuses on middle-aged time, which resonates with many middle-aged audiences. The series has a fast pace and does not have too much suspension, and the word-of-mouth feedback is pretty good.

    "Pick the Stars from Willow Leaves"

    The series is led by Tang Xiaotian and Zhuang Dafei. The drama is adapted from "The Thief's Wife" and tells the story of the legendary mysterious thief in the capital, the "Willow Leaf Thief" Liu Rong, who accidentally married into the Xu family and started a battle of wits and courage with the "Iron-faced King of Hell" Xu Muchen, a thief and an official, truth and falsehood, in a joyful relationship like a cat-and-mouse game, and eventually became a fairy couple.

    Stills from "The Willow Leaves Picking Stars"

    "The Willow Leaves Picking Stars" is positioned as a light comedy in ancient costumes, integrating suspense, sweet love, and light comedy. However, in the current market, the combination of ancient costume love + suspense and light comedy is a bit old-fashioned, and the audience has begun to be aesthetically fatigued, and needs innovative expression. The series has not been aired for long, and the data on major charts are not at the top, but given the recent surge in good dramas, this drama is really worrying.

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    Look at that star, it's shining (17)

    【Variety Show】

    On the evening of June 7, "Singer 2024" will usher in the fifth live competition, and the playlist is freshly released: "You Are So Brilliant", "Hello", "Hongyan", "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)", "You Are Here, Not Here", "Hand in Hand", and "Cliff".

    This week's program has added two singers to the list, namely the independent pop band Fine and the new generation singer-songwriter Zhang Yuqi.

    Double-list singer

    Last night's singer, Sun Nan is reborn

    The third episode of the fourth season of "Fifty Kilometers Peach Blossom Village" is about to start. What stories make the villagers laugh so hard? The preparations for the chorus of the villagers are underway. It is time to test their tacit understanding. The new and old business investment conference is about to start. The exciting and interesting stories in the village will be broadcast at 12:00 on June 8.

    In the trailer, Wang Hedi, who has a high amount of "monkey"

    The first blind box travel competition innovation reality show "Travel Anywhere Door" will be broadcast every Thursday at 12:00 on Mango TV and 22:00 on Hunan Satellite TV starting from June 6. Two groups of young national representatives who love life and exploration are released: Yang Di, Nazha, Chen Zheyuan; Cheng Lei, Zhang Yunlong, Ao Ziyi.

    As travel recommendation officers, they will launch a competition to explore the beauty of China in six cities across the country. They will use their own ideas to design travel guides that are most characteristic of the local cities and can provide the most emotional value to young people, help the personality of tourist cities "break out of the circle" and show the diverse charm of Chinese culture to the world!

    The fifth performance of "100% Production" is in progress. The trainees performed another M-POP masterpiece "AfterLife". Zhang Yixing argued for the stage effect. The 4-person version of the stage was re-edited into a 7-person version in 48 hours. Yamy Guo Ying, Lai Meiyun, Li Ziting MiMi, and Xu Mengjie sang "Moon Police" again and returned to 2018.

    Hu Ge and Gao Yuanyuan are here to have a good time! In this episode of "Hello Saturday" , the crew of "Stop and Go" is here to cast. The main candidates are Hu Ge, Gao Yuanyuan, Jin Jing, Gao Hanyu, Zhang Yanqi, He Jiong, Qin Xiaoxian, Times Youth League-Ding Chengxin, Yang Di, and Ze Lin. Lao Qin will finally meet the goddess Yuanyuan this time! This Saturday night at 8:10, it will be exclusively broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV.

    Jin Jing, Hu Ge, Gao Yuanyuan

    All the cast members of the third season of "Hi Fang Pai" started recording with their brains. In the Reuters report, Ren Jialun was seen wearing a handsome navy blue suit and holding a brain model in his hand. Fans happily wished that Brother Guochao would have more fun!

    Reuters of the new season recording of "Escape the Room" , the variety show to watch while eating is coming again. Xu Kai, Chen Zheyuan, Zhou Bichang, Peng Yuchang, Da Zhangwei, Zhang Guowei, who are you more looking forward to?

    The first recording guests of "Busy Treasure Hunt" : Yang Di, Pang Bo, Sun Yang, Wu Yi, Wanida, Tian Xiwei, Wang Anyu. The show is a novel variety show that combines treasure hunting + reasoning + short dramas.


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