New drama|"Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Moon Red" is scheduled to be released, starring Yang Mi and Gong Jun

    Trailer of Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Moon Red (01:59)
    On May 20, “@电视狐灵小配娘·月红篇” posted a Weibo announcement that the TV series “Fox Spirit Matchmaker·月红篇” will be exclusively broadcast on iQiyi starting from May 23.

    The play tells the story of Tushan Honghong (played by Yang Mi), the leader of the Tushan fox clan, who leads the Tushan fox clan to establish a relationship with the demon clan. A successful relationship can increase the power of the bitter love tree and protect the demon clan. After the evil black fox erodes the bitter love tree, Tushan Honghong and Dongfang Yuechu (played by Gong Jun), a descendant of the Dongfang family, work together to complete the unprecedented task of human-demon bonding, protecting the bitter love tree and safeguarding the peace between the beloved and the human-demon clan.

    Poster of Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Moon Red

    On April 23, at the 2024 iQiyi World Conference, "Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yuehong Chapter" announced that it would open pre-orders on the iQiyi website. As of May 18, the number of pre-orders exceeded 6 million.

    Fox Spirit Matchmaker is a comic created by Tuo Xiaoxin. The comic is based on a classic novel. There are humans and demons in the world. Demons can fall in love with humans and have a lifespan of tens of millions of years. Humans have a limited lifespan. When humans die, demons live. Humans will be reincarnated, but after reincarnation, they will not remember the love of their previous life. If a demon is infatuated, she will go to the fox spirit to "buy" a service so that the reincarnated person can remember the love of the previous life.

    As a major IP of domestic animation, in addition to the "Yuehong Chapter" which has been scheduled, the series' upcoming dramas include "Fox Spirit Matchmaker · Wang Quan Chapter" starring Cheng Yi and Li Yitong, and "Fox Spirit Matchmaker · Bamboo Industry Chapter" starring Liu Shishi and Zhang Yunlong.


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