The new season of "The Leaders" premieres tonight, with in-depth conversations with scientists

    In such an era of rapid development, it is particularly important to improve the scientific literacy of the entire population, popularize science, and spread science and technology.

    Jointly produced by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and Shanghai Radio and Television Station, and produced by the Integrated Media Center of Shanghai Radio and Television Station, the science and technology pioneer interview program "The Leader" will be broadcast on the Shanghai TV Station News Channel every Saturday at 20:30, 5 It will be broadcast on Dragon TV every Sunday at 12:30 starting from March 26, and will be pushed to the entire network through Knews.

    The first episode poster of the new season "The Master"

    The new season of "The Leader" continues the style of field visits, with mobile visits and immersive interviews, inviting great scientists to open the wonderful door to science for the public, and follow the scientists into the sites of scientific research institutes, technology companies, and scientific equipment.

    Trailer for "The Master". (01:30)
    For example, under the introduction of Mr. Yao Qizhi, winner of the Turing Award, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and director of the Shanghai Qizhi Research Institute, we visited the Shanghai Qizhi Research Institute located in the International Artificial Intelligence Center on the West Bank of the Xuhui River to gain insight into the forefront of the development wave of artificial intelligence. layout;

    Interview with Academician Yao Qizhi at Shanghai Qizhi Research Institute

    Entering the School of Biomedical Engineering of Shanghai University of Science and Technology, Professor Shen Dinggang is not only the founding dean of the school, but also the co-CEO of United Imaging Intelligent Company. He builds a bridge between enterprises and universities and explores a path for artificial intelligence technology to empower medical care. The innovative path of industry-university-research-medicine integration;

    Professor Shen Dinggang introduces artificial intelligence empowered medical care

    Come to Zhangjiang, Shanghai and enter the Tsung-Dao Lee Institute, and follow Zhang Jie, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the Tsung-Dao Lee Institute, on a journey of "Heavenly Questions", relying on the construction of large scientific facilities to focus on fundamental scientific issues, etc.

    Follow Academician Zhang Jie to visit the Lee Tsung-Dao Institute

    As the program progresses, this season there will still be more than 20 scientists who will lead us to pay attention to the world, break through boundaries, and interpret the scientific spirit of the new era.

    Through in-depth scientific research sites and vivid application scenarios, the work and scientific research results of scientific researchers are recorded, and front-line scientific and technological workers personally narrate and popularize science on the spot, leading the audience to experience the context and charm of scientific and technological innovation, leading by innovation, empowering by science and technology, and demonstrating the benefits of scientific and technological innovation. The whole process presents a picture of technology making life better.

    Through the transformation of television language, profound scientific knowledge can be made more perceivable and understandable to the public, allowing them to jointly explore the mysteries of science, convey scientific knowledge, stimulate the audience's interest and enthusiasm for science, and promote the development of scientific and technological innovation.

    In the wave of scientific and technological innovation, scientists are the leaders of the new era, the promoters of innovation, and the vivid interpreters of the scientific spirit. The "Leader" program takes the working environment of scientists as the first scene, presents typical characters in typical environments, organically combines the two forms of "documentary" and "interview", and creates an atmosphere of in-depth dialogue with scientists at the scientific scene. Uncover scientific stories in in-depth dialogues, interpret the thorny journey of scientific and technological innovation, and demonstrate the mission and belief of scientists. Many scientists shine with the light of the times of courageously moving forward, chasing dreams, and selfless dedication, and pass it on to the public. More of spiritual power.

    The new season of the program adds a "Scientist Please Answer" segment, aiming to create an encounter between ordinary curiosity and scientific brains. The program team went deep into the streets and all walks of life to collect more than a hundred scientific questions of concern from citizens.

    For example, what will be the next challenge in the field of artificial intelligence?

    When will my country's quantum communication be widely used in public life?

    Will many difficult-to-treat diseases be as simple as treating a cold in the future, just take a medicine?

    There are more and more human waste. How can we deal with it more effectively and improve the human living environment?

    Citizens’ questions covered various fields such as basic research, space exploration, artificial intelligence, medical and health, high-end manufacturing, energy and environmental protection. The interesting questions, derived from real life questions, were submitted to the scientists, who chose the questions. , the process of answering citizens’ concerns is also a rare dialogue and interaction, stimulating a shared love and exploration of the world, asking questions, and colliding with new scientific knowledge.

    The scientific spirit is the power to pursue the truth without fear of danger. The program hopes to use the power of science and technology to ignite the sparks of the soul, inspire the public's curiosity about the unknown world, and lead them to the palace of science.


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