What to watch this week|"Singer 2024" VS "Joy of Life 2", it's so lively tonight

    Editor's note: There are a large number of movies, TV series and variety shows broadcast every week. How do you choose? You might as well check out The Paper's recommendations.


    Theater box office

    There are plenty of new movies to choose from this weekend.

    According to Beacon Professional Edition, as of 17:00 on May 17, "The Wandering Blade", "Thelma and Louise" and "The Siege of Kowloon Walled City" occupied the top three in the single-day box office list on Friday.

    The new film "The Wandering Blade" and "Thelma and Louise", which was released for 17 days, alternately ranked first. However, in terms of box office forecast for the whole day, "The Wandering Blade" has a slight advantage, with 11.57 million yuan. New films released today include "Morning Cloud, Mud Rain", "Stuntman", "You're By My Side", "Red Surfboard", etc.

    Premiere|"The Wandering Blade": Wang Qianyuan's performance this time does not look like acting at all

    Fan Wei and Zhou Dongyu talk about "Morning Clouds and Muyu": One is too complicated, the other is the most desperate

    "Stunt Man": A love letter to the unsung heroes behind the scenes

    In terms of weekend box office, "Tonight, Even if This Love Disappears from the World", released on May 18, will be screened today; "The Years I Missed You", released on the 19th, will also have some screenings tomorrow.

    "There is a drama" at the premiere

    Premiere | "Zhu Tong lost his superpowers in the third grade": Let the adult audience become children again

    Exclusive video interview with Fan Wei & Zhou Dongyu: presenting the real story and leaving the rest to the audience

    Premiere丨The movie "Father is Far Away": a tribute to "the angel in white on the back of the donkey"

    Shanghai International Film and Television Festival

    Shanghai International Film Festival held a press conference in Beijing: Encounter the city of movies and meet diverse audiovisuals

    Yan Jiangang: It’s difficult to judge the Magnolia Award. There are many good dramas such as "Flowers" and "South and North".

    [Special Topic] Shanghai International Film and Television Festival

    cannes international film festival

    Zhao Tao, Gong Li and others attended the opening ceremony of Cannes, and Meryl Streep received the Lifetime Achievement Award

    Tokyo International Film Festival

    Tony Leung will serve as chairman of the Tokyo International Film Festival jury

    Other recommendations:

    New Film|Liu Heping’s movie "Reinforcements Arrive Tomorrow" is scheduled to star Yu Hewei and Yang Yang

    "Rise of the Planet of the Apes: New World": A large trailer that lacks anything new

    【TV drama】

    New drama starts

    The sitcom "Laughing Old Alley" (formerly known as "Seventy-Two New Tenants") has been broadcast on Dragon TV + BesTV since May 16 , every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 22:00. The series stars Sun Yizhou, Deng Jiajia, Yang Haoyu, Fan Tantan and Huang Ling. The drama wrapped in September 2021, nearly three years ago.

    Tencent Video's bench unit romantic comedy "Please Fall in Love with Funny Me" will premiere on May 23 , starring Chen Haoming, Liu Siwei, Zhu Zijie, and Rock.

    New drama news

    The urban life drama "Xu Kaixin's Wonderful Life" directed by Chen Mingzhang and starring Zhang Yuqi and Han Geng will hold a launch ceremony on May 10. The drama will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video.

    The urban emotional workplace drama "Getting Started" directed by An Jian held a launch ceremony on May 10 and officially announced the entire starring cast. It will be broadcast jointly by Hunan Satellite TV + Mango TV. Cast: Qin Lan, Allen, Xia Zhiguang, Bu Guanjin, Zhao Ziqi, Tian Lei, Wang Yuanke, Zhang Kaili, Huang Cancan, Song Yanfei, etc.

    The costume drama "With Jin Chang'an" , adapted from Jiu Lu Feixiang's novel of the same name, held a launch ceremony at Hengdian Film and Television City on May 13 and officially announced the entire starring cast. It will be broadcast exclusively on iQiyi. The series stars Song Yi, Cheng Lei, Bi Wenjun, Shi Ce, Guan Hong, Ji Xiaobing, Ni Dahong, Du Chun, Cheng Xiao and others.

    Song Yi, Cheng Lei

    The filming of Youku's costume drama "Feng Ying Mei Xiang" lasted nearly four months and has recently been completed in Hengdian. The official cast of the drama was announced on May 14. The drama is starring Wang Churan and Li Hongyi.

    "Yulinling" , a costumed martial arts detective drama produced by Noon Sun and adapted from the novel of the same name, was officially announced on May 15 to star Yang Yang as the leading actor Zhan Zhao. The drama is expected to start filming in the second half of the year.

    Noon Sunshine + Yang Yang Ancient Costume

    The super web drama "True Detective" adapted from the world-famous novel "God of Fire" has been completed. The official cast was announced on May 15: Hu Xianxu, He Yu, and Su Xiaotong will star.

    The costume drama "How to Beat Her", adapted from the novel of the same name, was launched in Hengdian on May 16 and the starring lineup was officially announced. It will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video. The series stars Lin Yun, Fang Yilun, Lin Bairui, Zhao Qing, Guo Jianan, Starring Deng Xiaoci.​​​

    Episode rating

    On May 16, "Rebirth" starring Jing Boran and Zhou Yiran scored 7.2 on Douban. As of press time, the Douban score of "New Life", which has concluded, has dropped to 7.1 points, with 75,000 people rating it.

    "Rebirth": The hanging heart finally died

    On May 10, the final day, "My Altay" starring Ma Yili, Zhou Yiran, and Yu Shi scored 8.5 on Douban. As of press time, the Douban score of the show has risen to 8.8, with 113,000 people rating it.

    Yes, it went up again. It is temporarily ranked first in Douban ratings of Chinese dramas in 2024.

    "My Altay" has finished broadcasting, let's look at its adaptation strategy

    "My Altay": No matter how beautiful the distance is, there is still pain

    "Celebrating More Than Years 2"

    Returning for the second season, except for the replacement of some supporting characters, all the leading actors return.

    One hour after "Qing Yu Nian 2" started airing, the popularity on Tencent Video reached a peak of over 30,000. On the first day, the popularity on the site was nearly 33,000, which is a figure that only appears at the end of a popular drama. It almost dominates the popular entertainment search list on Weibo, showing its strength. And the attention is evident.

    "Talk about the king of drama, who is the king of drama?"

    It has been five years since the first part was aired. The entire creative team has been "prompted" several times on various occasions and social platforms. Now that the first part has been taken on, the audience can still look forward to it. This may be the case in domestic dramas in recent years. It is the only one to win, and it has undoubtedly topped the charts after it was aired.

    Screenwriter Wang Juan said that the script for the second season took about three years, and "it took such a long time that I was on pins and needles."

    The book picks up from the previous season. This season begins with Fan Xian faking his death and returning to the Qing Kingdom to deal with all the troubles caused by the second prince in the Qing Kingdom at the end of the previous season. After the premiere, there have been nearly 9,000 comments on Douban, but audience feedback is not ideal. Most people said that the content of the series is comparable to the first season, and the sophistication of the series is still online, but the plot logic and actor performances are slightly exaggerated. and nonsensical elements, which amplified the light comedy part of the first season as a "side dish". Many characters showed their talents on the chessboard, tying up the web of struggle between Qingguo's high-level officials, but it was too much, and the feel of the sketch was too heavy. However, after all, it has just started airing, and the fourth episode is starting to get better.

    Still a familiar comedy formula

    In addition, many viewers reported that too many advertisements affected the experience of watching the drama. This may also be an important issue that needs to be balanced in popular dramas.

    "Celebrating More Than Years 2": The feelings are still there

    "old man"

    The Iron Triangle of the Forbidden City is together again, and it’s really time to take care of yourself when you’re old enough. This drama, starring Zhang Guoli, Wang Gang, and Zhang Tielin, mainly tells the story of three retired elderly people, Xiao Changqing, Sun Qiancheng, and Chen Xincheng, who are "ambitious" in their entrepreneurial life in old age. The screenwriter is Zhao Dongling, who is good at realistic themes.

    "Old Guy" stills

    Even if the background of the times has changed, the new story can still give people a lot of familiarity. The three people often "calculate" with each other on the basis of safeguarding their own interests. While forming gangs in pairs, they also need to face life together. crisis. The story does not entirely focus on entrepreneurship, but uses entrepreneurial issues to show the difficulties of the elderly after retirement.

    Perhaps, viewers who are familiar with Audio-Technica are no longer the main audience watching TV series now, and they focus on telling stories about the elderly, based on realism, and the rhythm is eloquent. The series' performance in terms of data is average, and the attention is not high. The popularity on iQiyi has just exceeded 5,000.

    The reason is that on the one hand, the subject matter is biased towards the flow of life and is tepid, making it difficult to create a topic for publicity. On the other hand, although the three actors are familiar with each other, they are not as capable as in "Iron Teeth and Bronze Teeth Ji Xiaolan" The out-of-the-circle scenes and plot lines are quite outdated, and the coordination between the three is a bit exaggerated. It can be used as an evening time series to watch with the family.

    "Heir to Family Glory"

    Another sequel begins. The series stars Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Luo Ziyi, Luo Jialiang, Hui Siu-hung, and Leung Jingqi. The content has nothing to do with the first part. It tells the story of the Qiu family, a wealthy family that has always favored boys over girls. When the family elder is in a coma due to illness, the group chairman becomes a grown-up. The story of the granddaughter Qiu Haoer, which triggered a power struggle within the family.

    The show had 2.343 million reservations before it aired, making it the top 10 Hong Kong drama reservations in history. It was also the first series to be aired in the "New Hong Kong Drama" slate released by Alibaba Entertainment's "Hong Kong Arts Revitalization Plan".

    "Heir to Family Glory" poster

    As a generation who grew up watching TVB, it can be said that Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh have finally "met at the top" again. This is their second collaboration in 10 years after "The Walker" in 2014. Sister Man has just "News Queen" stole the show, and Chen Luojun also regained his home court in "The Siege of Kowloon Walled City".

    In the TVB era, Charmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam were once a popular on-screen couple. They first collaborated in the TV series "Yummy Yummy" in 2005. Since then, they have collaborated in five TV dramas including "The Rainy Day", "The Storm", "Flower World Flower Sister" and "The Apostle Walker". . "Heir to the Family Glory" is their sixth collaboration.

    At a previous press conference to promote the series, Charmaine Sheh admitted that she took on the series because of Raymond Lam: "He (Lin Feng) said I would come to play. Over the years, many fans have said they want to see us get together, and it's time to satisfy them."

    The series has gained a lot of popularity since it was released. It has remained in the top ten on Beacon, Detawen and V charts, and is second on Youku. As a mainland-Hong Kong cooperation drama, the "Family Glory" series has been one of the most popular in the past two years. Although it is not as popular as "News Queen", it has satisfied many Hong Kong drama fans and dreamed back to the era of rich family grudge dramas. .

    Other recommendations:

    Exclusive interview|"Dark Fire" director Yao Xiaofeng: Presenting an experimental work with hard work

    Episode 1|A week full of good dramas

    "Young Babylon": Can today's young people still understand the road?

    【Variety Show】

    The second song list of "Singer 2024" is released. Which one do you want to listen to the most?

    The songs that the first guests will perform this time include "Break Free" by Na Ying, "Superwoman" by Shanti Mo, "Set Fire to the Rain" by Fan Xia, "Flesh and Blood" by Wang Sulong, and "Ode to Sister-in-law" by Secondhand Rose , Rainie Yang's "Songs for No One", and Hailai Amu's "Could It Be".

    For the contestants, Huang Xuan will present "Only on Building C", while the Hanggai Band will perform "Reincarnation".

    After the last live broadcast, the author has been flooded with various British emoticons. I wonder if "Singer", which is making a comeback this Friday, has any hope of competing with "Qing Yu Nian 2", which was a hit at the beginning?

    Yingzi PK Mr. Xiaofan, I think it will work.

    Come on, Yingsha!

    Babies! "Fifty Kilometers Taohuawu 4" is finally going to air.

    At 12:00 noon on May 18th, the early assembly chapter of the dock residents will be launched soon. This Yunwu people’s electronic mustard is finally coming.

    Without further ado, let’s start with a Didi.

    "Flowers and Youth: Friends" is currently on the air. This week, members of the Flower Troupe Qin Lan, Jiang Shuying, Guli Nazha, Yang Youning, and Hu Xianxu took a ride on the China-Laos Railway, a landmark project under the "One Belt and One Road" initiative, and experienced The railway line has brought great convenience to cultural exchanges and cross-border tourism between the two countries. On the "Lancang", the Hua Shao Tuan faced a special quiz. The troops were divided into two groups to "invite foreign aid" to interview the flight attendants to learn about the construction process and operation of the China-Laos Railway.

    "New World of Rubik's Cube" was created by Yanji Super Studio. It took 100 days to build six immersive game scenes of 800 square meters in full real-life, with newly upgraded brain-burning gameplay, wonderful chemical reactions of players, and continuous high-energy game showdowns. 5 It will be launched on Mango TV on March 15th.

    In the program, 18 players gathered in the "Rubik's Cube Building" and launched 12 "immersive" fierce mental duels in the six wonderful real-life game spaces of the Rubik's Cube world, comprehensively testing reasoning, communication, observation, information screening, strategy formulation, etc. ability. The intelligent AI technology introduced in the program is also amazing, giving players a "sci-fi movie" level appearance.

    Are you looking forward to watching Zhen Huan's drama series? On May 15, the official Youku account posted an invitation from Zheng Xiaolong, the director of "The Legend of Zhen Huan", saying that the crew and creators will have a surprise reunion with the "Zhen Huan Love Never Stops" variety show. "Zhen Huan Loves Never Stops" is the first reunion of all the cast members after 12 years. It is a two-way journey between the main creator

    Director Zheng, if you trust me, don’t let it down.

    This is the first time I’ve seen such a sloppy official announcement poster! "Travel 5" has officially announced the guests, but none of Charlene Choi, Yang Di, Liu Xianhua, Xu Minghao, and Huang Zihongfan have their faces. The guest lineup for the first round of flights includes: Angela Chang, Cheng Lei, Zhu Zixiao, Liu Wei, and Dragon Fist boy-Lin Qiunan. The guest lineup includes appearance, music, and comedy. Qinghuan 5 has been funny since the official announcement, and has also been It is called "the most sloppy official announcement in the history of variety shows."

    2024 Youku variety show list released. "Mars Intelligence Agency 7" has upgraded its recruitment. This season Joker Xue officially takes over as director. Qi Wei, Zhao Lusi, Yang Di, Liu Wei, Zhang Yanqi, Jin Zhiwen, Cai Wenjing, and Ao Quan are now recruiting eloquent, courageous and courageous people online. Talking about it, handsome and talented meme masters came to help.

    The exciting trip to Hong Kong is about to begin. Carina Lau, Fiona Sit, and Tsang Xiangzhen visited the gorgeous and prosperous shining pearl and started a one-day trip full of "dopamine". "Marie Marie's Appointment" will be broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV at 21:10 on May 16.

    Jiangsu Satellite TV's dating program "If You Are the One" will join hands with the super down-to-earth "Wang Po" to link up online and offline, and sweetly create the "Strong Milk·If You Are the One" 5.20 Xuanwu Lake hand-holding conference on the shores of Xuanwu Lake. On May 18, Mrs. Wang parachuted into Xuanwu Lake in Nanjing and chatted about love with the host and Chen Ming. On May 19, Meng Fei and Huang Lan took to the stage to support the show, inviting popular guests from "If You Are the One" and couples who have been successfully matched in the past to share their experiences.

    "What are you busy with today" is the first career observation short documentary self-produced by Bilibili. It selects 12 ordinary practitioners in ordinary positions to record their daily work and life through a follow-up documentary method and a simple perspective. Bit of life.

    In the seventh episode "Second Marriage", Sister Xue is a matchmaker who specializes in finding partners for the elderly. Working hard to eliminate "later-age autism syndrome" is Sister Xue's original intention to be a matchmaker. In the eighth episode "Bug Hunter", Wang Wei is a pest controller. He believes that when he is more proficient in the field he is good at, he will emit a kind of light that only appears when he transforms into a saint.

    From May 16th to 19th, the "Olympic Qualification Series·Shanghai" ushered in intense competition. On May 15, Dragon TV and its new media matrix reported the opening in all aspects.

    May 18th is International Museum Day. CCTV Literature, "National Treasure", China Cultural Relics News and Tencent SSV Digital Culture Laboratory jointly launched the interactive mini program "Starry Time Mirror" . Through AI technology, the characteristic cultural relics of small and medium-sized museums can be used in various forms of interpretation such as AI short videos, digital people, and AI cultural creations to present the sparks of the collision between ancient civilization and modern technology.


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