What to watch this week|"Sisters Who Make Waves 5" will be aired next Friday, and this week's advanced planning will be launched

    Editor's note: There are a huge number of movies, TV series and variety shows broadcast every week. How do you choose? You might as well take a look at the recommendations of The Paper.


    Cinema box office

    According to the Lighthouse Professional Edition, as of 16:00 on April 12, "How Do You Want to Live?", "Godzilla vs. Kong 2: Rise of an Empire", "The Grass and Trees", "Let's Rock the Sun Together" and "The Yellow Bird Behind!" occupied the top five spots on the single-day box office chart. It can be seen that the current movie market is still dominated by the Qingming Festival movies.

    The box office of the Qingming Festival reached a record high of 834 million yuan, and Hayao Miyazaki's new film became the box office champion of the Qingming Festival

    "What kind of life do you want to live": A message from Hayao Miyazaki

    All the new films released today performed poorly at the box office. As of 16:00 on the same day, the box office of "My Love from the Dog Planet", "Under the White Day", "It's Nice to Have You!" and other films failed to exceed 1 million yuan. Judging from the current scheduled schedule, the film market may rise again, but it may have to wait until the May Day holiday in three weeks.

    Other recommendations:

    Jia Zhangke's "A Gentleman's Generation" and Guan Hu's "Dog Race" compete at the Cannes Film Festival

    From Duras's Novels to Films: A Sketch of a "Film Era"

    "Galaxy Writer" Talking about life with "pain and itch"

    【TV drama】

    New drama information

    Trailer of "When the Stars Shine" (02:06)
    The modern revolutionary drama "When the Stars Shine" starring Li Xian and Ren Min is scheduled to be broadcast on April 15, following "Traveling with the Phoenix", on Hunan Satellite TV's Golden Eagle Exclusive Theater and exclusively on Mango TV.
    Trailer of "Spring Lovers" (03:09)
    Directed by Cheng Liang and starring Li Xian and Zhou Yutong, the TV series "Spring Lovers" will be broadcast on CCTV-8 from April 22, and will be exclusively broadcast on Tencent Video. The story is adapted from the novel "Lover" serialized by Shemu Si on Douban Reading. Li Xian plays a corpse plastic surgeon and Zhou Yutong plays a workplace elite.

    Produced by New Classics Media and adapted from the novel of the same name by Yi Shu, the urban emotional drama "The Story of Rose" stars Liu Yifei, Tong Dawei, and Wan Qian, with special appearances by Lin Gengxin, Huo Jianhua, Lin Yi, and Peng Guanhua. The number of reservations on Tencent Video has exceeded 1 million, and the release date may be set soon.

    Hunan Satellite TV + Mango TV's new drama "Ten Thousand Kilometers Time Difference" started filming on April 8, starring Luo Jin, Ren Suxi, Zhou You, Myolie Wu, Wang Zichuan, and starring Huang Xiaolei, Wang Jiajia, Bai Jugang, Ming Dao, Guo Keyu and others.

    The ancient costume fantasy drama "Linjiangxian" (There is a Fox in Hengmen), produced by Huanyu Film and Television and starring Bai Lu, Zeng Shunxi, He Ruixian and Chen Xinhai, started filming on April 8 and will be exclusively broadcast on iQiyi.

    Produced by Perfect World Pictures and starring Zhang Yishan, Tan Zhuo, Cao Lei, and Yang Lixin, the new costume drama "The Skylark Calls to the Sky" held its opening ceremony on April 8.

    The costume drama "Thousand Fragrances", adapted from Shi Silang's novel " Thousand Fragrances and Hundred Charms", was successfully completed in Hengdian on April 10. The drama stars Ju Jingyi and Song Weilong, is produced by Huanrui Century, and is exclusively broadcast on Youku.

    "The Legend of Hua Jian" scored 5.5 on Douban, with more than 70,000 people rating it.

    "The Wind Chasers" scored 7.8 on Douban, with over 100,000 people rating it.

    "Traveling with the Phoenix" scored 7.2 on Douban, with more than 130,000 people rating it.

    "Cheng Huan Ji"

    Starring Yang Zi and Xu Kai, the drama is adapted from Yi Shu's novel of the same name and tells the growth story of Mai Chenghuan, a post-95 girl from Shanghai.

    Stills from "The Story of Joy"

    The series uses the contemporary marriage issue as a guide to analyze and interpret the contemporary mother-daughter intergenerational relationship. The script has made some changes to the original content, mainly focusing on Mai Chenghuan's later growth path. The original novel is shorter, and Mai Chenghuan is more free after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend. In the series, the heroine does not seem to be so "free" at the moment, and the conflicts and disputes with her mother are resolved in a warm narrative.

    The drama's first broadcast had an average Kuyun rating of 1.6989%, with a popularity of over 28,000 on Tencent. It also occupied the top three spots on various charts and topped the Douyin chart, proving the popularity of Yang Zi and Xu Kai. This type of drama that explores modern family emotions is more likely to resonate with users on short video platforms.

    A City Within a City

    The drama is adapted from the novel of the same name by Teng Xiaolan, winner of the Lu Xun Literature Award. It tells the story of two generations of financial professionals facing the financial crisis and constantly making choices between their career bottom line and financial interests. The drama is directed by Teng Huatao and starred by Bai Yufan, Yu Hewei, Xia Meng, Long Ni, Wang Xiao, Feng Jiayi and others.

    If the recently concluded "Storm Chasers" showed the financial crisis during the Republic of China period, this drama is dedicated to showing the complexity and profound reality of human nature in the current financial world.

    Bai Yufan as Tao Wuji

    Yu Hewei as Zhao Hui

    It is reported that in order to restore the brilliance of the novel to the greatest extent, director Teng Huatao led the main creative team to polish the script for four years. The main creative team had face-to-face talks with many practitioners in the banking, trust, investment, real estate, regulatory bureaus, etc., which not only showed the group portrait of the financial industry, but also extended to different groups of people related to finance.

    The drama was first aired on CCTV, with an average Kuyun rating of 1.7520%, and the popularity on iQiyi has now exceeded 8,000. Although there is no traffic among the actors, the drama has entered the top five on various lists due to its popularity and quality.

    【Special topic】City within a city

    "Live Surgery"

    Poster of "Surgery Live"

    Starring Zhang Binbin and Dai Xu, the drama is based on a "wrongful case" 18 years ago and tells a story that happened in the operating room of Haicheng Hospital. It ranks first in popularity on Youku, with nearly 8,000 hits, but performs averagely on other lists. The audience has become somewhat tired of similar medical themes, and Zhang Binbin and Dai Xu are young actors who have been focusing on acting for many years and are not popular actors. The topic has not been able to reach the hot search, and the popularity of the drama on the entire network is relatively average.

    In an interview with reporters, the director of the drama, Qiu Zhongwei, said that the focus of "Surgery Live" is to present a group of medical staff. The characters in the drama have their own "edges" and each character has an unspeakable past, with their own starting point and ending point. The plot also sets up the suspense of "Can the doctor who cures the patient successfully save himself?" Dai Xu revealed in the interview that he once wanted to be a doctor, and this drama made his dream come true.

    Judging from the audience feedback, the quality of the series is average. Compared with previous medical dramas, the only difference is the case content, and there is not much breakthrough in the overall genre.

    Other recommendations:

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    【Variety Show】

    On April 12, the official Weibo account of @乘风2024 released an official announcement on Weibo that "乘风2024" (i.e. "Sisters Who Make Waves 5") will be exclusively broadcast on Mango TV every Friday and Saturday at 12:00 starting from April 19. The advanced plan will be launched at 18:00 on April 12.

    It is reported that the list of sisters participating in "Riding the Wind 2024" is as follows:

    Mainland China: Han Xue, Qi Wei, Yuan Yawei, Sa Dingding, Liu Yan, Wang Lin, Zhu Dan, Cai Wenjing, Shang Wenjie, He Jie, Liu Xin, Jin Mengjia, Guo Ying, Zhang Yuxi, Chen Lijun, Fan Tiantian, Miao Miao, Zhou Yangqing, Li Xirui, Chen Haoyu, Wu Yang, Wan Nida, Li Jiage, Han Yiying, Zhao Yihuan

    Taiwan: Guo Biting, Xie Jinyan, Yang Jinhua, Kuo Shuyao

    Australia: Cai Siyun

    Korean: Nicole Jung (USA)

    Vietnam: Sun Xialing

    Thailand: Mai

    United States: Sasha Alex Sloan

    France: Joyce Jonathan

    Russia: Mari Kraymbreri

    "Let's Farm" Season 2 Episode 15 Poster

    The second season of Let's Farm will air its 15th and 16th episodes this Friday and Saturday. The 15th episode, which was released on Friday, has attracted more than 200,000 simultaneous viewers on iQiyi. The 14th episode aired last Saturday ended abruptly after the family members arrived at the back gate, and this time they finally made up for the reunion scene. In addition, Let's Farm 2 is aired on Jiangsu Satellite TV every Sunday at 21:10.

    The Tencent Video drama "Traveling with the Phoenix" derivative team-building variety show "Pushing the Market in Business" was launched on April 11. Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Xin Yunlai, He Yu, Liu Guanlin, and Wang Yiyao collectively transformed into "Little Detectives of the Republic of China" to lead the audience to immerse themselves in a Chinese horror chamber and solve puzzles and treasure hunts together. This is a treasure hunt + decryption game.

    "Cat in the Box" welcomes two new flying guests Qiao Shan and Wang Junkai this week, and the suspense is escalating. Are the memories of mistakes in the memory corridor distorted? Can the candle representing the truth be lit? Go to Youku Video on April 13 to reveal the secrets together.

    The second season of Tencent Video's dating variety show "Good Friendship and Love" will be broadcast online every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday starting from April 8. Four groups of opposite-sex friends gather in the Love House to explore the quietly growing love at the critical point of friendship, and will also embark on a collective journey.

    This week , "Hello, Saturday" will feature David Tao and Jam Hsiao's "2-minute concert" on Good Six Street. David Tao, Huang Liling, Jam Hsiao, Wu Yi, He Jiong, Li Xueqin, Qin Xiaoxian, Ding Chengxin, Yang Di and Wu Zelin will compete in games to get singing time. This Saturday, it will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV.

    Mango TV's first original mother-daughter relationship reality show "Daughter, Mother" is launched every Tuesday. This week, the first stop of the trip is officially launched in Lijiang. The mother and daughter team up to build a bridge of family communication and pass on love and understanding.

    The documentary talk show "Traveling to the Tea Mountains" about the origin of tea in the world will be broadcast every Wednesday on Caixin.com, Tencent Video and Youku starting from April 10. Jiang Changjian, Qian Wenzhong, Liao Baoxiu, Xiao Feng and Shi Zhan invite the audience to watch and hike in the mountains together.

    The exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary "I Only Live Once" of the movie "Hot and Hot" will be broadcast on Tencent Video from April 16. It is reported that the documentary took 20 months to shoot and produce, and tells the story of Jia Ling's adventure journey in four episodes: "Adventure", "Transformation", "Sprint" and "Boxer".

    Youku's youth basketball competition program "This! Is Slam Dunk" officially announced the sixth season, with the theme of this season being "Village BA Season". At the same time, the program has officially launched the "Village BA All-Star" selection plan.

    【Variety Show】

    This Oscar-winning documentary meticulously restores Simpson's double life

    "Planet of the Mammals": Presenting the Vivid Vitality and Species Wisdom of Mammals


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