New film | Zhang Guoli's film "Morning Clouds and Evening Rain" is scheduled to be released, starring Fan Wei and Zhou Dongyu

    Trailer of "Morning Clouds and Evening Rain" (01:12)
    On April 10, "@电影朝云暮雨" posted a Weibo announcement that the movie "朝云暮雨" will be released on May 17. The film is directed by Zhang Guoli and starred by Fan Wei and Zhou Dongyu.

    The film is adapted from the true story "The Killer Girl in a Wedding Dress". After serving 30 years in prison, Lao Qin (Fan Wei) is released from prison and just wants to get married and have children to start a new life. However, he unexpectedly meets Chang Juan (Zhou Dongyu), a girl who has also just been released from prison. He wants a child, while she wants money. The two "both wanderers in the world" start a marriage of interest with their own purposes.

    Poster of "Morning Clouds and Evening Rain"


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