New film|"Diary of a Young Boy" is scheduled to be released, and "Nobody 2" has started filming

    Trailer of "Diary of a Young Boy" (00:45)
    On April 8, @电影年少年日记 posted a microblog announcing that the movie "少年日记" will be released in mainland China on April 19. The film was shortlisted for the "Light and Shadow Wave - New Power of Hong Kong Film" section of the Shanghai International Film Festival last year and was recognized by many mainland movie fans. "少年日记" was released in Hong Kong, China in November last year.

    "Diary of a Young Man": The Pain of Growing Up

    The story of "Diary of a Young Man" is as follows: Teacher Zheng found an unsigned suicide note from a student at school. When he was trying to find out who the author was, he recalled his unfortunate childhood. The film is the feature film debut of Hong Kong director Zhuo Yiqian, who wrote and directed it himself. It was produced by the famous director Derek Yee, and was filmed with 3.25 million yuan of funds from the 2019 "First Feature Film Project" college group. The film revolves around a teenage diary, revealing the potential violence in school, family and society. Using sophisticated editing to switch multiple perspectives, the film quietly sets up suspense traps, and when reality and memories intersect, it stages a shocking reversal, calling on people from all walks of life to pay attention to the problem of suicide on campus. Veteran artist Zheng Zhongji and emerging actor Lu Zhenye ("Golden City") star on the same stage, highlighting the tense relationship between father and son.

    Poster of Teenage Diary

    On April 8, @电影无名之位2 posted a Weibo post announcing that the film "无名之位2" had started filming. The post read: "The original cast plus new actors, make it bigger and stronger! Small people can also shine and create more glory!"

    In November 2018, "The Unknown", directed by Rao Xiaozhi and starring Chen Jianbin, Ren Suxi, Pan Binlong, Zhang Yu and others, was released, and eventually earned a box office of 794 million yuan and a Douban score of 8.0.

    Concept poster of "Nobody 2"


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