People's Daily Online Review: Why does "Storm Chasers" make the "Storm Chasers" addicted?

    Recently, "Storm Chaser" has reached its climax before its finale. While its ratings are rising, it is also constantly setting new popularity records. Why do "storm chasers" chase dramas?

    The picture is full of cinematic quality from the shooting angle to the color tone. "The Storm Chaser" is the result of director Yao Xiaofeng's "six years of hard work". The editing is multi-line and parallel, dense but not chaotic. The huge amount of information in each episode makes the audience dizzy. Some netizens lamented, "The foreshadowing in the front is echoed in the back, and no shot is useless." In terms of serving the Tao, the crew abandoned "filters" and pursued realism, using a large number of old objects from the year to restore the style of Shanghai in the 1930s. Let the audience "turn on this drama and feel as if they are traveling through time and space in person, gaining an immersive experience."

    While being well-produced, "Storm Chaser" also won praise from the audience for its excellent character creation. From the protagonist to the supporting role, almost every actor used wonderful performances to bring the characters to life before the audience. Young actor Wang Yibo plays the leading role this time, and his delicate acting skills convincingly interpret the growth of the protagonist Wei Ruolai. Shen Jinzhen, an underground member of the Chinese Communist Party played by Li Qin, and Shen Tunan, a consultant to the Central Bank played by Wang Yang, also performed well. The villains in the play, such as Yu Shiqing, Zhang Mingquan, and Lin Qiaosong, also have their own merits and do not fall into stereotypes. In addition, the neighbors of Qibao Street, from big shots to ordinary people, unfolded in front of the audience a vivid "Republic of China all living beings". The fate of each character touches the hearts of the audience, and the praise of "Everyone on the Table" also proves the audience's affirmation of all actors.

    Of course, no episode is 100% perfect, and some viewers think that some of the plot settings of "Storm Chaser" may not be reasonable enough. However, the high attention it has received from the young audience is enough to prove that "Storm Chaser" has achieved good results.


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