Hu Ge and Zhou Xun won the annual Outstanding Quality Star, and "Flowers" won the most awards

    As an important event in the Chinese TV drama industry, "Drama Shines in the East·2024 TV Series Quality Ceremony" was held in Shanghai on March 28. The theme of this year's ceremony is "Love Gathers into Light and Blooms All the Way". Many popular dramas and leading actors that have appeared on TV screens in the past year have successively appeared.

    In the end, "Flowers", "The Long Season" and "The Imperfect Victim" were awarded the "Quality Model Play of the Year", and Hu Ge and Zhou Xun were awarded the "Excellent Quality Star". Topics such as #胡歌callshimself thirty years later ##The extreme challenge kidnapped Huang Jingyu from the Quality Ceremony# have aroused heated discussions among netizens.

    Hu Ge

    Judging from the number of awards, "Flowers" was undoubtedly the biggest winner of the night. As a representative work originally created in Shanghai, produced in Shanghai, and produced in Shanghai, director Wong Kar-wai has been working hard for ten years to make "Flowers" show the struggle stories and social outlook of the children of Shanghai in the 1990s with gorgeous images of film quality. At the ceremony, actors Hu Ge, Tang Yan, Xin Zhilei, Chen Long, Dong Yong, Chen Guoqing, Tong Chenjie, Fan Zhiyi... and screenwriter Qin Wen of "Flowers" successively took the stage to receive awards.

    Hu Ge, who won the "Excellent Quality Star", used three props to review three different Hu Ges in the past three decades. He also used the big brother in "Flowers" to talk to the future Hu Ge, "You are now a father-in-law." Are you still an actor?" Tell yourself not to forget your original intention and present better works to the audience.

    "Flowers" crew

    Xin Zhilei, who played Li Li in "Flowers", won the "Quality and Strength Drama Star of the Year", Tang Yan won the "Breakthrough Drama Star of the Year", Chen Long and Tong Chenjie won the "Enterprising Drama Star of the Year", and Dong Yong won the "Enterprising Drama Star of the Year". "Performance Style Drama Star of the Year", Fan Zhiyi, who was shocked for the first time, won the "All-round Crossover Drama Star of the Year", Chen Guoqing, who crossed over from comedy, won the "Quality Newcomer of the Year", and Qin Wen won the "Quality Original Screenwriter of the Year" , producer Peng Qihua won the "Quality Producer of the Year".

    "Flowers" is the first of its kind for a TV series to empower and represent a city. When the host asked Hu Ge to recommend tourist attractions and delicacies that must be visited in Shanghai, he pretended to be shocked and said: "Isn't the film in "Flowers" enough for everyone?"

    "The Long Season" crew

    "The Long Season" has also impressed audiences over the past year. At this ceremony, director Xin Shuang won the "Quality Director of the Year" for this work. As a director with both talent and hard work, he vividly demonstrated the complexity of human nature through "The Hidden Corner" last time. This time, he casts a romantic color on the cruelty of fate through "The Long Season".

    "Thanks to 'Master Wang' for the train that brought us to Shanghai again." Xin Shuang shared how he cried for half an hour when "The Long Season" premiered. "The last time I cried like that, it was probably in kindergarten. This is all because after the work was broadcast, the audience's comments and the resonance they conveyed brought a great emotional impact to me. I thought about whether I could be cooler if I did it again. The answer is No. Because I want to hear such a voice, that is the embodiment of all my values as a director."

    In addition, the two leading actors of the play, Fan Wei and Lin Xiaojie, won the "Quality and Glory Drama Star of the Year" and the "Ingenious Performance Drama Star of the Year" respectively. Lin Xiaojie said: "I graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy in 1984. It has been 40 years. I always remember the teacher's message to us when I graduated, to use ingenuity to shape each role."

    Another "Quality Role Model Drama of the Year", "Imperfect Victim", starts from the perspective of legal cases, deeply depicts human nature, conveys the power of care, and also shows the progress of the judicial system from the side. Starring Zhou Xun won the "Excellent Quality Star" for his wonderful performance in the play.

    Zhou Xun

    On the stage, Zhou Xun reviewed the road he has traveled and the efforts he has made over the years. Director Li Shaohong also showed off the clothes Zhou Xun wore when filming "Orange Is Red". In Li Shaohong's view, Zhou Xun has retained that aura over the years. In addition to living a simple life, she also has high requirements for performance. This is why Zhou Xun's works are excellent.

    In addition, "South to North", which focuses on the policemen on the Northeast Railway trunk line, and "The Sea in Dreams" and "Dragon City", which show ordinary people's ideal feelings and family bonds spanning decades, will focus on the new era. "He Came from the Fire" by firefighters of the era, "In Blizzard Time" based on the love of professional snooker players, "Infinite" which pays tribute to the passionate heroes on the hidden front, and "Infinite" which shows the detection process of modern criminal investigation cases. "Third Brigade", "Welcome to Maile Village" which tells the story of the Chinese foreign aid medical team saving lives and healing the wounded in Africa, "Hanglang" which tells the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine...a series of realist works with different themes, all won the " The fruit of quality”.

    Liu Yuning, who has developed in both film and television music circles, sang "Destined" and "Looking Back Again" and other film and television hits, taking the audience to review the classic melodies in TV dramas. That night, after he won the "Quality Golden Voice of the Year", he also looked forward to winning the "Fruit of Quality" through his hard work as an actor next time: "Currently, I act in more costume dramas, and I also like suspense themes. , it’s okay to let me play the bad guy.”

    Chen Jianbin, who is "over fifty", not only recited a poem for his wife Jiang Qinqin, but also invited her to sing a chorus of "Three Plum Blossoms", recalling the feeling of being shocked when filming "Plum Blossom Brand" for the first time. This affectionate stage made the actresses envious. Jin Chen mentioned in an interview: "I didn't expect Teacher Chen's singing voice to be so touching, so affectionate!"

    Last year's ceremony awarded the "Quality Thespian" award to 90-year-old "uncle" You Benchang, and this year the "Quality Thespian" award was awarded to the famous performing artist Jiao Huang. 88-year-old Jiao Huang said: "I want to perform some more plays for the audience, even a little bit." At the same time, he also sent a message to the young actors: "Act seriously and be an upright person!"

    Jiao Huang

    It is reported that "Drama Shines in the East·2024 TV Series Quality Ceremony" will be exclusively broadcast live by BesTV. The full version of the program will be broadcast on Dragon TV at 20:30 on April 6.

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