"Queen of Tears": Kim Soo-hyun, the savior of the loser track

    "Husband feeling" and "waste track" are hot words in recent film and television works: in the past, Baike established a foothold in this track early, and later Lin Gengxin cooked alone in "Traveling with the Phoenix" Clothes support the prince, and he has made a breakthrough in this vertically attracting fans. Now, the trend of useless husbands has finally reached South Korea. Even the "top" professor Kim Soo-hyun, who has not been filming for several years, is inevitably trying to achieve new results in this track.

    "Queen of Tears" poster

    Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won star in tvN's new drama "The Queen of Tears" (also known as "The Queen of Tears"), starring Kim Hee-won ("Vincenzo", "Little Ladies"), Jang Young-woo ("Love Hotel", "Need Romance") 23) directed by Park Ji-eun ("My Love from the Star", "The Legend of the Blue Sea", "Crash Landing on You"), it tells the story of the marriage crisis between department store queen Hong Hae-in (played by Kim Ji-won) and supermarket prince Baek Hyun-woo (played by Kim Soo-hyun). The dangerous situation continues until the love between the two miraculously blooms again.

    The two kissed 10 times in the first episode, worthy of being the god of melo.

    It is not difficult to see from this series of resumes of the main creative team that this is a topical work aimed at refreshing tvN's ratings record. Now on its 6th episode, even though Kim Soo-hyun was inexplicably exposed to the old photo scandal, "The Queen of Tears" still relied on the high-quality acting skills of the two leading actors and the trend of the bloody plot to pull the ratings to 14.068%. , more than doubled from 5.853% when it was first broadcast. No one can read it without saying: The gold of "Double Gold" is the "gold" of Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won!

    Talking about the series itself, the character design of "Queen of Tears" focuses on the literature of a female boss + a son-in-law, and it also has sudden amnesia, cancer blessings, and is full of elements that are loved by the sinking market.

    Hong Hae-in (played by Kim Ji-won)

    Hong Hae-in, played by Kim Ji-won, can be called the Plus version of Rachel Liu played by her in "The Heirs". She seems to be a cold-faced and arrogant queen, but behind the scenes is a poor little girl who accidentally killed her own brother when she was a child and has always been resented by her mother. . In terms of career, not only were the loser brothers who failed to achieve anything but failed more than once were fighting for the family property, but there were also relatives who were like wolves and tigers from all walks of life who came to add insult to injury. Finally, his career was about to reach a new height, but he was told by the doctor that he had brain cancer. The kind with three months left to live. Just when she thought her husband was the only one she could rely on, she discovered that her husband, who was the head of the company's legal department, had drafted a divorce agreement early in the morning and was waiting for her to sign...

    As the "ancient Greek god in charge of crying scenes", Kim Ji-won has contributed many beautiful crying scenes in "Queen of Tears". Compared to Rachel Liu, who was a little more immature in expressions ten years ago, today's Kim Ji-won is at the next level, whether it is the shy girl's state in love that is occasionally revealed, or the queen's style that is easy to deal with when facing customers/relatives/clients who are acting recklessly. Whether it's her son or the many important emotional scenes with her husband Baek Hyun-woo, she managed to move freely in the bloody plot, and she added a lot of points to the role with her acting skills.

    Every crying scene of the heroine can make people sad.

    And Kim Soo-hyun, who returned to the main battlefield of Korean dramas after a few years, chose a script this time that was a bit beyond fans' expectations. When the series started airing, some netizens even questioned why he chose this useless husband who acts as a pendant for the heroine instead of some script with a male protagonist.

    But the author wants to say that you have really misjudged Wuli Xiuman! Starting from the hit "My Love from the Star", he is the most suitable male protagonist to play the role of the Queen's pendant! The matching heroine design is either a big star or a female plutocrat. He is as good as the female A and male O, the anchor of the four-love track! The TV series " The Producers ", " It's Okay to be Mentally Ill ", and even the movie "The Great Hidden" (also translated as "Secret and Great"), which one is not a classic character who is deeply involved in the loser track?

    It looks like a female A and a male O, but when you tear it open, you can see that it is actually a double A.

    What's more, he seems to have returned to the ruling area. In front of the useless persona, he takes the identity of a husband, but instead interprets the reality of many conflicts between men and women after marriage, the kind that can only be done with bottles of soju. Helplessly, the indescribable pain of being pampered by his father-in-law for three years makes him more down-to-earth than in the past when he was in simple pleasure writing or love mode.

    During the drinking party with the best friend of the divorce lawyer, golden words often came out.

    Baek Hyun-woo, who took off his expensive suit jacket, tore off the dog-licking mask of "white son-in-law", and used the ancient and innocent method of running in the rain or riding a bicycle to find his wife, was actually more attractive than traveling thousands of miles to Germany and spending a lot of money. Make the general audience empathize.

    The male protagonist is riding a bicycle in the rain to find his wife.

    In addition, there are many Easter eggs in the drama, and at the end of each episode there are postscript details that call back to the past. This kind of narrative mode is slightly fresher than the purely bloody Korean dramas in the early years. Mixed with the conflicts and misunderstandings between the two about children, wills, etc. that need to be revealed, the shooting techniques of the man and woman in the same scene conveying completely different meanings from different perspectives also add a unique touch to this melo drama that seems to be full of routines. color.

    Postscript The story behind the iPod is related to the brief intersection between the two while they were studying.

    If you have watched enough "Double Gold" dramas, you will find that "Queen of Tears" can be said to be Kim Soo-hyun's "Candy to Eight Families" (a complimentary version)——

    When Baek Hyun-woo sees a psychiatrist, he will secretly imitate Cheon Song-yi (the heroine of "My Star") to wear a headscarf; Hong Hae-in's mother is Cheon Song-yi's mother; in "My Star", Professor Do even called President Hong Hae-in .

    You have to be fully armed to meet the doctor.

    While having a heart-to-heart talk with his brother, he imitated Ae-ra (played by the heroine Kim Ji-won) in "The Way of the Third" and acted coquettishly. He also said that he was born the cutest when he was drunk, so he fell in love with the heroine at first sight.

    This re-enactment of the crying scene is so cute.

    When he sees his wife almost falling while stepping on the elevator, he will yell like Gao Wenying (the heroine of "It's Okay to Be Mentally Ill").

    Even if I give my wife anti-slip sneakers with a 50% discount, I still have to imitate Suzy’s (collaborated with "Dream High") toothy smile...

    I don’t know whether I should say that Kim Soo Hyun is too good at it, or that the director and screenwriter know traffic codes too well, or maybe both.

    In short, I hope that "Queen of Tears" can be broadcast smoothly and not be affected by the noisy voices from the outside world, because it has been a long time since I have seen such a combination of acting skills and appearance.


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