Media comments on the chaos of ancient puppets: Domestic entertainment has been bitter and ugly for a long time

    China News Service, Beijing, March 24th: Recently, the costume mythological drama "Traveling with the Phoenix" was broadcast. Many netizens discovered that Lin Gengxin's wig was the same as that used in "Martial God Zhao Zilong" and "The Legend of Chu Qiao" seven or eight years ago. same.

    From left to right: Lin Gengxin's appearance in "Martial God Zhao Zilong", "The Legend of Chu Qiao" and "Traveling with the Phoenix".

    Comments from netizens: After going around and around, it’s “it” again, it’s ugly and very reassuring.

    In recent years, compared to the constant updates in the hairstyles of ancient puppet actresses, the styles of male actors are still stuck in the 1.0 era - uniformly high skull tops, low hairlines, fuzzy sideburns, and dragon whiskers sticking to their faces. No matter how high the hairline of modern people is, the hairline of the male actors in ancient operas is as low as the hairline. Even when they are in the same frame as the heroine, the two of them seem not to be on the same "layer".

    What's even more ridiculous is that the same wigs make it difficult for the male protagonists of the ancient puppet show to tell who is who just by looking at their backs.

    In the costume dramas "Fire Like a Song", "Spring Flowers and Autumn Moon", and "Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossom", the actor's appearance looks exactly the same from behind.

    Such perfunctory and crotch-stretching make-up made the actors miserable. Actor Liu Xueyi once couldn't stand his ugly headgear, so he secretly liked the comments posted by his fans on Weibo to show his resistance.

    I would like to ask, can the drama team try to innovate and not let the gods who have practiced for thousands of years all have the same hairstyle? In other words, is it difficult to make a wig with good texture?

    The answer is of course no. After all, the classic looks left by the past "costume heroes" are still talked about by current netizens.

    The classic looks of "vintage male gods" such as Nick Cheung, Chiao Enjun, and Louis Koo are still popular on the Internet.

    In today's domestic entertainment and puppet market, the drama studios have self-righteously developed a set of traffic codes. It seems that as long as they get traffic stars, create perfect characters for them, and produce sweet "artificial saccharin", the audience will turn off. Eyes pay.

    However, aspects such as script details and character makeup that should be carefully polished and played a key role are perfunctory and muddle along. The headgear is a small matter, but the attitude is a big deal. Everything in film and television works should serve the character.

    The crew of the movie "Fengshen Part 1: Chao Ge Fengyun" also asked the actor to grow his hair for two years, just to present a more natural look, which ultimately won the audience's approval.

    A still from the movie "Fengshen Part 1: Chao Ge Fengyun".

    It doesn't matter if you don't have time to grow your hair. Please put the effort into choosing a suitable wig and don't let the audience watch it again. If these wigs that affect the appearance cannot be removed, we will have to accept the really bad reviews from the audience.


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