New film|"Peacekeeping Riot Squad" starring Huang Jingyu and Wang Yibo is scheduled to be released on May Day

    Produced by Liu Weiqiang, directed by Li Dachao, and starring Huang Jingyu, Wang Yibo, and Zhong Chuxi, the movie "Peacekeeping Riot Squad" will be officially announced on May 1. Other cast members include Ou Hao, Gu Jiacheng, Zhao Huahua, Yin Xiaotian, etc.

    The film tells the story of Yu Weidong (played by Huang Jingyu), Yang Zhen (played by Wang Yibo), Ding Hui (played by Zhong Chuxi) and other peacekeeping police officers who shouldered the sacred mission and went to foreign countries to carry out their missions in war-torn mission areas, facing terrorist attacks, armed riots, With gangs running rampant and other dangerous situations, peacekeeping operations cannot be delayed...

    "Peacekeeping Riot Squad" finalized poster


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