What to watch this week|"Zhou Chu's Killing of Three Evils" is released, and the drama version of "Detective Chinatown 2" starts airing

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    Theater box office

    According to Beacon Professional Edition, as of 16:00 on March 1, "Article 20", "Flying Life 2", "Zhou Chu Three Evils", "Hot and Spicy" and "Bear Infested: Reverse Time and Space" occupied the single-day box office on that day. Top five on the list. Among them, "Zhou Chu Eliminates Three Evils" is a new film released on that day.

    On March 1, "Flying Life 2" announced that the key has been postponed to April 10. This is the first movie in the Spring Festival this year to announce an extension. Based on the experience of Spring Festival releases in previous years, the first movie will basically be postponed, and it will often be postponed in the second and third rounds.

    Every year after the Spring Festival comes to an end, there is always a dull period. The cinemas are deserted and there are no new movies to watch. But this year is different. Theaters in March were quite busy. Not only are there several blockbusters that are competing for Oscars, but there is also the blockbuster sequel "Dune 2" that has been waiting for two years. No wonder some people say that March is the "Spring Festival" for movie fans.

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    "Eliminating the Three Evils"

    A still from "Zhou Chu Eliminates Three Evils", Ethan Juan plays Chen Guilin

    Putting aside the off-screen factor of "emergency replacement", "The Three Evils" can be regarded as the best among Taiwanese genre films in recent years, from fighting scenes to literary performances, from standard laughs to well-organized photography. The film's Douban score has now risen to 8.4 from 8.1 when it was released in Taiwan last year.

    The ratings of "Zhou Chu Destroy Three Evils" increased after the screening. Is this year's first dark horse movie about to come?

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    【TV drama】

    New drama information

    With Xi Xin as the chief director and starring Li Jian and Lian Lian, the 30-episode TV series "All the Way Forward" will premiere on CCTV8 prime time on February 26th at 19:30 every day after "South to North".

    The current puppet drama "Don't Move on Me" starring Lin Yi and Zhou Ye will be broadcast exclusively on Youku from March 1st.

    The criminal investigation suspense web drama "Bleach" jointly produced by iQiyi and Straw Bear Pictures held a launch ceremony on February 27, starring Guo Jingfei, Wang Qianyuan, and Zhao Jinmai.

    The legendary drama "Eight Thousand Miles to the Clouds and the Moon" directed by Zhang Yongxin held a launch ceremony in Hengdian on February 28. It was broadcast exclusively on iQiyi.com, starring Wang Yang, Wan Qian, and Huang Chengcheng.

    Teaser poster of "White Moon Brahma Star"

    On February 29, the costume TV series "Bai Yue Fan Xing" starring Bai Lu, Ao Ruipeng and others was officially completed and the first trailer was released. In the play, a mortal girl Bai Shuo (played by Bai Lu) accidentally meets the great demon god Fanyue (played by Ao Ruipeng) on her way to seek immortality and repay her kindness. The two have never known each other before, and thus embark on a strange journey together. Along the way, they work together to fight and eliminate evil spirits, from using each other to loving each other, and running in both directions.

    "Yongan Dream"

    "Yong'an Dream" poster

    The costume detective light comedy "Yong'an Dream" starring Ouyang Nana, Xu Zhengxi, Sun Jian, and Xia Nan will be broadcast on Tencent Video on February 28. The play is adapted from Jinjiang Literature City's novel "The First Beauty in Chang'an". It tells the story of the capital city of Yong'an, where the west canal collapsed due to heavy rains, and Shen Wenqi, the minister in charge of the construction, was convicted and imprisoned. His daughter Shen Zhen (played by Ouyang Nana) therefore met the court officer Lu Shiyan (played by Xu Zhengxi) who was investigating the case. The two became deeply involved, gradually got to know each other, and finally joined forces to solve the case, and the conspiracy hidden behind it was also revealed. .

    Huang Bin, the chief director of "Yong'an Dream", has participated in the filming of many popular costume dramas such as "Nine Skies Warm Night", "Splendid Nange", "Phoenix Seeking Phoenix", "White-haired Princess" and "Splendid Young". Wayne Deng, one of the executive directors, has rich experience and has many masterpieces such as "Step by Step" and "Palace Lock Bead Curtain".

    The popularity of the premiere exceeded 22,000, and the focus of discussion on the show mainly focused on the plot and the acting skills of the actors. When the lineup was officially announced, Ouyang Nana's appearance as the most beautiful woman caused controversy. After the premiere, the reputation did not change, and her acting skills were questioned by fans of the original work. However, many people mentioned in the audience feedback that the overall series is still watchable and much better than expected.

    "Detective Chinatown 2"

    "Detective Chinatown 2" poster

    The "Detective Chinatown" series created by Chen Sicheng is one of the most successful IPs in Chinese films. The total box office of the three "Detective Chinatown" movies exceeded 8.7 billion yuan; the first season of the online drama "Detective Chinatown" was rated 7.0 after being watched by more than 300,000 viewers on Douban.

    The second season will still be produced and directed by Chen Sicheng and directed by Yao Wenyi and Wang Tianwei. It will bring four unit stories. In the "Angel's Melody" section, Lin Mo (played by Qiu Ze), a detective who is extremely sensitive to smells, entered the "Angel Sanatorium" alone and narrowly escaped an accident; in the "Devil's Breathing" section, he peeled off the cocoon to explore the truth. Another computer master Kiko (played by Shang Yuxian) who is highly recognized in "Tang Detective Universe" will usher in a wonderful personal chapter for the first time in the two units of "Amusement Park" and "Golden City", revealing her secrets... A well-known past.

    Because IP dramas themselves have attracted much attention, the current popularity on iQiyi has exceeded 6,500. Judging from audience feedback, there are many positive reviews. The drama calendar is relatively clear, and several cases can be seen. schedule. This show is probably going to be one of the biggest hits coming out.

    "Flying Life and Love"

    Another web drama extended from the movie IP, starring Hu Xianxu, Wang Yanlin, Yu Entai, Yan Hexiang and others. It follows the story line of the movie "Flying Life 1". It tells the story of Zhang Chi who was seriously injured after flying off the track and accidentally traveled to the 21-year-old. For Lin Zhendong, he tried every means to prevent his 24-year-old self from making the same mistakes again.

    Stills from "Flying Life and Love"

    The popularity of "Flying Life 2" during the Spring Festival has brought a relatively positive effect to the online drama. Although this drama is the first to take on the story line, due to the change of actors, the sense of inconsistency is not strong. Hu Xianxu made a cameo appearance in the movie, and his acting skills have been recognized by the audience. The overall impression is good.

    In fact, there are certain risks in online dramas that are extended from movie IPs. The audience knows the characters and stories better, so comparison is inevitable, and it is even more difficult to create new ideas. The data on the day of the premiere was not very good, but as it aired, its popularity increased due to word-of-mouth. It currently has more than 6,000 hits on Youku. Audience feedback is also relatively positive, and it is the most worth-watching drama in recent times.

    "Zichuan·Guangming Three Heroes"

    Stills of "Zichuan·Guangming Three Heroes"

    There was very little publicity before the broadcast. It is a backlog drama that will be completed in 2021 and was recently aired.

    Starring Yang Xuwen and Liu Yuning, with Zhang Mingen as a special guest star, it is adapted from the original novel "Zichuan" by Lao Zhu. It tells the story of the ongoing war between various family forces on the Xichuan Continent. In order to protect the Zichuan family from internal and external troubles, Zichuan Xiu joins forces with his sworn brother. Dilin and Sterling set things right and resisted foreign enemies. After experiencing the baptism of blood and fire, and the collision of swords, the three brothers finally grew into heroes with the world in mind.

    Tencent and iQiyi dual-platform simulcast, Tencent's popularity on the first day was 4,300, and the current popularity has exceeded 20,000. In terms of subject matter, it is a drama adapted from a male video.

    "The River Rises"

    Stills of "River Rises"

    Another Mango Monsoon Theater drama, "River Rises" is an environmental-themed drama directed by Han Xiaojun and starring Huang Zhizhong, Mei Ting, and Jiang Wu. The drama is adapted from the original novel "Rivers Flow the World" written by Ming Dy. It tells the story of Zheng Hanjiang, a provincial deputy department inspector and Qijiang University professor who has made great achievements in the field of environmental protection after environmental problems such as water pollution were discovered in Qijiang City. He was appointed as the deputy mayor in charge of environmental protection.

    Perhaps the environmental theme is relatively niche. Although there is a sense of suspense and tension in the series, the data after the broadcast was relatively average. It failed to make it into the top ten in the Beacon Network broadcast list. It also failed to make it into the top ten in Kuyun's ratings statistics. The ranking is relatively low. Most discussions on Douban and Weibo mentioned that although they recognized the actors' acting skills, they had few highlights and were not interested in the subject matter. This type of subject matter is inherently niche. If you don't put enough effort into the script, it will be more difficult to win the favor of the audience, especially young audiences.

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    【Variety Show】

    Recently, the new variety show "We Three" was recorded in Changbai Mountain. Reuters photos and short videos of "enthusiastic netizens" kept coming from the front. Wei Daxun helped Mao Buyi for a while, and Guo Qilin for a while. Finally, it was summarized into Weibo's hot search term # enthusiastic citizen Wei Daxun # . According to the Weibo post of "@MANGOSpoilerBrother" on February 27, "We Three" was titled as soon as it started recording, which is the fastest among Mango TV's new series in recent years to have a title.

    On February 29, artists such as Yuan Yawei and Shang Wenjie were photographed landing at Changsha Airport. It is reported that they all came to record "Chengfeng 2024" . According to Reuters, the program started recording in early March and is expected to be launched in May.

    It is also reported that "Fifty Kilometers Taohuawu 4" will start recording in Yanji in March and will be launched on Tencent Video in the second quarter of this year.

    "Qiang Qiang Shiyi" produced by Youku will be broadcast every Tuesday at 18:00 starting from February 27. "Qiang Qiang Supplements" is a collection of original materials other than the main film of the third season of "Qiang Qiang Xing Tian Xia" with minimal editing and processing, and is presented in its basic original appearance. Watch Dou Wentao, Xu Zidong, Lin Weijie and other guests chatting and laughing, and at the same time restart their Jiangnan exploration journey.

    Tencent Video's parent-child outdoor drama reality show "Growing Up" will air the pilot film at 12:00 on February 29. The program invites families with cute babies aged 3-6 to tell a story about a mother letting go and the baby growing up independently. At the same time, Zhu Dan, Zheng Kai, Zhang Yanqi, Liu Yiyang and other guests were invited to form a "Growth Accompanying Group".

    The third episode of "All Members Accelerating Battle Season" will be broadcast on Mango TV on March 1. Members of the "Accelerated Employment Group" Su Xing, Wang Yuexin, Wang Zhengliang, Lu Hu, Wu Xize, and members of the "Loving Family" members Pu Yixing, Tang Jiuzhou, Huang Zihongfan, Shi Kai, and Cao Enqi have become two major travel groups: "Laolaiqiao Tour Group" and "Bu Bu "Early Rise Tour Group" launched a new round of acceleration challenge in Maitreya, Yunnan. The four flying guests in this issue, Boyuan, Xie Yilin, Yu Wenwen, and Zhifu, will wait at four check-in points in the park for the acceleration members to come and verify the password...

    Mao Buyi is coming to "Farming 2"

    On March 1st and 2nd, the 3rd and 4th episodes of "Farming Bar 2" launched on iQiyi will be broadcast. In the third issue, Mao Buyi, the first guest of the season, and Zhang Shaogang, the head of Ten Qintian, came. According to the trailer, Zhao Yibo will return in the fourth episode of the program, and Ten Qintian finally celebrated the second winter solstice of reunion at No. 58 Houdoumen, Hangzhou.

    On March 2, the second season of "Infinite Beyond Class" continued to be broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV. In this week's program, Xu Juncong was questioned about his narrow acting career, and Zhang Dongliang, who has always been gentle, actually lost his temper and became angry. After learning and practicing in the "Infinite Transcendence Class", what changes can the artists bring to the professional guidance and sincere suggestions of the instructors?

    The third season of "Super Chinese Class" will be broadcast on Shandong Satellite TV at 20:30 every Saturday starting from March 2, presenting wonderful Chinese classes to the audience, experiencing great Chinese, discovering good classes, and meeting good teachers.

    "Hello, Saturday" was broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV on March 2. The crew of "You are more beautiful than the starlight" Tan Songyun, Xu Kai and Wang Yuexin came to play with He Jiong, Cai Wenjing, Li Xueqin, Qin Xiaoxian, Ding Chengxin and Wu Zelin. A game of wits and courage.


    If it continues like this, "Strange Food" will be classified as a detective documentary, right?


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