Create the first interactive Spring Festival Gala, Xiaohongshu inspires new ways of communication between the Spring Festival Gala and young people

    This year, the China Central Radio and Television Station’s Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Gala teamed up with Xiaohongshu to launch the “Watch the Spring Festival Gala on the big screen and chat about the Spring Festival Gala on the small screen” mode. As an unprecedented new attempt at interaction, the Spring Festival Gala, the most important Spring Festival ritual for Chinese people, has a "second stage" for in-depth interaction with young people.

    While discussing the Spring Festival Gala, young users also created secondary content for the gala and interacted with Spring Festival Gala actors in real time in the live broadcast room. Next to the Spring Festival Gala studio of the main station, Xiaohongshu set up a live broadcast room and started a seven-hour non-stop live broadcast. Together with the Spring Festival Gala actors, they "watched, chatted and bought in real time", becoming everyone's "Spring Festival Gala small living room".

    "Everyone's Spring Festival Gala" interface screenshot

    The number of users and the number of viewers of the domestic new media real-time live broadcast of the Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Gala also set a new record. According to official data from Xiaohongshu, a platform for sharing Spring Festival Gala notes and live broadcasts, as of February 10, 112.5 billion exposures have been made to popular Spring Festival Gala topics and notes, and more than 250 popular Spring Festival Gala topics popularized by Xiaohongshu have spread all over the Internet.

    Regarding the effects and achievements of the project, the relevant person in charge of Xiaohongshu said in an interview with The Paper, "Xiaohongshu itself is also a community of young people, advocating ordinary people to help ordinary people. This time, we had an in-depth interaction with the Spring Festival Gala of the main station. More new tricks have been added to the traditional ceremony, and the story of the Spring Festival Gala has been discussed on the platform to this day. The overall effect is really beyond our imagination."

    Xiaohongshu live broadcast shows a different Spring Festival Gala

    As a live broadcast project facing such a large Chinese audience around the world, the challenge faced by Xiaohongshu this time is equivalent to a battle.

    According to the person in charge, the live broadcast room of "Everyone's Spring Festival Gala" is located at the backstage of the Spring Festival Gala. Xiaohongshu has dispatched a team of hundreds of people to the main station. The team spans multiple businesses and functions such as live broadcast products and technology, content production, e-commerce, commercialization, community operations, communication, and market branding. Starting from the beginning of February, five rounds of cross-department joint drills and repeated exercises closely connected everyone involved.

    The most difficult thing in the process is that the Spring Festival Gala program is constantly changing. With every change, the content design, guest sequence, and interactive topics of the live broadcast room must be adjusted accordingly. It wasn't until the early morning of New Year's Eve that the project team finalized the last guest. No one can guarantee it until the last moment of the broadcast, and the content script is finalized.

    Although there were many difficulties and unpredictable variables, the team still withstood the pressure and completed the task beyond expectations.

    Screenshots from the crew of "Flowers" in the live broadcast room of Xiaohongshu's "Everyone's Spring Festival Gala"

    Before entering the Spring Festival Gala studio, the starring troupe of "Flowers" also came to the live broadcast room as guests. The four people chatted with the host about stories related to the Spring Festival Gala, what to eat at home for the New Year's Eve dinner, Xin Zhilei taught Hu Ge, Tang Yan, and Chen Long how to change handkerchiefs on the spot, Tang Yan taught everyone to sing Shanghainese nursery rhymes, and team building activities were held backstage.

    The Spring Festival Gala has begun. In the live broadcast room, netizens watched the Spring Festival Gala with an "eight-fold lens" and counted how many kinds of "drums" there were in the magnificent opening show. While reading, I sent notes and chatted about #我的年夜饭,发发# the first selfie in the Year of the Dragon. If you haven’t seen enough on the Spring Festival Gala, keep watching and chatting in “Everyone’s Spring Festival Gala”. The four beauties of "New Year's Brocade" show the patterns of Chinese clothing up close, the dancers of "Lucky Koi" reveal the secrets of Wia's dance practice, Zhou Shen teaches the host to dance eight sections of brocade...

    In the live broadcast room, each guest also had a heart-to-heart chat session. Based on the popular notes on the Xiaohongshu website, the host asked the actors live questions for everyone, which provided many interesting points. "What is the flag of the Year of the Dragon in 0713?" "What will be the most difficult thing for Mao Buyi in 2023?" "Field poetry class, I also want to write poetry, how can I learn it with zero foundation?" Highlights continued to unfold.

    What brought the most laughter during the Spring Festival Gala was Nigmat's "miss" during Liu Qian's magic show. After the party, Nigmaiti revealed his thoughts at the time in the "Everyone's Spring Festival Gala" live broadcast room: "I thought, if the inside doesn't match up, the outside can always match up. But after taking it for a long time, I watched it from the outside. At a glance, I found that the outside didn’t match up either.”

    After Nigmaiti responded, netizens commented in the live broadcast room that "Xiao Ni resolved the embarrassment immediately." This response quickly became a hot spot on the entire Internet from the "Everyone's Spring Festival Gala" live broadcast. Many netizens commented under the relevant video, "Seeing this live broadcast, I understand Xiao Ni's expression better at that time. It is so interesting."

    The live broadcast allowed everyone to see a different side beyond the Spring Festival Gala program, and it was also talked about and discussed repeatedly by the little sweet potatoes in the community.

    It is worth mentioning that in addition to the front and backstage, the "Everyone's Spring Festival Gala" live broadcast room once again performed the beauty of traditional culture in the Spring Festival Gala program. The four Spring Festival Gala actors Liu Tao, Liu Shishi, Li Qin and Guan Xiaotong reenacted the Chinese aesthetics of the Han, Tang, Song and Ming dynasties in the live broadcast room.

    In the Spring Festival Gala, the traditional Chinese pattern creation show "Nian Brocade" is undoubtedly the focus. Gorgeous patterns from the four dynasties of Han, Tang, Song and Ming flowed and changed on the stage, and women in traditional clothes walked slowly, as if they were walking from ancient scrolls. The program set off a wave of national aesthetics - the #年金四美 pattern analysis went out of the circle, and it also derived #中国五千千couple , and young people took the initiative to explore more beautiful traditional costumes in history.

    The first plot poster for the Spring Festival Gala this year was also designed and produced by Xiaohongshu. The elements of the round table are used throughout the entire set of posters, reflecting the reunion, joy and peace of the Chinese New Year. The high-quality texture and aesthetics have been praised by many netizens.

    From every poster and note in the early stage, to the many traditional cultural elements on the Spring Festival Gala stage, to the accompanying live broadcast, Xiaohongshu combines the Spring Festival Gala, a classic new folk custom, with traditional culture and contemporary trends, and combines traditional The combination of national aesthetics and new Chinese aesthetics connects lifestyle and consumption scenarios, allowing young people to deeply understand the beauty of Chinese culture and cultivate national trends and products.

    "The program "Nian Jin" suddenly set off a trend of Chinese aesthetics and unlocked a word called 'New Chinese Style'. In the past, New Chinese Style was a very conceptual thing, it was not concrete, but this time it has 'New Year' Jin', after having the 'pattern', everyone suddenly raised this topic." said the person in charge of Xiaohongshu.

    In addition, Xiaohongshu buyers Dong Jie, Wu Xin, Yiyi KK, etc. also shared their life experiences in the live broadcast room.

    It is understood that Xiaohongshu's home furnishing buyer "Yi Yi KK" participated in the soft decoration design of the sketch "Can It Be the Same". In the live broadcast room of "Everyone's Spring Festival Gala", she shared her experience of the Spring Festival Gala scenery and daily home decoration.

    Young people take the lead and let the whole family try new things together

    Not only that, during the Spring Festival, Xiaohongshu launched a series of activities called "Spring Festival for Everyone". In addition to the accompanying live broadcast of "Everyone's Spring Festival Gala", the New Year's Truth Party has also been launched. More than 80 celebrities and bloggers have launched live broadcasts to connect with users, as well as offline check-in to receive free milk tea and other activities, allowing users to enjoy the Spring Festival during the Spring Festival. Discover more high-quality content, interesting friends and interesting gameplay in the Xiaohongshu community.

    The person in charge of Xiaohongshu said that in early February, before and after the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal, more than a dozen Xiaohongshu bloggers came to the main stage to visit the staff in front and behind the scenes of the Spring Festival Gala and captured many shining moments of ordinary people.

    Among them, there are children's dancers in Goose Goose costumes, martial arts actors from Shaolin Tower Martial Arts School, and makeup artists who stick to the backstage of the Spring Festival Gala every New Year's Eve... Hundreds of types of work, thousands of Tens of thousands of actors and actresses formed such a gala for people across the country to enjoy.

    Xiaohongshu blogger @哥花人wrote poems backstage at the Spring Festival Gala; reading blogger @小佳阿interviewed many extras and sent them New Year blessings from books; @我是411 visited the backstage wearing restored Hanfu and talked with The restored style of the Spring Festival Gala's "New Year's Eve" echoes from a distance; @foodiezhu cm chats with everyone about the New Year's Eve dinner in his hometown...

    In addition to them in front of and behind the scenes of the Spring Festival Gala, there are also us watching the Spring Festival Gala. Xiaohongshu constantly explores topics and allows everyone to have a dialogue with the Spring Festival Gala. During the broadcast, hot topics and notes emerged on the site in real time throughout the entire process, with non-stop discussions and secondary creations throughout the night. After the broadcast of "Lucky Koi", Huaxiao's #LuckyKoi makeup was unlocked, and "Can it be the same" followed by #Seeing the shadow of parents in the Spring Festival Gala , Xiaohongshu users learned "If you want to write New Year 》Start the poetry contest, review the health regimen with the "Healthy To Order", and review the New Year's Eve segment of the interactive topic #Is this you who watched the Spring Festival Gala with your family last night ...

    A Xiaohongshu user said that the whole family was still unsatisfied after watching the group cross talk "The Director's Mind" on the big screen, so they immediately locked in the "Everyone's Spring Festival Gala" live broadcast room, which not only unlocked the MBTI personality of the nine show actors, but also helped the community I shared my own experience of the same style under topics such as my mental state during the #春夜夜剧. At the moment of reunion sitting in front of the big and small screens, the traditional ritual has some new twists. This time, young people take the lead and let the whole family try something new together.

    The story of the Spring Festival Gala continues on the Xiaohongshu platform, and the stories on Xiaohongshu also come to the Spring Festival Gala stage. Huang Bo's song "Pinyin" is a comfort to everyone who is busy. The pictures of father and son displayed in the background of the stage condense the moments of fatherly love. They were collected by the Spring Festival Gala crew from Xiaohongshu users on Xiaohongshu. Xiaohongshu has become a bridge and link for ordinary people to send their stories to the Spring Festival Gala and share them with people across the country.

    A more comprehensive understanding and deeper interactive participation will double the resonance and happiness. As of February 10, more than 80 million users on the Xiaohongshu platform have actively searched for Spring Festival Gala-related content, and more than 25 million users have posted Spring Festival Gala-related content. On the day of the Spring Festival Gala, users posted more than 1.56 million notes, and the number of interactions in the live broadcast room exceeded 170 million. Searching for the Spring Festival Gala on Xiaohongshu, posting notes about the Spring Festival Gala, and chatting about the Spring Festival Gala in the comment area have become new ways for young people to open up about the Spring Festival Gala.

    During the interview, the relevant person in charge of Xiaohongshu also revealed two behind-the-scenes stories. One is that as the chief director of the New Year's Eve live broadcast, Wang Bo traveled between the main station and the hotel every day and wore a sweater for 40 consecutive days. He is informal about personal issues, but he is almost harsh on all aspects of the live broadcast. It ranges from the visual style of the live broadcast room to the color of the sofa and the gloss of the fruits in the fruit plate. Second, the Xiaohongshu square pillow that appeared on the Spring Festival Eve has actually been discontinued long ago. In order not to delay the on-site effect, the company's old employees immediately brought back three out-of-print pillows from home, cleaned them overnight, and sent the human flesh to the front line in Beijing.

    The relevant person in charge of Xiaohongshu said that this is Xiaohongshu’s first Spring Festival Gala and the first such large-scale CNY battle. Colleagues from all places are involved in this long battle. With a "crazy spirit" and an attitude of "never compromise, never admit defeat", the Little Red Book people started a wild innovation and major training, and submitted their answers to the Spring Festival Gala exam.

    The fireworks in the world are the most soothing to mortal hearts. The relevant person in charge of Xiaohongshu said: "The Spring Festival Gala carries the memories of hundreds of millions of people. This collaboration with Xiaohongshu is also actively creating an atmosphere where everyone can participate and have sincere dialogue. From the beginning of the preparation period, Xiaohongshu hopes Let more users understand the Spring Festival Gala, get closer to the Spring Festival Gala, and ultimately realize that users and their stories can participate in the Spring Festival Gala through Xiaohongshu. Xiaohongshu itself records all kinds of beautiful life, and we use this form to 'touch' every beauty, Create more value for all audiences who love the Spring Festival Gala.”


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