The Spring Festival pre-sale box office exceeded 600 million, and "Bear Bears" rose to third place

    According to Beacon Professional Edition, as of 17:48 on February 9, the pre-sale box office for the 2024 Spring Festival stalls exceeded 600 million. "Flying Life 2", "Hot and Furious" and "Bear Infested: Reverse Time and Space" occupy the top three in the pre-sale box office list for this Spring Festival.

    Data source: Lighthouse Professional Edition

    February 9th is the last day of pre-sale for the Spring Festival. As the release is approaching, the total pre-sale box office has increased significantly, and the tug-of-war between the top two, third and fourth places is also very anxious.

    On the afternoon of February 9, "Hot and Spicy" once surpassed "Flying Life 2" to rank first on the pre-sale list, and was later overtaken by "Flying Life 2".

    "Bear Bears: Reverse Time and Space", which has been ranked fourth on the pre-sale list, has surpassed "Article 20" to become third thanks to its excellent performance with high per-game averages in recent days, and has broken the pre-sale record for cartoons in the past three years. box office record. Today, the top four movies’ pre-sale box office has exceeded 100 million.

    In addition, the total box office on the first day of the Lunar New Year on February 10 has exceeded the 500 million mark. "Hot", "Flying Life 2" and "Bear Infested: Reversal of Time" are temporarily among the top three. The first day of the three films The box office has exceeded 100 million.


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