The whole world watches the Spring Festival Gala! More than 2,100 media outlets in 200 countries and regions will broadcast live and report on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala

    At 8 pm on February 9, 2024 (New Year’s Eve), Beijing time, the world’s most eye-catching annual television event will kick off. The China Central Radio and Television Station’s 2024 Spring Festival Gala will meet the global audience as scheduled!

    As the most watched TV program in the world recognized by Guinness World Records, the Spring Festival Gala has become a cultural festival for Chinese people around the world to share joy and celebrate the New Year. It also provides the world with a window to understand Chinese culture and the New Year festival.

    The Spring Festival Gala has been broadcast on New Year's Eve every year since 1983 and has been held for 41 consecutive years. It has left beautiful memories in the hearts of generations of viewers. This year, it will once again present an audio-visual feast to global audiences. Music, dance, opera, cross talk, sketches, magic, acrobatics and other programs will share the charm of China's excellent traditional culture with the world.

    This year is the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese lunar calendar. The dragon is the totem of the Chinese nation. It has a strong and majestic appearance, a brave and fearless spirit, a feeling of blessing the world, and an incomparable power. It is estimated that about one-fifth of the world's population celebrates the Spring Festival in one form or another. In the past few days, the "Spring Festival Gala Overture Global Watch Spring Festival Gala" event hosted by China Central Radio and Television has been held nearly 40 times in Kenya, Switzerland, Laos, Brazil, Jordan, Indonesia, Thailand, Argentina, South Africa, Uruguay, Fiji and other countries. Through the broadcast of Spring Festival Gala promotional videos, intangible cultural heritage performances, Chinese and foreign choruses, flash mob interactions, as well as writing Spring Festival couplets, sending blessing words, cutting window grilles and other forms to create a festive atmosphere for the global celebration of the Chinese New Year.

    China Central Radio and Television will integrate China's excellent traditional culture and modern civilization through the integrated communication of "ideology + art + technology" to create a joyful and steaming "cultural New Year's Eve dinner". CGTN (China Global Television) English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian channels and 68 language external new media platforms will link the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and India More than 2,100 media outlets in 200 countries and regions around the world, including China, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, South Africa, and Kenya, broadcast and reported the Spring Festival Gala live. More than 3,000 public large screens in 90 cities in 49 countries on all continents will broadcast and promote the Spring Festival Gala live, allowing people around the world to share the unique charm of the Chinese Spring Festival and Chinese culture while appreciating the joyful songs and laughter.


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