Premiere丨Feng Xiaogang: "If You Are the One 3" is a grand farewell full of laughter

    On December 9, the movie "If You Are the One 3" held a "Meet Newcomers and Gather Old Friends" lineup press conference at the China Film Director Center in Beijing. Director Feng Xiaogang, starring Ge You, Shu Qi, as well as Fan Wei, Li Chengru, Yue Yunpeng, Chang Yuan, Yu Shuxin, etc. New and old actors came together to share their behind-the-scenes stories.

    Group photo of guests at the press conference of "If You Are the One 3"

    Feng Xiaogang said on the spot that the "If You Are the One" series of movies has been loved by the audience since its birth. "The third part is for the audience, to give Qin Fenhe a smile, and also to give an explanation to myself. This will be a movie full of laughter. A grand farewell.”

    "If You Are the One 3" poster

    This is Qin Fen’s dream

    In the previously released trailer, the color aesthetics of "If You Are the One 3" were eye-catching, and the dopamine color contrast style in the movie was also restored at this press conference. Regarding the origin of the design of the color aesthetics of this film, Feng Xiaogang explained: "When we were filming "See You or Not Part", the last scene was when Liu Yuan and Li Qing met in their twilight years. When we were in the United States, we saw Many nursing homes are colorful and very bright, just like children painting with the purest colors. As people get older, they will return to their original nature, and they will become a little childish as they get older."

    Feng Xiaogang

    "So the color of this movie was not chosen by me first of all, but by Qin Fen in the film. He is already a seventy-year-old man in the film. This is a dream of Qin Fen. In addition, this is also a romantic movie. The choice of a light comedy style movie. This contrasting color feeling can excite the audience." Feng Xiaogang also revealed that he and the art designer Zhang Shuping found paintings by Edward Hopper, the most popular American popular painter in the 20th century, " He uses strong colors in his work, which I think is very consistent with the color feeling of this movie. It seems that this movie is bright red and green, but it is very particular, and the presentation and matching of colors are carefully considered."

    Ge You

    In 2008, the movie "If You Are the One" was amazing in its portrayal and presentation of the emotional world of middle-aged men. In 2010, "If You Are the One 2" was released, which revealed the director's strong sense of life and humanistic care in addition to love. After 13 years, Ge You and Shu Qi once again performed the love story between Qin Fen and Xiaoxiao.

    "This time I play the role of 70-year-old Qin Fen. He and Xiaoxiao haven't seen each other for more than ten years, but life has helped me. Because after filming "If You Are the One 2" last time, Shu Qi and I haven't had much contact for at least ten years. It's better for the characters in the movie to at least write postcards to each other, and it wasn't until this filming that they added each other on WeChat. So this feeling of familiarity and strangeness can still be accurately grasped," Ge You said.

    Shu Qi

    "The sense of familiarity has actually been established in the first two movies." Shu Qi added, "But this time I have to play the real person and the AI intelligent person in the film, respectively. To master the sound, you still have to work hard to find that feeling." In Shu Qi's view, the set of "If You Are the One" was full of joy, but later the director would announce the countdown to filming on the set, which made people feel inexplicably sad, "So I will I feel like crying.”

    What's going on with the robot in the movie?

    "Do Not Disturb 3" sets the story in 2031, and the science fiction elements of "AI robots" have become a major attraction of the movie. In this regard, Feng Xiaogang said that this is actually a test of human emotions. "No matter how perfectly designed the artificial intelligence robot is, it will never be as good as a real person. Even if a real person has shortcomings and flaws, it will never be replaced by a robot. I firmly believe this." . The era of comprehensive AI and human coexistence may be coming soon, but I am still willing to work with the real Shu Qi."

    In addition to the return of Ge You and Shu Qi, Lao Fan, the investor of different terminals in the first part, brought the robot to Qin Fen in the third part. "This time, Lao Fan has been comprehensively improved from IQ to EQ. From the past terminals to the research of intelligent robots, he designed three robots to solve family, friendship, and love, the most difficult emotional problems in the world. ." Fan Wei said at the scene that "If You Are the One 3 would definitely not be possible without Lao Fan," while Feng Xiaogang teased from the side, "Lao Fan acted too smart this time, and I still want to bring out the naivete in him. Help him get it back. Teacher Fan Wei's acting is getting better and better, and with him and Ge You here, this play is guaranteed."

    Yu Shuxin

    It is worth mentioning that Yu Shuxin, who plays the robot Judy in the film, did not change the texture of the character throughout the press conference. Her baby voice and slightly stiff expression gave the audience a sneak peek. She said that she has a special connection with the "If You Are the One" series of movies, as the first movie was released on her birthday. Talking about how to shape the character, she said that she would put ingenuity in makeup and outfits to help enhance Judy's sense of AI. "While filming, I gained a lot of recognition from the director, and I became more and more confident. .”

    Li Chengru said that the director he played in the third film came from another Feng Xiaogang movie "Private Customization", "I have a mission. This time I want to recruit apprentices in the film. It’s Chengru played by Xiao Yueyue.” Yue Yunpeng said that he also played a robot in the film and had a lot of “baggage” in the jokes. He also revealed that everyone was very happy during the filming. "We started working at noon every day and finished at 7pm. We filmed for more than ten days and had to take a break. Filming this movie was a kind of enjoyment."

    New friends and old friends, Jianguo, who made a surprising appearance in the first two parts of the "If You Are the One" series, also makes a surprise return. Chang Yuan, the third actor, said that the most difficult thing about this role is the sense of proportion. "The director asked for my phone number from Shen Teng. When I received the call for the first time, I thought it was a scam and hung up immediately. . In terms of performance, I have experienced from understanding Jianguo to becoming Jianguo. Until now, I have escaped from Jianguo."

    At the end of the press conference, Feng Xiaogang gave a complete answer for the first time about the word "cheng" in the title of the film "If You Are the One", "From the bright 'orange' that symbolizes the beginning of warmth in the first film, to the sincerity in the trial marriage of the second film From the 'sincerity' of waiting to the 'Cheng' of the third life journey, it is really a journey of mountains, a journey of water, and a journey of saying goodbye. These three movies have a common theme, which is to believe in love. As long as it is People who love each other are willing to wait even if it takes ten years."


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