Premiere丨"Everything has changed", Aquaman still needs to take care of the baby

    On December 6, the superhero movie "Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom" produced by Warner Bros. Pictures held its Chinese premiere in Beijing. Director James Wan and starring Jason Momoa appeared on the red carpet to chat with fans. Media interaction. The film will be released in mainland China on December 20, two days ahead of North American theaters.

    "Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom" poster

    In "Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom", the starring team from the previous film all return. The movie tells the story of Black Manta, who was still unwilling to give up avenging his father after trying to defeat Aquaman but failed, and vowed to destroy Aquaman. He finds the legendary Black Trident, unleashing an ancient evil more menacing than ever. In order to fight against it, Aquaman turned to his imprisoned brother Orm (also the former King of Atlantis) for help, forming an unexpected alliance. The two of them must put aside their old grudges and fight side by side in order to protect their home and country from the coming disaster and save the world.

    Before the red carpet ceremony began, the venue was already filled with admirers. Accompanied by bursts of cheers, director James Wan took the lead and said, "It has been five years since we came to China again. Everyone is very excited." James Wan recalled that the last time he and Jason Momoa came to China was in 2018 When promoting "Aquaman" in 2016, "It feels like time has not passed that long. The success of the first part of "Aquaman" is largely thanks to the Chinese market."

    "Aquaman" Jason Momoa

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    "Aquaman" Jason Momoa appeared in a pink suit, bringing the atmosphere to the climax. The Paper reporter noticed that the most dazzling star in the current DC superhero world does not seem to have stepped out of Dante's appearance in this summer's "Fast and Furious 10". Not only his pink clothes, but also his braided headband are pink. , showing the eye-catching nature of the "weirdo". While signing autographs for enthusiastic fans, he instructed everyone to switch their phones to selfie mode and make various funny poses in front of the camera. A fan not only handed over the movie poster, but also handed the Black Manta helmet prop to Jason. When the latter saw it, he frowned slightly, but he readily signed his name on the armor of his mortal enemy in the film.

    Director James Wan and starring Jason Momoa took a group photo at the premiere in China

    Jason Momoa, who is 1.93 meters tall, and the "petite" James Wan next to him formed the "cutest height difference", which made the audience laugh. Talking about the role of Aquaman in the new work, Jason said: "Everything has changed." He introduced that Aquaman became a father in this film, and he not only had to repair the relationship with his brother Orm, but also became a "novice dad". "Shuttle back and forth. James Wan revealed, "In the movie, we can see that on the one hand, Aquaman has to deal with national affairs and lead troops to fight against the enemy, and on the other hand, he has to change diapers for his children. He is very busy. The huge contrast in status will It will generate a lot of laughter, please wait and see.”

    At the premiere, a trailer customized for the Chinese market was also released, revealing that the "Lost Kingdom" in the title is actually located under the snow-capped Antarctic ice. James Wan explained that Antarctica has never been immersive for most people, which gave him more possibilities to present fascinating visual effects. “Our art department created the icy tundra on two soundstages and in-studio backlots in the UK, while the visual effects team was sent to Antarctica, Greenland and Iceland to shoot stunning drone shots The lens and the real-world positioning marks. This is how the final effect of the ice environment is completed.”

    "Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom" stills

    Talking about the relationship between Aquaman and Orm in the second part, "turning enemies into friends", James Wan admitted that he had this idea at the beginning of the creation of the "Aquaman" series, and hoped that the story would return to the family in the sequel, allowing the brothers to Make peace and form an alliance to fight side by side. Jason added without any shame that he came up with the idea of "cheating" his brother into eating cockroaches on the set.

    "You know, Orm has been living in the ocean before and knows nothing about the creatures on land. And Aquaman is the existence that connects the land and the ocean. He knows both worlds very well. So when they first reconciled, I Tell him that cockroaches are actually equivalent to fresh shrimps in the ocean, with the same high protein and nutrition. If you have brothers and sisters, you will definitely understand why Neptune wants to play a trick on Orm. I don't regret this idea at all, Patrick (who plays Orm) also agreed with this approach."

    "Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom" stills

    Compared with the action scenes in the first film, "Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom" has been completely upgraded this time. Jason admitted that he had done a lot of physical training in advance to maintain a strong figure. "But my shirt is still too heavy. I hope its weight can be reduced in the third part." In this regard, Wen Zi Jen disagrees, "Richard Sale (movie costume designer) definitely doesn't want to hear such complaints, because his team has adopted thinner materials." It is understood that the golden green costume of Aquaman this time A large number of scales were also used in the design - it took 3 craftsmen 3 months to hand-make each piece and embed it into the costume piece by piece.

    For the first part of "Aquaman", Jason Momoa gave an "Amazing" evaluation. For the upcoming "Aquaman 2", he gave a "Great" comment, "In the theater , you will cry, you will laugh, you will feel so thrilling and thrilling that you will sit on the edge of the seat and can't help but hold on to the back of the front row tightly." "The story between the first and second parts Seamless connection, the whole story is great! Please be sure to watch the ending subtitles, because there are even bigger surprises in the 'Easter Eggs'." James Wan finally recommended.


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