The Spring Festival Gala mascot was questioned by netizens about its AI synthesis. Official: It was really made with one stroke.

    In the early morning of December 6, @春夜pan responded via Weibo that the mascot of the Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Gala "Long Chenchen" was questioned by netizens as an "AI synthesis":

    The editor has seen everyone’s comments. I "rummaged through the design teacher's computer" late at night and didn't have time to sort it out, so I recorded the screen immediately and shared it with everyone.

    There are definitely imperfections in "Long Chenchen", but they are really made by the design teacher one stroke at a time. From the early days of creativity to the present, every "transformation" of "Long Chenchen" is still vivid in my mind. The editor still remembers that in the first draft, the design teacher drew several different forms. It was also late at night that everyone voted collectively in the conference room to select the current version from various forms. The design plan for every detail, such as patterns, colors, dragon faces, etc., was changed one version after another. The design teacher's head became bald one after another, and finally he had the "Long Chenchen" that everyone sees today.

    Chenchen is not perfect, but it really didn’t fool everyone. There is nothing that did not satisfy everyone this time. We will work harder in the future.


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