New Film|Conan Theatrical Version "Kurotsu no Fish Shadow" is scheduled to be released in Mainland China on December 16

    It’s finally here! "Detective Conan: Black Iron's Shadow of the Fish" has been officially announced to be released in mainland China on December 16.

    "Detective Conan: Kurogane's Shadow" poster

    The film is the 26th work in the "Detective Conan" movie version series. It is directed by Joe Tachikawa, screenwriter Takeharu Sakurai, Yugo Suganno is responsible for music, and TMS Entertainment is responsible for animation production. It will be released in Japan on April 14, 2023. It was released and became the box-office champion in the history of the Conan series theatrical version.

    After many years, the theatrical version returns to the main storyline, with the exciting red-black battle about to begin, and Haiyuan Ai's long-dusted childhood secrets "surfaced" for the first time.


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