New dramas|"Return to the Ruins of the South China Sea" and "Yi Nian Guan Shan" are launched

    On the evening of November 27th, "Return to the Ruins of the South China Sea" airborne and aired. Hu Bayi (played by Pan Yueming), Shirley Yang (played by Zhang Yuqi), and Fatty Wang (played by Jiang Chao) merged into a hot pot game and unexpectedly received the main task. Where is the mysterious Bone Mirror of King Qin? The sailing adventure is about to begin.

    The play is directed by Cai Yuexun and is adapted from "Ghost Blowing the Lantern: Return to the Ruins of the South China Sea" from the "Ghost Blowing the Lantern" series of novels by Tian Xia Ba Sing.

    Preview of "Return to the Ruins of the South China Sea". (01:44)
    The costume drama "One Thought Guanshan" starring Liu Shishi and Liu Yuning will be officially launched on iQiyi on November 28.

    The play tells the story of a passionate team headed by Ren Ruyi (played by Liu Shishi) and Ning Yuanzhou (played by Liu Yuning), who went from Wudu to Andu, overcoming obstacles and fighting side by side, and finally achieved peace in the world and evergreen vegetation on the legendary adventure road. story.

    A song of the same name sung by Ren Xianqi is given to everyone. The sun sets and the thin horse travels with you happily. When the song sounds, the chivalry appears!

    "One Thought Guanshan" MV. (04:26)
    The costume drama "Dafeng Watchman" directed by Deng Ke and starring Wang Hedi, Tian Xiwei, Liu Yijun, and Yan Zidong released a new set of stills on November 28. The play is adapted from an online novel of the same name written by a newspaper seller. The chivalrous young man made friends with five heroes; his sword roared in the west wind, and his promise was worth a thousand pieces of gold.

    Wang Hedi as Xu Qian

    Tian Xiwei as Lin'an

    Directed by Shen Yan and Cao Kai, written by Zhang Ting, starring Bai Yu, Wang Zhifei, Dong Yong, Li Naiwen, Wang Youjun, and starring Chen Baoguo, the workplace inspirational drama "Boundless Future" officially announced the starring lineup on November 28 and released A poster.

    The play is adapted from the novel "The Road to Money" by the author Tian Mushroom La. It tells the story of a young bank talent who was unwilling to collude with others due to a questionable loan. He offended his superiors and was demoted to the lower level together with his best friend who joined the industry at the same time. The story of a desperate counterattack behind the business hall on the ground floor and the original intention and struggle to maintain the rules of the industry.

    "A Promising Future" poster


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