Exploring the historical city, the documentary "Chunqiu Chunqiu" will be broadcast on CCTV tonight

    On November 23, the signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and China Central Radio and Television and the launching ceremony of the large-scale documentary series "Chunqiu Chunqiu" were held.

    For the first time, the large-scale documentary series "Chunqiu Chunqiu" uses China's five thousand years of historical and geographical changes as the background, and uses "famous historical and cultural cities" as units to depict the contextual imprint of urban development through the combination of virtual digital technology and real-world vision. , showing the various aspects of the new era. Use the new perspective of "observing the cultural context of a city to know the past and present" to provide continuous answers to "why China", "why the Chinese nation is great" and "why Chinese civilization is immortal".

    Poster of "Chunqiu"

    Each issue of "Wenmai Chunqiu" "Historical Cities" is 30 minutes long, with one issue per city. Starting from November 23, it will be broadcast on the CCTV Comprehensive Channel (CCTV-1) every Monday to Friday at 18:30. The video and CCTV network were launched simultaneously.

    Representatives from nine famous historical and cultural cities including Chaozhou in Guangdong, Shaoxing in Zhejiang, Langzhong in Sichuan, Jingdezhen in Jiangxi, Putian in Fujian, Zhengding in Hebei, Jiujiang in Jiangxi, Jianchuan in Yunnan, and Suzhou in Jiangsu will invite audiences and tourists to follow the large-scale documentary series " "Chinese Spring and Autumn" explores the unique charm of historical and cultural cities.

    At the event, Academician Wang Ruizhu promoted "Chunqiu Chunqiu" and shared his thoughts and insights on the study of historical and cultural heritage. He said that urban construction in ancient my country adhered to the concepts of reverence for nature and harmonious coexistence, which contained extremely rich ideological connotations and reflected the unique cultural concepts and value pursuits of Chinese civilization. It has great enlightenment significance for today's urban construction. The launch of the large-scale documentary series "Wenmai Chunqiu" is a good exploration. Through the evaluation of cases of protection and utilization of ancient city blocks and old buildings, we will deeply explore their historical roots, cultural values and spiritual connotations, demonstrate the unique charm of Chinese architectural culture to the whole society and even the world at multiple levels and in an all-round way, and tell our story well. A common Chinese story.


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