CCTV Movie Channel responds to the controversy of "I Am a Mountain": There is no such thing as consuming women or objectifying women

    The response of the screenwriter of the movie "I Am a Mountain" was rude, which undoubtedly added fuel to the already complicated and treacherous public opinion atmosphere of the movie and made it worse. However, when we put aside our impulsive emotions and re-examine the war of words itself, it is not difficult to see some heart-wrenching facts:

    As early as September before the premiere of "I Am a Mountain", some people were already paving the way for "verbal and written criticism" of this film. These people rely on "male directors and male actors" to first stir up debates about gender opposition and express the bizarre logic that "male directors cannot film female stories"; in fact, viewers who have watched the film should clearly know that this film There is very little emphasis on male characters. Each of the female teachers and female students has their own three-dimensional, rich, and vivid character, and they all shine with real brilliance. There is no phenomenon of consuming women, objectifying women, or belittling women. By taking the words out of context, these people only saw the "alcoholic mother" and did not see the follow-up of this character: Principal Zhang not only saved the girl, but also saved the mother, allowing her to start her own career at Huaping Girls' High School. New life - this small passage in the film reflects Principal Zhang's selfless love and firm belief. She not only changed the fate of each mountain girl, but also changed a secular and outdated concept. Change is driving the progress of national civilization.

    When we calm down, it is not difficult to find that there are many malicious comments on the Internet, and most of their contents are inconsistent with the film itself. These voices can be exposed with just a little thought. These reviewers have either never seen the movie, or they watched it with ulterior motives. Many of these accounts either come from far away overseas, or are marketing accounts that chase traffic and promote the topic of women. They use "scamming" methods to write movie reviews and provoke the "melon-eating masses" who have never seen the movie.

    "I am a Mountain" is a touching film, which itself is an excellent work that vividly tells the story of Principal Zhang Guimei in the language of film art. It is a window for our dialogue with Huaping Girls' High School, allowing more people to understand the story of Principal Zhang and feel her spirit. However, malicious out-of-context and generalizations have poured dirty water on this film, causing this film and the story that shines with the brilliance of humanity to be submerged, deconstructed and even tarnished. On the surface, the "rhythm masters" are peeling off their "sheep skins" for the good of Principal Zhang and women, and their sinister "wolf heart" is clearly exposed.

    Movies are an art of regret. We welcome everyone to post real comments about "I Am a Mountain" after watching the movie, and we also accept fair criticism. Sincere communication is beneficial to every Chinese movie and every Chinese filmmaker. But the hard-working Chinese filmmakers cannot bear the noise of losing their conscience, the recovering Chinese film industry cannot bear it, and the righteous "Six Princesses" will never accept it!


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