"The Sloppy King" is about to be made into a live-action movie, and the "Summer of the Monsters" movie is coming soon

    Shanghai Film Group owns many classic IPs that have captured the childhood memories of generations of people (01:17)
    On November 3, Shanghai Film Group held a press conference in Xiamen titled "Moving the Future·New Power of IP" and announced the launch of three major IP plans - "Rebirth of Masterpieces·IP Deep Cultivation Plan", "Reconstruction of Vision·IP Co-Creation Plan" and " Walking with America·IP Charity Plan”. Chen Liaoyu, chief director of "Chinese Tales", Yu Shui, director of the "Summer of Little Monsters" short film and major movie, science fiction writer He Xi, and director Xin Yukun became the first batch of creators of the IP intensive development plan. China World Trade Holdings announced that it will join hands with Shanghai Film Group Corporation to deepen the cooperation layout of IP and urban construction and operation and cultural tourism development, and comprehensively launch the "China World Trade Holdings Group-Global Cinema Empowerment Plan".

    Shanghai Film Group, which has a long history, owns many classic IPs that have captured the childhood memories of generations of people. It is understood that Shanghai Film has increased its efforts in IP development in recent years and accelerated the layout of the entire IP industry chain. The three major IP plans will greatly enrich the establishment of IP talent system.

    At the press conference, the "Rebirth of Masterpieces IP Deep Cultivation Plan" features the long-term and in-depth development of a series of IPs. It will continue to polish the classic IPs under development with well-known directors and writers, unite and help the new forces of Chinese films integrate with the spirit of the times and recreate Classic IP story.

    The first batch of IP deep cultivation plan creators

    Animation directors Chen Liaoyu and Yu Shui will continue the popularity of "Chinese Strange Tales" and continue to create the "Strange Tales Universe". As one of the "Four Kings" recognized in the field of Chinese science fiction, He Xi (representative works such as "Heartbreaker" and "Exotic Land") signed a strategic cooperation with Shanghai Film Studio to jointly develop a science fiction IP universe. Xin Yukun, who has directed excellent reality-themed films such as "Maze of the Heart" and "Silence", will develop the first live-action film "The Sloppy King" with Shanghai Film.

    "A high-end American factory is half the history of Chinese comics." Chairman Wang Jianer said that Shanghai Film and Television is a treasure house of Chinese film and television IP. Since 2021, Shanghai Film Group has put forward the "big IP development" strategy and tried to use a younger, market-oriented creative mechanism to promote the development of big IP. In the past two years, Shanghai Film has launched new works represented by "Chinese Tales" and launched new plans represented by the creation of "The New Sloppy King" to promote the "big IP development" strategy in a down-to-earth manner.

    "If these classic IPs of Shanghai Film Group need to be reborn and have new works that are handed down from generation to generation, the most important thing is to select a director." Wang Jian'er, chairman of Shanghai Film Group, said that in the process of selecting a good director, "a very deep feeling The reason is that these directors were accompanied by works such as Shanghai Film and Television in their boyhood." I hope that such directors can develop these classic IPs of Shanghai Film and Shanghai Film and Television. I think Shanghai Film Studio is open to these directors in this respect. "

    Screenshot of "The Adventures of the Sloppy King"

    Directors Chen Liaoyu, Yu Shui, and Xin Yukun will also serve as the first batch of IP exploration officers for the project. Han Yan, the director of the film "I Love You" and the producer of "Life Events" will also serve as exploration officers to carry out "non-stop" IP exploration with Shanghai Film. "Exploration with limitations" and join in the IP development and creation of Shanghai Film Studio.

    Chen Liaoyu, the chief director of "Chinese Tales", revealed that all preparatory work for "Chinese Tales 2" has been completed, and the "Summer of Little Monsters" movie has also completed the early development.

    In addition, the famous performing artist and Shanghai Film Actor Troupe actor Da Shichang, the 35th Golden Rooster Award Best Supporting Actress, and the well-known actor Qi Xi are among the first batch of IP charity program ambassadors and will join hands with Shanghai Film to promote "National Comic Heroes" and other public welfare forces to go global. .

    At the press conference, Shanghai Film also announced that it would jointly launch a 1 billion yuan "Shanghai Film New Vision Fund" with partners such as Guomao Holdings Group to assist the development of large IPs.


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