What to watch this week|"Jade Gate" starts airing, "Time Concert" returns

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    According to the Beacon Professional Edition, as of 16:00 on September 8, the top three box office lists on Friday were "Oppenheimer", "All or Nothing" and "Fengshen Part 1". The new film "The Story of Yong'an Town" ranked only at eighth.

    "Oppenheimer": Nolan's failure and greatness

    "Collection of Stories from Yong'an Town": capture all aspects of life into a "movie-making" story

    It is worth noting that the real battlefield at the box office this week is Saturday, when new films are frequently released. As of press time, on the pre-sale box office list on September 9, "The Eighth Suspect", "Oppenheimer", "It's Worth It" and "Three Noble Lovers" ranked in the top four. This year's Golden Goblet Award for Best Actor, the two films with "double yolk eggs", will officially start on the weekend.

    "It's Worth It" Beijing Premiere, Hu Ge: Wen Shan will let me continue on

    "The Love Story of Three Nobles" premiered in Beijing, but I didn't expect that "it's really a fairy tale"

    Other recommendations:

    "Past Life": Because it is ordinary, it is touching without being profound.

    Nearly two months after its release, Miyazaki Hayao's new film "How Do You Want to Live" released its first trailer

    【TV drama】

    New drama news

    On September 5, the urban drama "Rose Story" produced by Xinli Media, directed by Wang Jun, written by Li Xiao, and adapted from Yi Shu's novel "Rose Story" officially announced the full lineup: Liu Yifei, Tong Dawei, Lin Gengxin, Wan Qian , Lin Yi, Peng Guanying, Huo Jianhua... This cast is full of expectations.

    Eating anything will only make me nutritionally balanced.

    On September 8, the online drama "Those Young Times I Can't Go Back" produced by Mango TV and adapted from Tong Hua's novel of the same name officially announced the starring cast: Zhao Jinmai, Bai Yufan, Wu Jiakai, Zhao Zhaoyi, Zhang Xinyi, etc.

    Zhao Jinmai as Luo Qiqi

    By the way, although the series has not been officially scheduled yet, this Saturday, Zhao Jinmai and Bai Yufan will jointly promote in "Hello Saturday".

    "Out of the Jade Gate in the West"

    "Westward from the Jade Gate" is adapted from Weiyu's novel of the same name, and is also a drama that has attracted much attention before. After reading the feedback, most fans of the original novel are quite satisfied.

    This is a rather special story. The background is set in the desert. This is both a test and an advantage for film and television. Once filmed, the desert scenery will be attractive.

    As of press time, the popularity of "Westward from Jade Gate" on Tencent Video has exceeded 24,000.

    The pace of the first few episodes was slow, and the characters of the two people were laid out in details. After entering the desert, it became more and more attractive. Except for the "Ghost Blowing Lamp" series, it is rare to see adventure-style dramas in recent years. The interaction between the male and female protagonists is also very subtle. What is surprising is the character Ye Liuxi (played by Ni Ni), who is sassy and neat. One such persona is Shirly Yang, which can be said to be a bit of a female A male O character.

    Ni Ni played this role with ease, and her sense of sassiness radiated from every cell of her body. Of course, if the audience doesn't like this kind of character, they may think that she has heavy acting marks and seems deliberate. This is also the problem with the current drama series. The service is not practical enough, and many lines are copied from the novel. It is more like moving the book directly into the film and television studio to satisfy the fantasies of book fans. The beauty of everyone is beautiful, but it lacks texture. You can take a look at the double speed and feel the desert scenery.

    "Cloud Feather"

    Without warning, Guo Jingming's new drama "Yun Zhi Yu" airborne. Let’s not talk about the plot first. The camera and costumes continue the style of "Qing Ya Ji". It is indeed very careful and has a unique aesthetic. This is his advantage.

    However, Guo Jingming's disadvantage is also obvious: the story is poorly told. The story itself is similar to who is an undercover + a werewolf. The assassin Yun Weishan (played by Yu Shuxin) wants to sneak into the many brides-to-be who are drafted by the Gong family to marry the young master, and promises that he will be selected to sneak into the Gong family smoothly, otherwise he will be a die. Before the results were chosen, the original heir of the Gong family was killed. Yun Weishan had already developed a love for Gong Ziyu (played by Zhang Linghe), the fourth son of the Gong family, and the two got married naturally.

    Looking at the outline of this story, it is a very exciting story, but when it is implemented in the play, the atmosphere and content do not match. The dignified and mysterious atmosphere is matched with Yu Shuxin's sweet but deep face and voice. There is no deep and nutritious dialogue, which makes it stand out compared to the previous costume spy game "The Wind Rises in Longxi". It can only be said that this is very difficult to comment, and the lines are like a mountain. I hope that Director Guo will try it in the future, so he can find a reliable screenwriter. The talents of youth are not gone, but they are thin, and the years will make them more vulnerable. .

    On September 4, the popularity of "Cloud Feather" on iQiyi Station exceeded 9,000.

    "Under the Stranger"

    After a one-month hiatus, "Under the Stranger" finally resumed broadcasting. Although it did not catch the last train of the summer season, as long as it can be broadcast, it is a victory.

    Although there were obvious casting problems and pacing problems in the first few episodes, after the audience was hit hard by the summer season, it all looked "smart". Watch a few more episodes for more updates, the plot is constantly enriched, and the characters are constantly increasing. You don’t need to look at it from the perspective of the original party. I also gradually developed a sense of intimacy with the character. Director Xu Hongyu has his own logic when making special effects dramas, different worlds, and comic book adaptations. At least as someone who has never read the manga, I would choose this show to relax and experience a different world.

    Stills from "Under the Stranger"

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    【Variety Show】

    "Summer of the Band 3"

    This week, the "Le Xia 3" adaptation competition continues to be high-energy. Which eight classic songs will be put on "new clothes" to meet you tonight? The author is really looking forward to Faye Wong’s two songs...

    Without further ado, here’s the playlist↓↓

    This week's playlist

    "Breaking through the Troubles"

    The brothers ushered in the two centimeters group and the red card quiz. As soon as the "cannon fire" sounds, there is competition for positions, and people are divided into groups to compete for people to show their friendship. Everyone is having fun overcoming obstacles, and every frame of the hot dormitory-themed event "Better Than Dance" is hilarious.

    In the exciting red card assessment, which tribe can stand out?

    Strict teacher Kenn is here

    "Time Concert·Friends"

    "Time Concert·Friends" will be broadcast simultaneously on the dual platforms of Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV at 22:00 every Saturday starting from September 9. This season brings together powerful singers such as Penny Tai, Ella Chen Jiahua, Zhang Jie, Deng Ziqi, Wang Yuan, Yu Wenwen, etc., to continue the warm and healing background, with the theme of "Friends", invite a group of time family members to settle in "Time House" . In the experience of releasing their true selves, the singers use music to connect emotional stories and awaken the common memories of the times.

    This season’s singer lineup

    This season will adopt a younger expression method, inviting singers of the new era to convey their vitality, so as to rejuvenate their appearance. At the same time, they choose to take the reunion of friends as the core of the "story sense" and innovate in the theme conception. Time musicians will invite real time friends to stay in the "Home of Time", sing time golden songs, and share music stories. In the reunion of old friends, they make new friends, release their true selves, and discuss topics such as music and life. Reflecting the current gathering habits of young people.

    In addition, the program also breaks away from the limitations of the stage, creating the concept of "Time House", allowing music to return to the music itself, and will also focus on the real life behind the singer's stage, bringing a purely immersive emotional experience to the audience. In the slowly flowing music melody, the "fireworks" are filled with time.

    "Goodbye Lover" Season 3

    On September 5, the third season of "Goodbye Lover" was officially launched. The guests of this season start their journey with their own confusion. Some people are afraid to continue, some don’t want to continue, and some don’t know how to continue. Through the relationship mode of three pairs of guests, the program explores new era issues such as "women are strong and men are weak" and "marriage division of labor". Focusing on the "intimacy relationship of the post-90s generation", it combines a reality show with an observation room, with the theme of "love" to provide a healing interpretation of the emotional relationship between the sexes.

    Melody spoke

    The third season of "Goodbye Lover" focuses on "Love Under the Glacier". The topic of the program is "divorce", but it discusses "harmony", how to better "fit" with the soul mate and "reconcile" with oneself.

    "Goodbye Lover 3": The key word of the third season is laughter

    "Gathering of Lychees·Warm Inn"

    In this episode, Liu Genghong and Wang Wanfei are guests at the inn. Even though they have become "national fitness coaches" in the eyes of netizens, Liu Genghong and Wang Wanfei are still active in the live broadcast room, insisting on practicing the concept of national fitness with actions. Therefore, this trip to Jiangnan is a rare "rest day" for the two of them, and it is also a "world for two" to take a break from their busy schedule.

    Wang Wanfei, Liu Genghong

    The recording day coincided with Chinese Valentine's Day, and Liu Genghong also specially prepared a romantic surprise for his wife Wang Wanfei. In addition, Jiang Mengjie, the manager of the inn, together with her little assistant Li Luer and Lin Xiao, the host of Jiangsu Radio and Television, jointly customized a "Summer Summer Tour" strategy for them, focusing on a healthy and refreshing one! In the "Summer Camping along the River" carefully prepared by Jiang Mengjie, everyone challenged the Yixing Bamboo Sea Limited Edition "I Want Summer" aerobics.

    "Specialized, Specialized and New Research Institute"

    This week's program will enter Shanghai, inviting Wei Yu, President of Bank of Beijing Shanghai Branch, Cao Qingqing, Deputy Director of the Small and Medium Enterprises Office of Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, Yang Shoubin, founder of Chunguangli Industrial Capital Group, Chairman and CEO of Bojiang Capital Luo Tian, ​​Liu Guangjun, deputy dean of the School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering of Tongji University, and Cai Dunbo, head of artificial intelligence at China Mobile Cloud Competence Center, are researchers. They will unlock the field of artificial intelligence technology together with the host Li Jie, and jointly interpret the founder Huang Xiaoqing’s entrepreneurial story.

    In order to create an intelligent robot that meets his own expectations and can serve a variety of scenarios, the founder Huang Xiaoqing led the team to develop the robot's "flexible joints". There are more than 30 models of robots, delivery robots and dual-arm robots, and the range of functions and services they can provide are becoming increasingly powerful.

    However, after the researchers personally experienced robot interaction and services at the show, they all bluntly said that it "did not meet expectations" and even "somewhat disappointed." Liu Guangjun, deputy dean of the School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering of Tongji University, said frankly, "Current robot products respond slowly, have uncoordinated movements, and are not intelligent enough for interaction." The founder and his team still have a long way to go in the field of artificial intelligence. Faced with the questions raised by researchers, what answers and responses will the founders give? What content did he demonstrate at the scene that made the researchers "look at their product with admiration" again?

    "Village on the Bite of the Tongue"

    Alpine fine wool sheep, desert black tomato, Anji bow fish, whip bamboo shoots and pickled vegetables... From "mountains, rivers, lakes and seas" to "thousands of lights", visit six villages in China, trace the source of local special ingredients, and reproduce authentic rural feasts . On September 7, "A Bite of the Country" officially announced that the program is jointly produced by Jiangsu Satellite TV and Magic Craftsman Pictures, and will be broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV at 21:20 every Sunday starting from September 17.

    "Village on the Bite of the Tongue" poster

    "Country on the Bite of the Tongue" invited Wu Qilong, Wang Yuheng, Li Xiang, and Jiang Yan to form the "Tiangue Bite Group" to visit the countryside, dig out ingredients, and find innovative methods. From the perspective of "visiting", we can witness the new look of the beautiful countryside and experience the whole process of hometown food production with our own hands, allowing the audience to taste hometown food, explore the stories of ingredients, and feel the customs and people together with the program guests, using "food" as a medium to convey the taste of the countryside. , show the fireworks in the world.

    "I am a great doctor"

    Is your brain old? Although most people do not develop cognitive impairment or dementia at a young age, the decline in brain function does occur at younger and younger ages, and such people are often at risk of developing cognitive dysfunction and other diseases as they age. Also higher.

    This week, the "I Am a Doctor" program prepared a professional instrument - event-related potential. Event-related potentials are known as "a window to observe the advanced functions of the brain." Simply put, they are to see how well the brain operates when we perform a certain task. The higher the level, the better the brain function. As a result, the results of the on-site test by the guests were actually lower than the normal level.

    For example, test "I don't watch":

    Two people sit across from each other. One person points his fingers up, down, left, and right in four directions, and the other person must look in the opposite direction. Do it 10 times in a row. If you make more than 3 mistakes, it may indicate that your brain is at risk of premature aging.

    Another example is testing "Shuo Guankou":

    Please name as many names as possible within 30 seconds (random classification: fruits, animals, vegetables, cities, organs). If there are less than 20, it may indicate that the brain is in danger of premature aging.

    Try it yourself at home!


    Open this food calendar in the mountains and fields, the "splendid season" is so beautiful​


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