Cannes Global Promotion Program for Chinese Youth Films: Introducing the New Forces of Chinese Films to the World

    With the Palme d'Or awarded to various families, this year's Cannes Film Festival has successfully concluded. The 2023 Cannes International Film Festival·China Youth Film Global Promotion Program hosted by the Wu Tianming Youth Film Special Fund of the China Film Foundation closed at the film festival market at the same time.

    As the world's largest film trading market, it brings together global film distributors, agencies, and film production companies every year. As an important window for Chinese films to communicate with the outside world, the China Pavilion also held theme forums here this year, including director Ning Hao's master class, new trends in international cooperation, the impact of technology on film art, focusing on the status quo of female filmmakers, global young film talents, etc. Exchanges and dialogues The round table meeting of the famous Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda who was shortlisted for the main competition "Monster" in this year's Cannes, and the Chengdu Golden Panda International Communication Awards Film Section Promotion Conference and many other colorful activities were full of seats.

    Chinese director Ning Hao serves as the promotion ambassador and actor Yao Chen serves as the promoter of the Chinese youth film global promotion plan. It also took the opportunity of the film festival to introduce to the world the new forces of Chinese films in recent years.

    Hirokazu Kore-eda participated in activities related to the Global Promotion Program of Chinese Youth Films

    The new works of young directors reflect the times and human nature

    The four shortlisted films "Umbilical Cord", "Where to Grow", "Lonely on the Moon" and "Roof Football" shortlisted for the China Youth Film Global Promotion Program have successively appeared in the Cannes Film Festival film market. . At the China Youth Film Night, where the main creators were awarded the shortlisted certificates, Yao Chen said: "Movies are a mirror that can reflect the times and human nature. The four outstanding young directors' films are from China, but the characters they tell about The emotions expressed can find resonance in different countries and cultural backgrounds."

    "Umbilical Cord" Cannes Screening

    Through the screening in Cannes, several youth creations that have been released in China in recent years have gained new attention. "Hollywood Reporter" commented on the film "Umbilical Cord": "Director Qiao Sixue told a touching story in a delicate way, and Cao Yu's superb photography level made the film in two atmospheres of delicate family emotions and the beauty of the vast grassland. Switching is easy."

    The film selector from the Buff Film Festival in Switzerland expressed her love for the movie "Rooftop Football". She thinks it is a very good debut film by a young director with very good ideas and perspectives. The encounter in Cannes also allowed this film, which uses football to tell about the growth and strength of girls from the mountains of Yunnan, China, to be invited to participate in the Buff Film Festival.

    "Lonely on the Moon" Cannes Screening

    In addition to the literary films exclusive to the film festival, last summer's box office hit "Lonely Walking on the Moon" also gained new audiences at the Cannes Film Festival. The comic-like acting style and mature sci-fi comedy image style in the film have won the love of foreign audiences. After the screening, a Hungarian viewer said that he enjoyed the film very much. He liked the soundtrack of the film and the idea of a person going to a place without people in the story. He felt that it could reflect the life of modern people from the side. The idea of somewhere to be alone for a while.

    Communication is the essence of the film festival

    After three years, Chinese filmmakers are on the stage of the Cannes International Film Festival again. Many films have been shortlisted, and the filmmakers participated in the grand event. International cooperation is still a topic worth discussing and urgently needed to be promoted. In addition to the promotion of films, the China Pavilion organizes various themed activities every day to help the growth of young Chinese filmmakers.

    "Facing the World: The Road to Support and Cultivation of Young Film Talents" was launched by Director Ning Hao and Director of Film Selection at the Tokyo International Film Festival Naozo Ichiyama. Dialogue on topics such as difficulties encountered. Director Ning Hao encourages young creators to be more pragmatic and make full use of existing resources to try more.

    Director Ning Hao Master Class

    The theme forum "New Trends in International Cooperation" invited Cedric Behrel, co-founder and executive director of Trinity Filmed Entertainment, Ning Hao, a Chinese director and screenwriter, and Ren Ning, producer of the movie "1921", Aton Sounmache, the French producer and father of "The Little Prince", and Zheng Jing, the producer of the movie "Little White Boat", visited the China Pavilion to discuss the international cooperation experience of different types of projects and the benefits of international cooperation Discuss the challenges and how to realize the localization of international IP.

    "Art and Technology: The Future of Cinema" theme forum invited Frédéric Auburtin, director of "Paris, I Love You", French colorist Christophe Bousquet ) and other six industry guests at home and abroad, they respectively observed and interpreted the relationship between art and technology from the perspective of their careers, and proposed to young filmmakers how to better use technology for artistic creation.

    The Female Filmmakers Forum was initiated by Chinese actor Hai Qing, and shared with many well-known female film practitioners at home and abroad from their personal career and life experiences, discussing how to build an equal, inclusive, and mutual-help female filmmaker in the market Vision for development.

    "New Era, New Media, New Challenges: Global Youth Film Talent Exchange Conference" round table invited young directors, actors, and producers from China, Malaysia, the United States, Nigeria, and Iran to exchange views on the film and television creation environment and countries in many different countries. related support policies.

    Director Hirokazu Kore-eda was invited to participate in the "Meeting the Future of Asian Films: Dialogue with Hirokazu Kore-eda" roundtable meeting, which was even more eye-catching. He had a conversation with Chinese director Lu Chuan, Chinese actor Hai Qing, young director Chen Bige, and several film creators on the recommended film list on the experience and perception of the film production process, and talked about many of the films "Monster" that were shortlisted for the main competition in Cannes. behind the scenes.

    It was Hirokazu Kore-eda who recalled being invited by director Jia Zhangke to participate in an event at the China Pavilion in Cannes five years ago, "It was a very good memory for me to have the opportunity to communicate with young Chinese creators. Coming to the film festival , we will show our works, compete for awards, and see how well our works sell. People may pay more attention to these things. But in fact, communicating with creators from different countries and cultures is the essence of the film festival. Nature."


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