Shanghai Studios is back! Shanghai International Film Festival releases theater list

    At the mobilization meeting of the 25th Shanghai International Film and Television Festival held on May 26, 2023, the designated cinema of this year's film festival was awarded a license. The city's 41 theaters (see the list at the end of the article) will jointly present more than 400 films and more than 1,200 light and shadow feasts to Shanghai citizens.

    In the list, Shanghai Film City, which has been absent for more than a year, is impressively listed. This also means that Shanghai Film City has fulfilled its promise before closing down for renovation, and will soon return as promised in the film festival, a festival that is shared with movie fans.

    Tickets for this year's film festival will be issued on the designated ticketing platform Tao Piao Piao at 12:00 noon on June 2. Two hours after the opening of online ticket sales, all screening theaters will open offline ticket purchases.

    The Shanghai Film City returns as promised and the film festival is complete

    On the day when the list of theaters was released, The Paper reporters saw in Shanghai Film City that although the entire building was still surrounded by yellow fences, the simple color of the whole body with pure white and transparent glass, and the modern design of smooth lines connecting the internal and external spaces have made this building a reality. A brand-new benchmark cinema is about to emerge.

    The rejuvenated Shanghai Film City has shown its true face

    On February 20, 2022, the Shanghai Film City, a landmark of Shanghai movies, will bid farewell to the fans for a while, and will undergo a new upgrade. To Shanghai and even the whole country, this theater is the embodiment of film culture and fan spirit. Thirty years before the birth of the Shanghai International Film Festival, Shanghai Film City, as its supporting facilities, created the first multiplex theater in China and became the main venue of the previous Shanghai International Film Festival. It has received nearly one million Chinese and foreign guests and held the Golden Goblet Award. , Asia New Awards, Documentary Awards, Animation Awards, Media Awards and other various face-to-face meetings and press conferences. Over the past 30 years, Shanghai Film City has witnessed the development of an era of Shanghai film and even Chinese film, and it is the affection of countless people. Movie fans have spent eight or nine hours of super-long movie marathons here, experienced cutting-edge cutting-edge projection technology in different eras, screamed for their favorite domestic and foreign stars, and lined up with like-minded people all night... Many Shanghainese talk about " Love movies" is inseparable from this place.

    And in the days when Shanghai Film City is farewell, with every new news released at the Shanghai Film Festival, there are always movie fans who are concerned about the renovation progress of Shanghai Film City. Right now, movie fans can finally rest assured that they will reunite with the Shanghai Film Festival in a familiar old place as promised. The 30th year of the Shanghai Film Festival is also very complete.

    Right now, Hall 1, where movie fans are full of memories, has been transformed into a Dolby Cinema with more advanced and complete facilities. It is reported that the premiere of "Spider-Man: Across the Universe" at the end of this month may be the opening performance here, and on the evening of June 2, a movie theater group has already arranged a gathering of movie fans here.

    "Spider-Man: Across the Universe" Movie Tour

    June's 'Movie City' culturally diverse

    Every June, Shanghai becomes a veritable "Movie City" because of the arrival of movies. The strong cultural atmosphere is also a feature of this screening theater. In addition to the newly renovated main venue Shanghai Film City, the former "No. 1 Cinema in the Far East" Da Guangming Cinema, as well as screenings in many theater-type theaters including Wanping Theater, Majestic Theater, Yihai Theater, Hongqiao Art Center, etc. , will jointly present the atmosphere of Shanghai's cultural metropolis, so that movie fans who come to Shanghai can feel the charm of Asia's performing arts capital while watching movies.

    Wang Jue, head of operation of Yihai Theater, shared his experience of working in the theater during the film festival. "Participating in the Shanghai International Film Festival in the past was like a dream. In this dream, there was a hall full of movie posters, there were fans who sympathized with each other, and the peripherals of the movie were also indispensable." As a unique feature of the theater, Yihai and Maggie Every year, the big theater will customize exclusive ticket stubs and peripherals for movie fans according to the film screenings, "making different ticket stubs, hoping to leave a trace of different memories for movie fans."

    It has been less than a month since the opening of the Shanghai Film Festival. Wang Jue said that the theater has already made preparations for the opening. "A comprehensive inspection was carried out on the equipment lines, especially the network cables. For places with slow network speeds and poor signals, we contacted the operator in time to upgrade the network to ensure smooth ticket collection for the audience. Special targeted inspections were carried out for the service personnel. According to the performance of this year's film festival, a group of experienced volunteers were recruited to ensure the service quality and service quality. The stage technical department is also ready to work overtime, just waiting for the film copy to be in place. "

    In late March this year, the Shanghai International Film Festival and the Shanghai Film Distribution and Projection Industry Association launched the recruitment of screening theaters. The city's theaters actively registered, and the number of registrations was nearly 20 more than that of the previous session. After multi-dimensional selection of equipment stability, projection quality, service quality, and traffic environment, a total of 41 theaters became the designated screening theaters for this year's Shanghai International Film Festival, covering 16 districts in Shanghai.

    As the center of science and technology innovation, Shanghai has also prepared the best audio-visual experience for movie fans. In terms of technology this time, all the shortlisted screening theaters have come up with high-tech theaters to participate in the screening. Among the 50 movie halls in 41 theaters, there are many high-tech movie halls such as Dolby, LUXE, IMAX, Onyx, RealD, and CINITY.

    After two years of accumulation of works, this year both films and film festivals have accumulated a large number of excellent film and television works, waiting to reunite with the audience. This year's International Film Festival will also resume inviting international guests, recreating the gathering of guests and star-studded grand occasion.

    The 25th Shanghai International Film Festival will be held from June 9th to 18th for 10 days; from June 19th to 23rd, the Shanghai TV Festival will be held for 5 days.

    The list of theaters showing this year's Shanghai International Film Festival ↓↓


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