Shanghai International Film and Television Festival held a press conference in Beijing: All rivers are inclusive, and the heart is new

    The 2023 Shanghai International Film and Television Festival held a press conference in Beijing on May 16 to announce that the twenty-fifth Shanghai International Film Festival, directed by the National Film Bureau and sponsored by China Central Radio and Television and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, will be held on June 6. It will be held from June 9th to 18th; the 28th Shanghai TV Festival, sponsored by the State Administration of Radio and Television, China Central Radio and Television Station, and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, will be held from June 19th to 23rd. At the press conference, the full list of jury members for the Golden Goblet Award and the Magnolia Award for the TV Festival were announced, posters for the film and TV festivals were released, and the overall situation of the 2023 Shanghai International Film and TV Festival was introduced.

    2023 Shanghai International Film and Television Festival Beijing Press Conference

    The film festival ushers in the return of all sections offline

    The 25th Shanghai International Film Festival will usher in the offline return of all sections. Chinese and foreign judges will conduct the final evaluation of the Golden Goblet Awards face-to-face. The chairman of the jury and some members will also bring their works to participate in the screening and share their creative experience in person; , How to discover diverse themes, promote technological innovation, and strengthen high-quality international cooperation in new opportunities; the film market welcomes guests from all over the world again after a year, and will serve domestic and foreign exhibitors through multiple scenarios such as booths, activities, and screenings. Industry docking; "2023 China Film and Television Night" will set up a series of honors of "China Film and Television Night · CMG Annual Recommendation" to encourage Chinese film and television professionals to use light and shadow to create vivid characters and convey a credible, lovely and respectable Chinese image.

    2023 is the 10th anniversary of the joint construction of the "Belt and Road" initiative, and the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the "Belt and Road" Film Festival Alliance by the Shanghai International Film Festival. "Old friends" and this year's "new friends" review the cooperation process over the past five years through press conferences, film culture roundtable forums, etc., release the future-oriented "light and shadow lead the way" action plan, and witness the alliance from "pillars and beams" to A new stage of "rooting development".

    The 28th Shanghai TV Festival includes five sections: the opening ceremony, the TV market, the Magnolia Forum, the "Magnolia Fragrance" Huimin screening guided tour, and the "Magnolia Bloom" awards ceremony. In addition to the fact that Chinese and foreign judges will gather in Shanghai for the selection of the Magnolia Awards, a number of activities will also be dedicated to building an industry window for better services and promoting higher-quality international cooperation. The opening ceremony with the theme of "Magnolia Starlight" will launch the "Belt and Road" program interbroadcasting activity, aiming to strengthen the intermediary broadcasting of countries along the "Belt and Road" and promote the exchange of excellent TV programs; The market will hold a promotion meeting for a series of Chinese stories going overseas, bringing together various film and television companies to use TV programs as the carrier, focus on telling Chinese stories well, and promote international communication through innovation; the Magnolia Forum will focus on international communication with the theme of "Magnolia Dialogue" The new changes in the communication environment will bring together guests from home and abroad to discuss and exchange new trends, new channels and new models of Chinese stories going overseas in an all-media environment; the "Magnolia Fragrance" Huimin screening and guided tour will combine urban renewal and use classic The way of "watching TV" expands the "big social aesthetic education" in the "small and beautiful" new performing arts space at the door of ordinary people;

    For the first time, the entire section of online audio-visual content is included in the selection scope of the Magnolia Award

    The 25th Shanghai International Film Festival Golden Goblet Award consists of five units: main competition, Asian newcomers, documentaries, animations and short films. Among the nearly 8,800 works received from 128 countries and regions within the two application cycles, new works by famous directors gathered, and the proportion of world premieres and international premieres further increased. Focusing on the Asian newcomer unit, this year's Golden Goblet Awards selection is actively expanding by country, and will present an increasingly clear new pattern of film development that is open, inclusive, diverse, collaborative, and united.

    The participating films selected for the international film screening section will be planned into 16 units. Among them, the "Chinese Contemporary Art Film Exhibition" unit selects representative works of Chinese art films in the past ten years for aesthetic and academic review; the "Light and Shadow Wave·New Power of Hong Kong Film" unit will showcase the creations of the new generation of young Hong Kong filmmakers in a multi-faceted manner; This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Spain. The "Global Village" unit focuses on Spanish films for the first time, and new films from Germany, Italy, Japan, India and other countries also appear in this unit; Dahl, Itan Shisan, and Mike Lee are the works of four film masters. At the same time, a new subunit is added to commemorate the famous Tibetan director Wanma Caidan who passed away due to illness last week. The screening method of all masterpieces pays tribute to Huang Shuqin, Qin Yi, He Ping, Sakamoto Ryuichi and other filmmakers who have left us in the past year.

    The 28th Shanghai TV Festival collected nearly 1,900 TV works from 49 countries and regions on five continents. Among the 981 registered works this year, there are 167 Chinese TV dramas, 158 overseas TV dramas, 175 cartoons, 342 documentaries, and 139 variety shows.

    For the first time, this TV Festival included the entire section of online audio-visual content in the selection scope of the Magnolia Award. Through major optimization and adjustment of the scope of award works collection, it responded to changes in the development trend of the industry and helped build a high-quality ecology of positive energy Internet literature and art; during the TV Festival, " China Audio-Visual New Media Development Report”, invited representatives of online audio-visual platforms and content creation representatives of online students to discuss “Exploration of Content Trends of Generation Z Online Students”; Under the new environment where viewing habits have changed, relying on the platform advantages and industry leadership of the Shanghai TV Festival, social resources will be integrated to promote talent support for micro-short dramas and the advancement of micro-short drama creations. As the wind vane of China's TV industry, the Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award not only rewards past outstanding works, but also clarifies ideas for future creation.

    The "Salute to the Master" unit will show Xie Jin's classic works

    2023 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of the famous film artist Xie Jin. Thanks to the efforts of a group of filmmakers including Xie Jin and Wu Yigong, the Shanghai International Film Festival was launched in 1993. The following year, the Shanghai International Film Festival was recognized as an international category A film festival by the International Film Producers Association. During the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival, a special forum will be held to commemorate the centenary of Xie Jin's birthday, "Masters of the Times Looking Back Over the Centenary", and classic works directed by Xie Jin will be screened in the "Salute to the Master" section, including the Shanghai-language version of "Big Li, Little Li and Old Man". Li", "Qingliang Temple Bell", etc.

    Over the past 30 years, the Shanghai International Film Festival has been based on the orientation of "Asian, Chinese, and newcomers". The "6+1" step-by-step training system for newcomers, the Golden Goblet Awards and the SIFF YOUNG Shanghai Youth Filmmaker Support Program demonstrates the responsibility of the Shanghai International Film Festival for the development of Chinese films and even world films. The short video section of this year's film festival received nearly 3,900 entries from home and abroad, and there are many new generation creators who have made bold attempts and brave innovations in the pursuit of images; Jinjue short film, as a competition unit of the Shanghai International Film Festival, was founded in 2017 Afterwards, both animation short films and live-action short films have always maintained a very high standard. This year, a special collection of short films will be launched in the SIFF short film section of the International Film Festival; the venture capital training camp of this year’s film festival has received more than 830 students. The application will continue to follow the model of two phases of one year, summer and winter, to gradually develop new talent cultivation and project incubation; film project venture capital has been successfully held for 15 sessions, and a total of 682 projects have been collected in this year's film festival, including 78 projects in production ; The second SIFF YOUNG Shanghai Youth Filmmaker Support Program will expand the scope of recommendation from directors to producers and screenwriters. The list of selected filmmakers will be announced during the festival.

    There is inheritance and innovation. The "Science Fiction Film Week" series of activities held during this year's film festival aims to respond to the "Ten Articles of Science Fiction" and demonstrate Shanghai's progress in building a global science fiction film by means of sci-fi film themed screenings, sci-fi film forums, sci-fi nights, and Shanghai Science and Technology Movie Metropolis Press Conference. The specific practice of helping to build a new pattern of science fiction film and television culture in the process of the film and television creation center, empowering the use of science and technology to promote the new development of Chinese culture with film as a carrier; The brand influence of the film festival creates a display space for the digital innovation achievements of film and television culture, making cutting-edge technology impressive, tangible and palpable.

    The film schedule will be announced on May 31, and tickets will be issued on June 2

    Every year, the Shanghai International Film and Television Festival will convey the spiritual power of excellent film and television works to the public through the collection, selection, screening and broadcasting of works, and let the people share the achievements of Jinjue and Magnolia. The original intention of creating a "people's public festival" and TV festival. This year's Shanghai TV Festival "Magnolia Fragrance" Huimin screening and guided tour will focus on creating a "TV Festival at the Doorstep", and cooperate with the Shanghai Mass Art Museum to hold China Art Museum, PSA Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, Jinchao 8 18 cultural venues in 16 districts of the city, including "Light of China", "Extreme Charm", and "Life Power", will jointly screen more than 30 Magnolia Award finalists or popular entries. In the form of audience meetings and other forms, crew members or drama critics will conduct program guides on the spot. In addition to the offline screenings for the benefit of the people, the online exhibition of Magnolia's excellent TV programs will be based on Shanghai's local TV channels, and will work together with the "Belt and Road" audio-visual program exhibition activities to expand to many cities in China and broadcast channels at the same time Expand to the Internet and create an all-media display platform.

    The "2023 Best Film and Television Locations in Shanghai" selection activity held by the TV Festival combines the good places in front of the house with the good clips in the film and television works, and unlocks the colorful city experience through the appeal of the film and television works. The final selection will be released during the period. Shanghai's top ten best film and television locations, and at the same time select the locations with the most potential.

    The film schedule of this year's film festival will be announced on May 31, and tickets will be sold on the Taopiaoping platform at 12:00 noon on June 2. In addition to watching movies, there are more and more ways for citizens to participate in film festivals. Since the recruitment of volunteers for this film festival was announced in March, the number of applications has reached more than 2,000 within a week. In addition to college students, international students and working film lovers also participated enthusiastically; the new film festival launched in Shanghai International Tourism Resort The creative activity is a 48-hour video creation challenge, which recruits fans from the society to unlock new ways and experiences of film and television creation in the form of extreme creation.

    The "Thirty "Light" Years" solicitation activity launched by the Shanghai International Film Festival last month collected from movie fans old objects related to the Shanghai Film Festival in the past 30 years. Among the collections shared by more than a hundred movie fans, the most were various All kinds of film festival ticket stubs that record the imprints of time and time memory, and many fans shared peripheral collections such as movie viewing manuals, film schedules, volunteer work cards, and media report excerpts. From June 6th to 19th, some Folk collections will be exhibited in Daguangming Cinema.

    Over the past 30 years, the Shanghai International Film Festival has continuously gathered its centripetal force, enhanced its radiation, and actively went out of Shanghai to allow more people to share the fruits of Chinese and foreign film and television. During this film festival, the "'Belt and Road' Film Week" will continue to be held in the Yangtze River Delta region. Movie fans in Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Hefei will watch the latest excellent films from countries along the "Belt and Road".


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