"Ride the Wind 2023": Xu Huaiyu was accused of "paddling", is it wrong?

    "Ride the Wind 2023" has reached its fourth season. Although people are somewhat worried that this IP will enter aesthetic fatigue, after the first performance of the first two episodes was broadcast last weekend, the hot search on the list still shows that the show is irreplaceable Huge influence.

    Also because of the great influence of the program - it is one of the few variety shows in China that has sparked high discussions overseas, so this time "Chengfeng 2023" also bears the burden of highlighting equality, mutual learning, dialogue, and tolerance between different cultures. Mission, which is more international than the previous three seasons. Among the 33 sisters, there are 7 "international sisters", including Amber Liu Yiyun (USA), Tang Bohu Annie (USA), Gina Alice (Germany), Meiyi Reya (Japan), Choo Ja Hyun (Korea), Zhifu (Vietnam), Katerina (Russia).

    The concept of the program is also more advanced than before, using the beauty of women as a link to compose the beauty of Chinese civilization and the beauty of world harmony. The theme of "Ride the Wind 2023" becomes "Beautiful China Rides the Wind". In terms of the expression of grand themes, the program does not seem blunt, but the relatively ostentatious female value expression of the previous seasons of the program, "Chengfeng 2023" has shrunk.

    This season the show has a higher purpose

    Of course, no matter how big or small the theme of the program is, the audience still mainly judges the program based on the beauty of the dance, the selection of songs, and the interpretation of the songs.

    The stage beauty of Mango TV has always been outstanding, and the top variety shows such as "Chengfeng 2023" have brought together top-level stage beauty. In the first performance, the multiple stage effects were magnificent, stunning, and bursting. The problem is that if the grand dance beauty is not supported by a strong enough performance, it will expose the shortcomings of the performance.

    The choreography of the show is indeed a big deal

    Zhao Zhao, the music director of the first season, returns, and many viewers expect "Chengfeng 2023" to return to the peak level of the first season in terms of song selection and arrangement. However, it is generally believed that the song selection of this season has improved compared with the opening chapters of the previous two seasons, but it is still slightly "conservative". There are more selections of women's love expression. The upper limit of female value is also evident. Whether there is a more eye-catching performance in the arrangement remains to be seen.

    This season, my sister's overall singing and dancing skills have not been fully utilized on the first stage and first performance. For example, on the first stage, there are too many older sisters who are standing and performing, and not all of them are capable vocals, so they will appear lazy to some extent. There were not many difficult dance performances in the first performance.

    In terms of the competition system of the show, this season's PK mode with the same formation is more reasonable. However, the repo of the audience who participated in the recording also exposed a problem: the recording of the program often takes seven or eight hours, and the audience has to stand for several hours. The later performances will suffer more. It is necessary for the program to change the voting rules, or the final score can be calculated according to the voting rate (for example, pressing the button for the first time represents the number of valid voters, pressing the button for the second time represents voting, and not pressing the button represents no vote), so as to ensure the fairness of the competition system.

    On the whole, "Ride the Wind 2023" is worth watching, and the program still has room for improvement. With my sister's integration and investment in the program, as long as the selection of songs is bolder, the expression is innovative, and the performance has a breakthrough, it is possible to score more than two or three seasons.

    This time "Ride the Wind 2023" also brought some different emotions to the audience. Because of the public opinion turmoil caused by some sisters performing "paddling", the show unintentionally interrupted, and the image interpreted the dialectical relationship between "life and hard work" for us-in our life, must hard work be useful?

    In fact, over the four seasons of the show, the audience has more or less understood that not every effort of the sisters is rewarded. Just like in the show, it is not necessarily the stage with the best performance that gets the highest score, and some performances that are very popular and put in effort to present may get low scores; Some sisters obviously worked hard, but they were at the bottom of the favorite vote.

    What's the problem? It's not that I don't work hard, it's just because my sister's popularity and traffic are not so high.

    This is an insoluble paradox that has existed in the show for several seasons: Although the show tries to break the shackles placed on women by the outside world and give women the opportunity to ride the wind and waves; Serve the dish", the popular sister is greeted and embraced by other sisters, there are more shots, and the audience's favorite value is also voted high.

    For example, in the first performance of "Ride the Wind 2023", the bottom of the list is "Beauty" by the duo of Tang Bohu Annie and Xu Jingyun, with only 729 votes. It should be admitted that "Kiss Goodbye" by Lu Jingshan and Liu Xijun (805 votes) and "Flower Sea" by Gong Linna and Mei Yiliya (798 votes) of the other two groups of the duo team were really outstanding and evenly matched; From the perspective of effect and song concept, "Beauty" should not be at the bottom of all programs.

    "Beauty" ranks at the bottom, it is really unreasonable

    But it's still at the bottom. The hot search has already spoiled the spoiler, Tang Bohu Annie and Xu Jingyun are the first batch of sisters who temporarily left the stage.

    Tang Bohu Annie, Xu Jingyun

    This is the cruelty of the show, and it is also the frustration that life sometimes encounters: you have worked hard, but you are still eliminated. This kind of "failure" was doomed even from the initial team formation: because you are not famous enough and you are not familiar with other sisters, then you will not be selected by other sisters first, but will be "left behind". If you form a team with your lower-ranked sister on your own, you have no chance of finding a "backer" and obtaining the safety of all members.

    So, does that mean the effort is useless?

    Not so. For example, when the show is broadcast, the audience will complain for you (it just doesn't get you the chance to be on stage). Other sisters who work hard will also be seen by the audience. So after the show was broadcast, friends all liked Qu Ying, who was 52 years old, but didn't put on any airs, and was still "accelerating" forward, and also liked Gong Linna, who was always challenging herself and using her strength to overcome her inner fragility.

    Qu Ying is really free and easy

    Only by enjoying the stage can you have Gong Linna's self-confidence from the inside out

    This is the first half of the dialectic between life and hard work: not every effort will be rewarded, but we can see those who work hard, and the harder you work, the luckier you are.

    The dialectics of "life and hard work" in "Chengfeng 2023" is unprecedentedly profound, which lies in the "variable" of Xu Huaiyu. After the show was broadcast, there was the most controversy about her performance of "paddling". This is the second half of the dialectic: if you don't work hard, it is almost impossible to gain audience popularity.

    As the "common queen" who swept the Chinese music scene around the millennium, Xu Huaiyu's songs influenced countless boys and girls at that time. During her time at Rolling Stone Records, she intensively released "Yuki's First Solo Album" (1998), "Forward" (1998), "Angel" (1999), "Love" (2000) and other sales volumes in just three years. The million-level hit album, "I'm a Girl", "Forward", "Miao Miao Miao", "Ding Dong", "Friendship Card" and other songs resounded all over the streets and alleys. The spookiness, vitality, sincerity and sense of joy in her singing voice express young people's vision and expectation for the future.

    Screenshot of Xu Huaiyu's early MV

    But Xu Huaiyu's queen stage seems to have only been in this short period of three years. After the millennium, the "big four and three small" in the Chinese music scene have risen one after another, and the competition is quite fierce, while Xu Huaiyu is involved in contract disputes with the new brokerage company. Coupled with the abyss of the original family, Xu Huaiyu's own personality "problems", her The music business has all but stalled.

    To make matters worse, Xu Huaiyu's music function has also "degraded" with age and the interference of various disputes from the outside world. In the past few years, she has released a handful of singles, with almost no splashes, and the most commented on these singles on the music platform is "the sound doesn't sound like her anymore". The dynamic sound of rushing forward in the past seems to be gone forever.

    Fans still have deep affection for Xu Huaiyu. After Wang Xinling became popular last year, many people expected Xu Huaiyu to participate in the new season of "Sister Lang" and usher in a second career. At the end of last year, Xu Huaiyu re-signed with Rolling Stone and became a hot search. This year, she was included in the official announcement lineup of "Chengfeng 2023", and she was also a hot search. Fans believe that although Xu Huaiyu's voice is no longer what it used to be, as long as it is sincere enough, hard enough, and in awe of the stage, it can still evoke "memory killing" and still get applause and blessings.

    However, Xu Huaiyu's "Fenfei" on the first stage was sung in a standing style from beginning to end, and the sound performance was also greatly degraded, and it really ranked at the bottom. At this time, the fans can still make an excuse: she has been away from this kind of big stage for too long, and she is a little nervous.

    Comments from Zhao Zhao and others after the first stage

    But for the first performance of "The Little Girl Under the Street Lamp", Xu Huaiyu was in a "sleepwalking" state of where I was and what I was doing almost the whole time, which was really speechless. Although Xu Huaiyu has always emphasized that he has a goldfish head and can't dance, the stage movements of "The Little Girl Under the Street Lamp" in the first performance are almost the simplest. What's more, the public performance is a group performance. Once the team score is low, all members will be in danger, and some sisters will face the risk of being eliminated. If they lose the chain, it is a kind of "disrespect" for the hard work of other sisters. So if you can't, practice harder.

    Xu Huaiyu on the far right needs to keep aiming at Alyssa Chia in order to move

    You can compare the state of other sisters when they "can't". Cai Shaofen broke down and cried bitterly while practicing, and continued to practice after crying; although Choo Ja Hyun sang a few lines of rap not very well, but in order to sing these lines, she also flew to Korea to ask a teacher for advice; Wu Qian was also in a state of not being able to, But she can understand clearly, "He is obviously very good, why should he be eliminated because of your own mistakes."

    Whether to work hard or not is sometimes a matter of attitude

    It's not that there can't be mistakes in teamwork, but the premise is whether you have tried your best

    If Xu Huaiyu really tried hard and still can't do it, it may be that she is not confident enough or her ability is limited, and everyone is just sorry. It’s not actually, it’s the rehearsal stage of the first public. Xu Huaiyu still has multiple jobs, and he has to fly to Taipei to release a new song and hold a concert (the new single will be released on April 14, and the first public recording will be on April 17). Picked up a business show (confirmed in the agent's response). It can’t be said that Xu Huaiyu doesn’t work hard or work hard—she took on so many jobs at once, but it can be said that she and her team didn’t pay enough attention to "Chengfeng 2023" and didn't work hard enough on this stage. Maybe she just put It is regarded as an ordinary announcement, and there is no devotion and enjoyment to the stage.

    The agent's response made people feel that the whole team just regarded "Sister Lang" as an ordinary announcement

    Those who are familiar with Xu Huaiyu know that Xu Huaiyu had a very rough and tortuous growth experience. But on this cruel stage where teammates are eliminated, it is not convincing to use these painful experiences to justify "she has no self-confidence". Indeed, not everyone can turn their painful past into wealth, not everyone is Zhang Shaohan and Wang Xinling (their past is also rough enough), but if you are not ready and don’t enjoy the stage, then really don’t force yourself , You can leave the opportunity to those sisters who work hard but can't stay.

    The criticism of Xu Huaiyu on the hot search is a huge pressure for Xu Huaiyu. I hope it will not be transformed into her psychological burden, but I hope that she can take this stage more seriously in future performances, or think carefully about whether she I still really like to sing—if I still feel that the work in the entertainment industry is "hard labor", I might be happier living an ordinary life.

    Every time we watch "Chengfeng", the different encounters of my sister in the show make us seem to be watching various miniature lives. There is no eternal fairness in life, just like there are all kinds of hidden unfairness in the show, but we still have to work hard for fairness, and we still hope that those who work hard can be rewarded. This is a blessing to those who work hard. Self-life expectations?


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