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    On March 30, the 10th China Internet Audiovisual Conference "Internet Audiovisual International Communication Forum" was held in Chengdu, Sichuan. At the China Internet Audiovisual Conference, which is in its tenth year, how to achieve high-quality development has become the focus of the participants, and how to tell Chinese stories well has become a hot topic in the industry.

    Sponsored by the International Cooperation Department of the State Administration of Radio and Television, organized by the Beijing Radio and Television New View TV Program Production Information Center, at the 10th China Internet Audiovisual Conference "Internet Audiovisual International Communication Forum" with the theme of "Audiovisual Connecting the World, Innovation Leading the Future", Encourage the international collaborative cooperation of network audio-visual, promote the high-quality development of the audio-visual industry, and become the industry supervisory unit, the head audio-visual platform, the news officials of the multinational embassies and consulates in Chengdu, and the relevant leaders, experts and scholars of radio and television and network audio-visual institutions at home and abroad, etc. The focus of the sharing, centering on topics such as China's content export, Sino-foreign cooperation and exchanges, a series of international communication and exchange experiences and sharing insights, made the forum full of seats.

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    In recent years, the range of Chinese content enjoyed by overseas users has become more and more diverse. From the initial martial arts, ancient costume history, family city, idol love to Chinese science fiction, they have already established a good audience base; The dissemination is more effective, through dubbing or cooperation with local influential UP hosts, the content is recreated and disseminated on the platform, etc.

    After these years of development, with the improvement of the production level of domestic film and television content, and various efforts made by video platforms to promote Chinese content overseas, the viewing volume and penetration rate of Chinese film and television content overseas have increased significantly.

    Yan Chengsheng, vice chairman of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union and director of the International Cooperation Department of the State Administration of Radio and Television, said that my country's online audio-visual institutions are actively expanding overseas markets, and the content, export forms, and operating entities are showing a trend of diversification and diversification. The continuous improvement of influence has played a positive role in showing the achievements of my country's economic and social development to the international community and spreading the excellent Chinese culture. We must adhere to integrity and innovation, have the world in mind, be self-confident and self-reliant, but also be humble and humble, focus on improving the effectiveness of international communication and cultivating momentum, and strive to provide audiences from all over the world with excellent audio-visual products that are both pleasing to the eye and warm to the soul, and make due contributions to promoting the common values of all mankind. .

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    Participants generally believed that with the increasing trend of international communication in terms of mobility, socialization, visualization, and intelligence, online audiovisual has become the world's largest subscription channel and the second largest revenue channel, and online audiovisual has become a new "blue ocean" for international communication , is an important carrier of "telling Chinese stories well, disseminating Chinese voices well, and showing a true, three-dimensional and comprehensive China".

    With the development of the domestic film and television industry, more and more excellent domestic content is actively exploring overseas markets, allowing Chinese stories to go global.

    For example, Disney has successively brought domestic dramas overseas through copyright purchases, landed on its overseas TV media channels, and streaming media platforms like "Disney+".

    At the same time, in addition to movies and TV dramas, overseas communication platforms continue to work with domestic partners to create Chinese-themed documentaries. These contents are aimed at the international expression of Chinese stories and the international dissemination of Chinese content, creating a window for Chinese programs to go global. To present the wonderful side of China to overseas audiences, and to focus more on in-depth and long-term creative industries, talent training projects, etc., creating favorable conditions for showing China's image.

    Although the aesthetics in different corners of the world are slightly different, the ingenious production of content is a common standard recognized by users in all regions. Good works can completely cross the threshold of cultural understanding. Therefore, in international communication, the entire online audio-visual industry must be rooted in the production of Chinese content and produce the best Chinese content.

    Realistic themes that have a personal narrative perspective and pay attention to the details of the story in the grand background are popular overseas. For example, "Meritorious Service" quickly became the number one broadcast in Chinese theaters after it was broadcast on YouTube. Judging from the text of the comments, there are compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Chinese living overseas, and Chinese born and raised overseas. The audience commented that "not only saw the grand scene, but also saw the touching personal story".

    At the forum, participants also sorted out the inherent advantages of using short videos to carry out international communication. For example, compared with long videos, short videos reduce the language barriers and cultural barriers caused by the transnational dissemination of information; The different preferences of countries and different groups of people have brought possibilities. Because of the low threshold for creation and flexible form, the content of short videos will not be restricted by a fixed framework; for another example, short videos are short in duration and fast in transmission speed, making it easier for users to use fragmented time to watch and share, and then include across a wide range Within the scope of countries and regions, rapid social communication is formed to achieve the greatest communication benefits. In addition, short video transmission is intuitive and vivid, with high transmission efficiency, and it is easier to generate resonance and empathy among people with different cultural backgrounds.

    At the meeting, the guests suggested strengthening the innovation of communication content and voice, innovating youth communication models, and accelerating the construction of a distinctive network audio-visual international communication system. Everyone jointly expressed their strong desire to further strengthen cooperation, promote the improvement of international communication efficiency and momentum cultivation, and promote the high-quality development of online audio-visual international communication.

    Participants said that online audio-visual has become a new "blue ocean" for international communication, and an important carrier for "telling Chinese stories well, spreading Chinese voices well, and showing a real, three-dimensional, and comprehensive China". In this process, we must adhere to several concepts: first, we must adhere to the concept of globalization. Whether it is a content production organization or a platform organization, we must have a global concept to do a good job in international communication; second, we must have long-termism , it is not possible to achieve results in one or two years; third, there must be a concept of cooperation to achieve a win-win situation in cooperation; fourth, to embrace new technologies, and with the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, we must actively embrace artificial intelligence technology, Use technology to empower international communication, so as to open up the blue ocean in the field of international communication and occupy new international markets.

    On the same day, the launching ceremony of the 2023 Second China-Russia Short Video Competition was held at the same time. The competition was supported by the State Administration of Radio and Television of China and the Russian Ministry of Digital Development Communications and Mass Media, and was jointly organized by China Mobile Migu Video Technology Co., Ltd. and Russian SPBTV (Internet TV operator). With the theme of "Live Vigorously, Towards the Future Together", the competition is open to Chinese and Russian audio-visual content creators, and collects short video works that match the theme and have positive content.


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