"It's Just Love": a romantic drama that contemporary migrant workers need

    The love between Wu Lei and Zhou Yutong's partner, handsome men and beautiful women is the reason why many viewers choose "It's Just Love". But after the show was broadcast, it got a good evaluation, precisely because it is not just "love", not only the dream-making and sugar-eating of conventional idol dramas, but also injects more realistic background, especially the contemporary workplace. real state.

    "It's Just Love" poster

    Some viewers on the bullet screen said that Zhou Yutong is very suitable for the role of "beating a worker", and the fatigue when playing a social animal is more in place. This is part of the truth. From "I'm Fine in a Foreign Land" to "It's Just Love", Zhou Yutong has done a "light" treatment when performing the state of the workplace, and does not deliberately exaggerate the flaming red lips, vigorous and resolute, and walking of a strong woman in the workplace. The wind, but only to show the ordinary, calm, and numbness of the workers who go to work day after day, and the numbness that passes after they become accustomed to it.

    On the other hand, Zhou Yutong's luck and foresight are good, and the screenwriter happened to handle the roles of migrant workers she chose more delicately. In the words of the audience, the screenwriter has worked before. Zhang Yingji, the screenwriter of "It's Just Love", was the most famous work before that was "Thirty Only". I still remember that the details of the cabinet sister in that work were well received, and this time the new drama did not fail.

    The heroine is Liang Youan (played by Zhou Yutong), 32 years old, and is currently the special assistant of Jiang Jie (played by Zhu Yongteng), the general manager of the marketing department of a well-known sporting goods company. Career looks very glamorous - after all, he is the closest person to the big leader; but only he knows how hard it is - he has to help the boss deal with official and private affairs, make sure that the mobile phone is turned on 24 hours a day, and is always on call, almost without himself time. Liang Youan's ambition is not here. She hopes to lead projects independently in the marketing department and make a difference. It is precisely because Liang Youan has done so well that the boss cannot do without her, and has been unwilling to let her go, making all kinds of big cakes.

    Liang Youan (played by Zhou Yutong)

    This time, the boss broke his promise again and refused to sign Liang Youan's transfer application. Liang Youan admitted her predicament. Others in the same period had a clear promotion path, and she was the only one left. For more than four years, she was very tired, unable to see the value of work, and did not grow.

    The boss sneered and started the usual PUA speech, "I'm really disappointed when you say this. You have been by my side all the time. You have more opportunities to learn and obtain more resources than anyone else. How can you still feel that Didn’t you grow up?” Then the topic changed, and he promised to give her a salary increase, give her a vacation, add her name to her next project to give her performance, and then put her job transfer application into the shredder.

    Liang Youan's plight is very real

    The next bridge segment is also very good. After get off work, Liang Youan, who was disheartened, received another call from his boss—didn't he just say that he would give Liang Youan a vacation? Sure enough, the big cake drawn by the boss is not trustworthy. Liang Youan made up her mind not to answer the phone. She put the phone under the pillow, pretended not to see it, turned on the TV to the loudest, and tried to enjoy the off-duty time in a calm and breezy way, so that she could "play bad" for a while.

    Decided not to answer the phone last second

    But after some hesitation, she turned the volume of the TV to the minimum again, took the pillow away, and turned on the voice message from her boss, who asked her to go to a certain bar as soon as possible. Liang Youan scolded himself angrily, "Liang Youan, you are cheap", turned around and hurried to the bathroom to refresh, and rushed to the bar in the rain.

    In the next second, follow the instructions of the boss immediately

    This inconsistent, indecisive, psychological giant and short man in action has accurately grasped the state of countless beating workers: he will curse in his heart and never do it again. The next time the boss assigns him a job, he should do it well with his heart. After all, the situation is better than people. Strong, people have to bow their heads under the eaves.

    The subsequent handling of some workplace bridges has always had a good realistic background. For example, it was obvious that the boss made a wrong decision, chose an inappropriate spokesperson, and caused a storm of public opinion. Liang Youan took all responsibilities and resigned voluntarily. The boss was also very angry with her, thinking that if she took the responsibility, she would dump the blame on the marketing department, betray him and let Liang Youan go. Isn't it a typical characteristic of some workplace bosses to cover up incompetence with rage and be good at throwing blame?

    The boss had a request for Liang Youan, and privately invited Liang Youan to dinner, and earnestly asked Liang Youan to take over the company's tennis club. When Liang Youan really took over, he went to report to his boss. In order to avoid suspicion, the boss put on a business-like appearance, and he was completely different from the sincerity he had asked Liang Youan in private... Sure enough, he had to be careful, and he really couldn't believe everything the boss said. .

    In short, before officially cutting into the sweet relationship between siblings, "It's Just Love" spent a lot of pen and ink to describe the miserable situation and exhaustion of migrant workers in the workplace. Of course, it does not mean that all bosses in reality are like Jiang Jie in the play, but that the vast majority of migrant workers are in a relatively weak position in the workplace. It is inevitable that the audience will substitute the resentment they have received at work into the process of watching the drama, and thus empathize with Liang Youan.

    Where can a worker who cannot become a beast get healed? Or a step-by-step promotion in the workplace, a gorgeous turn, or a sweet love that can nourish us. "It's Just Love" is also making a fuss about these two points.

    The male protagonist in the play is Song Sanchuan (played by Wu Lei), 22 years old, a former badminton player, a handsome, kind and upright young man, but left a knot in his heart because of his mother's "abandonment". Choose to retire.

    Song Sanchuan (played by Wu Lei)

    After getting acquainted with Liang Youan, Liang Youan suggested that Song Sanchuanyu switch to the Internet and become an athlete in the tennis club she manages. It is not only because Song Sanchuan loves tennis, has a good character, and is talented in sports, but also because Liang Youan needs a "catfish" to activate the lifeless tennis club.

    Song Sanchuan agreed, and he fought side by side with Liang Youan. The club's road to recovery is also Liang Youan's road to career advancement. Here, the "burning" of the workplace and the "burning" of sports are combined into one.

    Liang Youan well embodies the good qualities of an elite worker: rationality, concentration, and determination. Whether it is resigning the old coach of the club, or getting angry at the "Prince" of the club who is passive in the game, it is a powerful detail that reflects his professionalism.

    Liang Youan dismissed the old coach of the club, and she portrayed the details of her professional beating workers well.

    Song Sanchuan grew up hand in hand with other teammates in the club, and the youthful feeling of the sports drama hits the face, and the brotherhood and teammate relationship between the boys are handled delicately. The burning feeling that sports themes naturally possess can more or less offset the suspension feeling of fighting monsters and upgrading in the workplace.

    The details of getting along with the teenagers in the club have a strong sense of youth

    Naturally, there is also a love affair between Song Sanchuan and Liang Youan. Although the general direction of "It's Just Love" is still advancing in the routine, the screenwriter did not sacrifice the logic of emotional advancement, and made some vulgar plots such as looking at ten thousand years at the beginning, but slowly paved the way for the acquaintance of two people, In the process of getting to know each other, they gradually accumulated their affection for each other, and the tendency of two-way redemption gradually became clear after a few episodes.

    The reason why Song Sanchuan fell in love with Liang Youan, as he said, Liang Youan is "mature, independent, thoughtful, responsible, smart, kind, and pretty." But behind these big words, it is mainly the sense of redemption that Liang Youan brought to Song Sanchuan-she saw his weaknesses, knew his weaknesses, cared for his fragility, and finally led him to overcome his weaknesses. Whether it's Liang Youan's actions in front of the 18-point score, or his determination to believe that he can successfully transfer to the Internet, it is enough to constitute the reason for Song Sanchuan's heart.

    Song Sanchuan's Heartbeat Moment

    Liang Youan's affection for Song Sanchuan also happened unconsciously. Tired workers, tired of all kinds of bad states in the workplace but have no courage to break free, if there is always someone around you who can firmly bring clear courage to yourself, you can really feel at ease. If this person is still fighting side by side with me, he is sincere, caring, kind, and handsome, and it is only natural that he is excited.

    The love line of "It's All About Love" is patient. After 12 episodes of foreshadowing, the official confession has not yet come. But pink bubbles popped up one after another, and the screenwriter buried many interesting details. For example, judging from the plot, Song Sanchuan is the one who took the initiative to attack, but it is hard to say that Liang Youan was not moved before Song Sanchuan confessed. For example, when she was eating wontons with her girlfriends, she would suddenly think of Song Sanchuan who helped her pick out coriander one by one, and couldn't help laughing; for example, when Song Sanchuan took her for a run, he brought her a heart rate monitor to monitor her heart rate. Before starting the run, Song Sanchuan found out why Liang Youan's heart rate was so high. He and Liang Youan might not have noticed it: this inexplicably high heart rate was the signal of Liang Youan's heartbeat.

    My sister may have already been moved

    In general, the current "It's Just Love" is worth watching. Of course, it is not perfect. As some questioners have said, in terms of project positioning, "Love Only" is indeed a bit uncertain. The title of this play can easily make people think that it is just a pure love drama. For those audiences who want to eat sugar directly, the progress of the love line of the drama seems to be slow, and they may not have experience and resonance in the details of the workplace. The extension of the sports line may not be loved by everyone; if it highlights the reality of the workplace, the title of the play is not appropriate enough, and the plot also lacks the sense of focus and topicality of Zhou Yutong's previous "I'm Fine in a Foreign Land". The free positioning affects the popularity and out-of-circle index of the drama to a certain extent.

    However, for ordinary migrant workers, this kind of gradual and two-way redemptive love is more real, and the love will be better when it comes to fruition. If you just want a little real resonance and a bit of sweetness that is ethereal but heart-warming, "It's Just Love" is a good choice.


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