Chinese Music Workers' Self-Discipline Convention Released: Resolutely Resist Crude Production, Plagiarism and Follow the Trend

    Chinese Music Workers Self-Discipline Convention

    On February 16, 2023, it was revised at the fourth plenary meeting of the Style Construction Committee of the Chinese Musicians Association

    In order to further strengthen the construction of professional ethics of musicians and the construction of music circles, vigorously promote the core values of socialism, actively practice the core values of the literary and art circles of patriotism, serving the people, respecting morality, and admiring the arts and the "Convention on Professional Ethics of Chinese Artists and Artists" 》, strive to be a new era musician with faith, sentiment and responsibility, jointly create a beautiful industry ecology, contribute to the prosperity and development of the socialist music industry, build a socialist cultural power, and realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, This Convention is hereby formulated.

    Persist in patriotism for the people

    Loyal to the motherland, loyal to the people, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, insist on serving the people and socialism, have the "big country" in mind, care about the great cause of national rejuvenation, and consciously undertake to raise the banner, gather people's hearts, and educate The mission of newcomers, revitalizing culture, and developing image is to promote the main theme and spread positive energy. Resolutely resist all words and deeds that split the motherland, undermine national unity, endanger social harmony and stability, and harm the interests of the people.

    Firm cultural self-confidence

    Adhere to the path of socialist literature and art development with Chinese characteristics, uphold integrity and innovation, stick to the standpoint of Chinese culture, carry forward the national spirit centered on patriotism and the spirit of the times centered on reform and innovation, and promote the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional Chinese culture, Praise the truth, goodness and beauty, criticize falsehood, evil and ugliness, tell Chinese stories well, carry forward Chinese spirit, and spread Chinese values. Resolutely resist making fun of the sublime, distorting the classics, subverting history, vilifying the people and heroes, and opposing conformity to foreign countries, historical nihilism, and cultural nihilism.

    Concentrate on creating and cultivating

    Adhere to the people's position, always adhere to the people-centered creative orientation, establish a sense of quality, go deep into life, take root in the people, strengthen feet, eyesight, brain power, and writing power, adhere to the unity of profound thinking, exquisite art, and excellent production, and actively participate in the creation of realistic themes , Praise the Party, Praise the Motherland, Praise the People, Praise the Heroes, create masterpieces that meet the cultural needs of the people and enhance the spiritual power of the people, and bravely climb the peak of art. Resolutely resist shoddy production, plagiarism and follow suit, and oppose only box office, only traffic, and only ratings.

    Pursue virtue and art

    Adhere to artistic ideals and artistic conscience, maintain a sense of reverence for art and a sincere heart for the profession, keep the right path, follow the path, strengthen ideological accumulation, knowledge reserve, cultural accomplishment, and artistic training, and emphasize taste, style, and responsibility. Unify personal moral cultivation, social image and the social effects of works, so as to achieve a thorough understanding of knowledge, a blend of morality and talent, and a unity of character and art, so as to preserve righteousness for history, promote virtue for the world, and leave a clear name for oneself. Resolutely resist vulgarity, vulgarity, and kitsch, and oppose money worship, hedonism, and extreme individualism.

    Advocate unity and progress

    Adhere to the blooming of a hundred flowers and the contention of a hundred schools of thought, respect the laws of art, promote academic democracy and art democracy, carry out professional, authoritative, and healthy music criticism, enhance vigor, praise the good and derogate the bad, eliminate the bad and promote the good, learn from the good and learn from each other, unite and harmonize, Make progress together, promote professionalism and morality, establish a good social image in the music industry, and actively create an industry atmosphere of self-respect, self-love, mutual learning, and clear skies. Resolutely resist rumors, slander, and cyber violence, and never be a maker, follower, or advocate of unhealthy trends.

    Lead the social fashion

    Adhere to strict self-discipline, model law-abiding, abide by public order and good customs, abide by industry norms, respect professional ethics, be enthusiastic about public welfare and dedication, cherish the solemn mission entrusted by the party and the people, earnestly perform the sacred duties of human soul engineers, be upright and clean Do things in vain, and become a disseminator of truth, goodness and beauty, a practitioner of advanced culture, a leader of the fashion of the times, and a shaper of social image. Resolutely resist tax evasion, "pornography, gambling and drugs" and other violations of laws and regulations, immoral and immoral behaviors, oppose showing off wealth and competing for extravagance, forgetting righteousness for profit, and abandoning deformed aesthetics.

    Music associations at all levels across the country should vigorously publicize and promote the implementation of this Convention. Music workers across the country must consciously abide by this convention and actively accept supervision.


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