"The Transient Universe" leads the Oscars with seven awards, and Michelle Yeoh makes history

    On the evening of March 12 local time, the 95th Academy Awards Ceremony was held in Los Angeles, marking the end of the entire awards season. "The Transient Universe", which led the way with 11 nominations before, had the last laugh, bringing back seven statuettes including Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay. It opened a new page for Asian filmmakers in the Oscars and even in Hollywood. In particular, starring Michelle Yeoh became the first Asian-American Best Actress winner in Oscar history.

    Michelle Yeoh won Best Actress. Visual China Map

    When presenters Halle Berry and Jessica Chastain announced that Michelle Yeoh had won the award for Best Actress, the audience immediately burst into applause. In her speech, she said: "This award is like a lighthouse. I want to tell all Asian boys and girls like me to dream bravely, and one day dreams will come true. I want to dedicate this award to my mother, To the mothers of the world, they are superheroes, without them we would not be here."

    Guan Jiwei, who won the Best Supporting Actor Award, couldn't control his tears as soon as he came on stage. "My mum is 84 years old and she's sitting at home watching TV right now. 'Mum, I really got an Oscar'," he said. "My story started on a small boat and then lived in a refugee camp. Who would have thought that I am now standing on the biggest stage in the world, this is the American dream!" He thanked his collaborators including Michelle Yeoh, Kwan Ka-yung and Daniel Schnatter, and finally thanked himself Wife: "For the past 20 years, she has told me every day that my time will come."

    The two screenwriters and directors of "The Instant Universe" did not change their funny nature. When Daniel Schnatter came to the stage to receive the Best Original Screenplay Award, he especially thanked his teachers since he was a child, "Because the experience of me and my buddies being detained in school gave me a lot of creative inspiration." And his buddy Guan Jiayong said that he has always had impostor syndrome since he was a child, and it was his mother and wife who kept encouraging him.

    Guan Jiayong (right) and Daniel Schnatter took the stage to accept the award. Visual China Map

    The host Jimmy Kimmel also paid special tribute to the 94-year-old Wu Hanzhang who played his father in "The Transient Universe", mentioning that he has appeared in more than 600 film and television works in his career.

    In addition to Michelle Yeoh and Cate Blanchett's competition for Best Actress, this year's Oscar's other most suspenseful award - Best Actor Award, "Whale" starring Brandon Fei Sher eventually defeated "The Banshee of Enisherin" star Colin Farrell. In his speech, he especially thanked his partner Zhou Hong and his family in the film.

    Brendan Fraser won Best Actor. Visual China Map

    The German film "All Quiet on the Western Front" is second only to "The Moment of the Universe" in the number of awards, and won four awards including Best International Film, Best Soundtrack, Best Cinematography, and Best Art Direction.

    "All Quiet on the Western Front" won the Best International Film Award, and director Edward Berger took the stage to accept the award. Visual China Map

    Although this year's award ceremony did not have the refreshing slap events like last year, there were no shortage of surprises. Lady Gaga, who originally stated that she could not perform live because of the filming of "Joker 2", unexpectedly appeared to perform "Hold My Hand", the theme song of "Top Gun 2: The Lone Ranger". Judging by her simple makeup and clothing, it does seem like she came from the set.

    【List of 95th Academy Award Winners】

    Best Picture: "The Instant Universe"

    Best Actress: Michelle Yeoh "The Instant Universe"

    Best Actor in a Leading Role: Brendan Fraser, "Whale"

    Best Supporting Actress: Jamie Lee Curtis, The Instant Universe

    Best Supporting Actor: Kwan Ji-Wei "The Instant Universe"

    Best Director: Kar-Wing Kwan, Daniel Schnatter, The Instant Universe

    Best Original Screenplay: Kar-Wing Kwan and Daniel Schnatter, The Instant Universe

    Best Adapted Screenplay: Sarah Polley, "Women Talk"

    Best International Film: All Quiet on the Western Front (Germany)

    Best Documentary Feature: "Navalny"

    Best Animated Feature Film: "Pinocchio"

    Best Cinematography: James Friend, "All Quiet on the Western Front"

    Best Sound Effects: Chris Burton, James Mather, Al Nelson, Mark Weingarten, Mark Taylor, Top Gun: The Maverick

    Best Art Direction: Ernestine Hipper, Christian M. Goldback, All Quiet on the Western Front

    Best Editing: Paul Rodgers, The Instant Universe

    Best Visual Effects: Eric Saindon, Daniel Barrett, Joe Letteri, Richard Barniham, "Avatar: Way of Water"

    Best Costume Design: Ruth E. Carter, "Black Panther 2"

    Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Adrian Morrott, Judy King, Ann Marie Bradley, "Whale"

    Best Score: Volker Betelmann, All Quiet on the Western Front

    Best Song: "Naatu Naatu" Chandra Bose M.M. Kirawani "RRR"

    Best Live Action Short Film: "An Irish Farewell"

    Best Documentary Short: "Little Elephant Guardian"

    Best Animated Short Film: "The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse"


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