"A Certain Man" leads the Japanese Film Academy Awards, Wife Satoshi and Sakura Ando burst into tears

    The scene of the awards ceremony.

    On the afternoon of March 10, local time, the 46th Japan Academy of Film Awards ceremony was held in Tokyo. Directed by Ishikawa Kei, "A Certain Man" starring his wife Mu Satoshi, Ando Sakura, Kubota Masataka, etc. won 8 awards out of 13 nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay, etc. are the big winners.

    "A Certain Man" is adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Keiichiro Hirano. It tells the story of a lawyer played by his wife Satoshi Kido, who is entrusted by a former client Lie (Sakura Ando) to investigate a bizarre incident: Riede's husband Daisuke (played by Sakura Ando). Kubota Masataka) died in an accident while logging, but Dayou's elder brother said after seeing the portrait that this person was not his younger brother. With the investigation of Kido, the true identity of the deceased gradually surfaced, but the identity of Kido himself is surrounded by many mysteries.

    Satoshi Satoshi won the Best Actor Award.

    "A Certain Man" is the third collaboration between Satoshi Satoshi and the 45-year-old director Kei Ishikawa after "The Record of Folly" and "The Day of Innocence". Tsumabuki Satoshi won the Japan Film Academy Awards for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor in 2011 and 2017 for "The Wicked" and "Rage" respectively. Although this is the third time he has won the award, he still seemed quite excited when he took the stage to accept the award. "I'm really happy with the director... and the director have been working together since his first feature film "The Record of Foolish Actions"..." At this point, Satoshi Satoshi couldn't hold back the tears that welled up in his eyes. Wiping the corners of his eyes, he added: "I'm so proud to have seen his talent around him and excited to see him now recognized with an Academy Award."

    Sakura Ando burst into tears.

    At the same time, Ando Sakura, who won the Best Supporting Actress Award for "A Certain Man", also won the Academy Award for the third time. Before that, she had won the Best Actress Award twice for "Love of Hundred Dollars" and "The Thief Family". main character. When she accepted the award, she admitted that when she first accepted the role, she was in a state of anxiety, and even considered quitting the film for a while. "I was at the height of my anxiety because I was finding it hard to juggle childcare and filming... I had taken a long break before that, but while making this film, I suddenly understood that What I experienced on the set was a very important time in my life." She couldn't help shedding tears as she said that, and looked at her husband in the audience, Yuu Karamoto, who is also an actor, affectionately.

    This time, Karamoto Yu also relied on "Hegemony Animation! " was shortlisted for the Best Supporting Actor award, but unfortunately lost to Ando Sakura's husband Kubota Masataka in the play. The latter is the first to win the Japanese Film Academy Award. When accepting the award, he said that he devoted himself to this role and "presented a performance that was more frank than being naked."

    Yukino Kishii won the Best Actress Award for "Keiko, Gaze".

    In addition to the crew of "A Certain Man", Yukino Kishii won the Best Actress Award for "Keiko, Stare". This is also the second time she has won the recognition of an important film award for the role of hearing-impaired boxer Keiko after the Best Actress at the Film Xunbao Awards.

    It is also worth mentioning that in the best animation award, "Slam Dunk" defeated rivals such as "The Story of Heike: Dog King", "Journey to Bell Bud" and "One Piece: The Red-haired Diva".

    "Moon's Profit and Loss", which received 10 nominations before, failed in the competition for individual awards. Only two young actors, Kikuchi Hinako and Meguro Ren, won the Newcomer Award.

    【Winner List】

    Best Picture: "A Certain Man"

    Best Animation: "Slam Dunk"

    Best Director: Kei Ishikawa "A Certain Man"

    Best Screenplay: Kosuke Mukai "A Certain Man"

    Best Actor: Satoshi Tsumaki "A Certain Man"

    Best Actress: Yukino Kishi "Keiko, Gaze"

    Best Supporting Actor: Masataka Kubota "A Certain Man"

    Best Supporting Actress: Sakura Ando "A Certain Man"

    Best Cinematography: Osamu Ichikawa Keizo Suzuki "New Ultraman"

    Best Lighting: Yoshikado Sosuke "New Ultraman"

    Best Music: Kazuma Jinnai "Journey to Suzuya" by RADWIMPS

    Best Art: Hiroshi Hayashida to Eri Sakushima "New Ultraman"

    Best Recording: Takeshi Ogawa "A Certain Man"

    Best Editing: Kei Ishikawa "A Certain Man"

    Best Foreign Language Film: "Top Gun: The Maverick"

    Newcomer Award (in no particular order):

    Ono Huali "Hegemony Animation! "

    Kikuchi Hinako "The Pros and Cons of the Moon"

    Seeing Ai Ru "Cute Boyfriend Is Burning Orange"

    Riko Fukumoto "Tonight, even if this love disappears from the world"

    Daiki Arioka "New Ultraman"

    Fanjiayilu "Canned Mackerel"

    Hokuto Matsumura "April 1st Supernatural Event Book"

    Meguro Ren "Moon's Gain and Loss"

    Topic Award:

    Work: "One Piece: The Red-haired Diva"

    Actor: Hokuto Matsumura


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