"Today is a good time to refuel": a handbook for social animal fishing

    Are you a rewinder?

    Do you often do sit-ups between lying flat and curling in?

    Do you want to maintain a proper social distance with your colleagues, but are you afraid of being isolated if you don’t fit in?

    Do you want to know how to say no to potluck/overtime?

    Are you an invisible person in the workplace?

    Are you worried that you are too "post-it notes"?

    If your answer to any of the above questions is Yes, you may wish to open "Come on Today", this living handbook of social animal fishing may make your working life suddenly bright.

    "Come on Today" has come to an end, and there is no unfinished ending.

    This 40-episode, half-hour workplace light comedy is adapted from Guo Baizhu's comic "Gauss Electronics Company", telling the nonsensical stories of a group of professionals in a high-fat group in a big city.

    Then someone might ask: "Why should I spend my precious off-duty time reading a story about someone else going to work?"

    First of all, it is a dinner drama, short and concise, fragmented plot based on comics, each episode has its own exclusive subtitle, whether you are commuting, eating, or opening it in your spare time, you can continue without pressure, And it can be turned off without any pressure, just like the social taboos among colleagues discussed in the play, the proportion is just right, and it will be over if one more step is taken.

    Reimbursement threesome

    Secondly, as a workplace drama, many scenes described in the drama can arouse the deep resonance of social animals, and you can even accurately find the corresponding ta among your colleagues——

    Li Tianran (played by Zheng Kai), a good old man who always takes care of his colleagues; Chihuahua (played by Liang Chao), who always releases pigeons from his colleagues; The second-generation Baima Shuai (played by Wang Hedi), who is silly, sweet, and sweet; Yu Qimiao (played by Zhang Shaogang), the minister who only has seven seconds of memory and forgets things in an instant; Ming Shi (played by Zhang Yuechi)...you will easily fall in love with these vivid and real "living people".

    Costume copy

    The anti-rolling golden sentences in the play often hit people's hearts——

    "If dinner parties cannot be voluntary, how is it different from working overtime?"

    "The joy of working as a worker lies in: being intermittently complacent, and continuing to leave work on time."

    Again, to borrow a sentence from the barrage, "This is a black comedy." Comedy is its skin, and sadness is its background. A good comedy should be combined with life and can touch people's hearts. The various characters in the play are like different casts in the game, living as different samples.

    "Even if you can't change the world, let the world know that we are not so easy to bully."

    It’s like being complained by colleagues that the team leader Ji, who is always a pigeon man, seems to be a master runner. In fact, every time he is late/releases pigeons, it is for the family, not to save money for his wife, or to take care of the sick. Children, you can't tell if you suffer, and the food is the moonlight.

    It’s also like Wu Mingshi who is always regarded as a transparent person. Every time he has a meeting, he stands on tiptoe to help the person holding the plugboard, but no one really asks him what he thinks about the proposal. He always wants to speak And stop, never had a chance to speak.

    There is also the heroine of this show, the good old man Li Tianran, who sits at the position where the leader is most likely to stare at people. He is the hero of the whole team, eating grass and milking milk. However, when the team leader Juan Wang Gaodefen (played by He Wenjun) rumored that he was about to resign, almost none of his colleagues really wanted to keep him and only wanted to benefit from him.

    As for Juan Wang himself, he lived in a warehouse with only one bed, and lived among animals, and he didn't even have the body to stand up and dance.

    Li Tianran, Chihuahua

    In "Come on Today", you can see the aggrievedness of the renters, the anxiety of the loan family, the troubles of love in the office, the joy of sharing a wardrobe and fishing with pay, and you can see how the three groups of the whole project are concerned about overtime and internal work. Volume of antipathy. They are well aware of other people's bombing points, stick to the border, and will not play in each other's minefields. At the same time, you can see their blood when they turned crisis into opportunity. That kind of enthusiasm is the joy of talking about the next case, completing an order, the sense of accomplishment brought by work, and an exclusive memory. It seems that as long as there is a little bit of affirmation, it is like holding painkillers in hand, and all the troubles of the past can be eliminated.

    "Come on Today" is a work directed by Wu Qiang and Yu Zhongzhong. Most of the actors in the play, "because everyone has a good understanding", are directly pasted from Wu Qiang's previous crew "Fu Tu Yuan" with one click. Therefore, in this play, audiences who are familiar with the previous works of the two directors can often see the Easter egg-style interaction between the actors, and even many bridges in the play follow the "Futu Yuan" or "Once Upon a Time There Was a Spirit Sword Mountain". "BGM.

    My favorite episode is the retirement agreement machine. In the general environment of delayed retirement, the company has a panda machine that can help you calculate when to retire as long as you put forward your own retirement plan, provided that you start rolling from now on. In the end, everyone gave up signing the retirement plan, chose to live in the present, and cherish every sunset in front of them.

    Li Tianran's contracted retirement time: 50 years.

    In fact, no one can tell you how to live in the workplace is the standard answer, and neither can TV dramas. Life is like a pen in your hand, as long as you can write well, then it is a good pen.


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