What to watch this week|"Qiang Qiang Xing Tian Xia 3" is online, I also want to go to Hangzhou

    Editor's note: There are a large number of movies, TV series and variety shows broadcast every week. How do you choose, you might as well take a look at The Paper's recommendations.


    According to the Beacon Professional Edition, as of 15:00 on March 10, the two new films released this week, "Keep You Safe" and "Corridor Pavilion", ranked the top two in a single day, and "The Wandering Earth 2" and "Man Jianghong" were among the top two in a single day. "Ranked three to five.

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    Oscar Preview:

    As the countdown to the Oscars begins, who is more likely to win, Michelle Yeoh or Cate Blanchett?

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    【TV drama】

    Many new dramas are on the air this week, you can pick and choose.

    The puppet drama "Love at the Corner" starring Jiang Wenli, Ming Dao, Zheng Kai, and Sun Yi has been launched on Dragon TV on March 9, and it will be broadcast jointly on Baishi TV and Migu Video. The play mainly tells the happy story of Fang Ling (played by Jiang Wenli), a divorced urban white-collar worker and his son, and Chen Juyi (played by Ming Dao), an elite man who is also divorced with his daughter, accidentally live in the same new house and fall in love and kill each other. But this is an old drama with a backlog of 7 years.

    "He Came Across the Mountains and Seas" starring Liu Yitong and Qi Yandi is scheduled to be broadcast on March 10 on iQiyi. The story of God Lu Xiao.

    The urban emotional drama "Return" starring Jing Boran and Tan Songyun is also expected to be broadcast in the near future. The drama is adapted from Mo Bao Feibao's novel of the same name, and tells the story of investment director Gui Xiao (played by Tan Songyun) reuniting with the EOD special police road after ten years In Yanchen (played by Jing Boran), the two reunited after a broken mirror, and found their way back home with loyalty and faith.

    This afternoon, "Dark Glory 2" is finally coming. Needless to say, how many people's hearts have been touched by this drama. If you haven't watched the first season, go make up lessons, or you will be spoiled by hot searches and vote circles!

    "Spring Sunshine"

    Directed by Liu Jiacheng, written by Wang Hailing, starring Huang Zitao, Wu Gang, Sun Yi, and He Bing, the urban drama "Warm Sun in Spring" is scheduled to be launched on Beijing Satellite TV on March 13, and will be broadcast simultaneously on Youku.

    "Spring Sunshine" poster

    This play mainly tells the story of a smash hit traffic star, under the leadership of the old drama bones, overcoming impetuousness and the temptation of fame and fortune, going through ups and downs, and finally becoming a professional literary and art worker. It sounds like a story that is very in line with the current status of the entertainment industry. After reading the trailer, if this story dares to write and film the real situation of the entertainment industry, it may be a very realistic drama.

    The actors are well chosen. Huang Zitao has actually been a traffic star. Real feelings are more precious than any acting skills. "When I walk on the road, not only people look at me, but also small animals like to look at me." This kind of inner os is really not good. Stars with less traffic will most likely have thoughts. Although the narcissism is a bit excessive and funny, it reflects the state of many handsome traffic people. It depends on how realistic the screenwriter dares to write and how realistic the director dares to shoot.

    You can also see the humorous and funny basic style in the trailer, and it is easy to eat. Liu Jiacheng's last work "Love in Nine Bends" has just been completed, and the word of mouth has been cold, but Liu's director has a solid foundation and a steady style. "Spring Sunshine" is still worth looking forward to.

    "Five Elements Family"

    Directed by Ju Xingmao and starring Wang Dalu and Ren Min, the Republic of China fantasy martial arts drama "The Family of the Five Elements" will be broadcast exclusively on Youku on March 13. The play tells the story of the orphan Huo Xiaoxie (played by Wang Dalu) who was born in the market and suffered from bullying but is constantly striving for self-improvement. The story of finding the way of justice and reaping love in troubled times.

    Stills of "Family of the Five Elements"

    The play is adapted from the IP "Five Great Thieves". The novel was ranked among the top ten novels in the Tianya Forum. It is also known as the "Four Great Books" along with "Ghost Blowing the Lantern", "Tomb Raiders Notes" and "Tibetan Code". The audiobook is on Dragonfly FM The number of paid listeners has exceeded 15.12 million. Director Ju Xingmao has made highly discussed works such as "Beat the Dog Stick", "Mother's Way" and "Soul Ferry: Underworld". No matter whether the reputation is good or bad, popularity is king. What hot discussion will "The Family" spark?

    "May all your wishes come true"

    The two sisters were born and raised in Beijing. The boy in the same yard likes the elder sister, and the younger sister has a cheerful personality and likes to giggle. This kind of setting reminds people of the classic domestic drama "Empty Mirror". The screenwriter Su Peng is the son of Wan Fang, the screenwriter of "Empty Mirror". But unfortunately, neither the screenwriter Su Peng, nor the director, nor Mao Xiaotong, Zhang Li, were able to make "All Wishes Come True" into a sister chapter. The uniqueness can be said to be an all-round downgrade, and the level is directly reversed.

    "All wishes come true" poster

    In terms of plot and character setting, the setting of "Empty Mirror" is generally followed, but in terms of specific plot, at the beginning of "Empty Mirror", the screenwriter used her sister's love troubles to bring out the faces of the two families. The passionate sister Sun Li, The silly younger sister Sun Yan, the philistine's grandmother, the introverted Ma Liming, the traditional grandma Ma Liming...Tao Hong and Niu Li seem to be real sisters. But in "All Wishes Come True", the younger sister's stupidity is made up of by Mao Xiaotong with a smirk. When she meets Pengci, she is willing to borrow money and doesn't want to call the police. This is not lively and cheerful. In this era, it is not enough IQ. The elder sister is a little bit better. She uses sexual harassment incidents in the workplace to reflect her beauty, but beauty is beauty. Apart from intelligence and beauty, this character has no other characteristics. The two sisters are so harmonious and polite that they are not as familiar as their girlfriends, which makes people laugh and cry.

    More importantly, the plot and filming were flawed. After watching three or four episodes, except for sexual harassment, I couldn’t remember what happened to the family. The slogan on the platform reads "Taste the fireworks in the world", but where is life? In addition to the key plot, what do you eat every day? who cooks Take out the trash? Do you want to change clothes? What are we talking about at the dinner table? Who gets up early to do the hygiene? This is the real fireworks in the world. For example, at the beginning of "Empty Mirror", at least the few minutes of Ma Liming catching chickens and killing chickens showed that this character is capable of housework. In this drama, the director thinks that the sister puts salad dressing on the toast. Does it mean she can work? There is neither life nor dramatic conflicts. I don't know why there is any need to read on.

    "Invisible Squadron"

    Just talking about the impression at the beginning, if it was not broadcast at the beginning of the year, it would be a good TVB TV drama. Needless to say, Ma Guoming, Tang Shiyong, and Chen Shancong have good acting skills, and the popularity of the audience is also good. The three have played policemen many times. Not a big problem.

    In terms of plot, "The Invisible Team" is reminiscent of TVB's gangster dramas in the early years. It starts easily. Four former EU (Emergency Unit, Stormtrooper) partners, because of an accident, Jian Yaoyang (played by Ma Guoming) caused his brother to lose his leg. A few years later, Jian Yaoyang returned as an undercover agent and joined the stealth mission strategic force. This is a typical Hong Kong police drama, interspersed with brotherhood, love, and friendship in the continuous process of solving crimes. The story and rhythm are very comfortable, starting from the horrible zombie-like criminals, bringing out the drugs behind him, Jian Yaoyang will lead the invisible team to solve the case.

    Tang Shiyong, Ma Guoming

    It is worth mentioning that Qiao Dainan (played by Lin Zishan), a policeman who is missing a leg, played very well. A disabled policeman was bullied in the police force, which was unbearable and sad to watch.

    Generally speaking, the opening chapter is a surprise, and those who like Hong Kong police and gangster dramas can read it.

    "Nine Heavens Cold and Warm Night"

    There are constant turmoil in Nine Heavens City, the sea monster case has just ended, and a new case is coming again! The crime-solving drama is indeed the best type of drama for most people. As long as there is a case, there will be a desire to follow the drama. Who knows!

    In addition, "Nine Hide Juice" is also good to eat. Han Ji (played by Bi Wenjun) told Jiu'er (played by Li Yitong) the secret about the fire of the Qi clan, which made Jiu'er who always felt that he was a tool to solve the case, and his heart was full of tears. Gaining a sense of stability also means that he has no reservations and complete trust in Jiu'er. In her own clan, in order to be with Jiu'er, Han Yu had to deviate from the expectations of so many people, and was even willing to give up the throne of the Qi clan. She has a retro love feeling of "Even if I am against the whole world, I still want to love you" , reminded the author of the plot where the fifth elder brother gave up his elder brother's identity for Xiao Yanzi.

    Xiaohan brand power bank

    For the case part, in the costume detective drama, there is no merit and no fault, and the overall pace is slow, but the case is still worth watching, and it can pass the time by watching it as a pastime.

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    "Clang Qiang Xing Tian Xia 3"

    "Qiang Qiang Xing Tian Xia 3" was launched on March 9. The show host Dou Wentao, together with old friends Xu Zidong, Xu Lei, Lin Weijie, Zhou Qimo and other guests, led the audience to Jiangnan, where the four seasons are full of poetry, to enjoy the beautiful scenery and explore the intangible cultural heritage along the way. At the same time, feel the infinite charm of the water town, and talk about the complicated emotions that have no place to rest.

    As a travel talk show for in-depth cultural experience, Douban scored 9.1 in the first season and 9.3 in the second season. It has been recommended by various cultural program lists many times and is deeply loved by the audience. The first episode of the comeback program "Looking for Dreams in the West Lake" is full of poetic artistic conception at the beginning. Wen Tao and Xu Zidong came to the Su Causeway for a stroll. When they saw Lin Weijie, who was wearing Hanfu and visiting the West Lake for the first time in her life, the three talked and laughed. Boat. Lin Weijie said with a smile that "it was also thanks to the show", that she made a wish to run the Tokyo Marathon, and fell in love with fitness ever since.

    "Clang Qiang Xing Tian Xia 3"

    From the construction of the West Lake, the three of them are half nature, half the beauty of poetry, and then talk about the color of autumn water in Chinese paintings, and they are also very interested.

    After watching "Qiang Qiang Xing Tian Xia 3", I want to go to Hangzhou again.

    "Food Meets the World"

    The gourmet emotional humanities documentary program "Food Meets the World" will be broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV every Thursday at 21:20 from March 9.

    In "Food Meets the World", the host Wang Xiaoya receives the "wish video" and helps the wish client to complete a carefully prepared dish, which is given as a surprise to the "he" who is most concerned in the client's heart. The program will also cover the food characteristics of multiple cities, showing the profoundness of Chinese food culture. Together with the client, Wang Xiaoya will search for ingredients, delve into the method, and restore the taste in memory. The program will also use high-speed photography, microphotography and other shooting techniques to present to the audience every step of the birth of food in detail, and record the fleeting "delicious" moments.

    "Food Meets the World"

    Through the express delivery of food, the extremely pyrotechnic story will also unfold slowly. From firefighters to teaching support teachers... They come from all walks of life and have completely different life experiences, but their expectations for food and yearning for true love are exactly the same.

    "Wonderful City 2"

    The second season of the urban documentary exploration program "Wonderful City" will be broadcast on Youku every Thursday at 18:00 from March 9.

    Zhang Jie, Cheng Yi, He Chaolian, Xue Kaiqi, Guan Xiaotong, Huang Minghao, and Li Xueqin joined the program, taking the audience to appreciate the beauty and charm of Chengdu, Changsha, Macau, Hangzhou, Sanya, and Tieling, zooming in on the neglected life in the city, and listening to the stories of the people in the city The experience of chasing dreams illuminates the sincere and simple emotions in the corner stories.

    As an urban documentary exploration program, the second season of "Wonderful City" not only focuses on the superficial introduction of city scenery and food, but also focuses on the changes of the times, the experiences and growth of all kinds of people in the city, and the extremely pyrotechnic atmosphere. Starting with daily life, it delicately and accurately conveys the unique temperament of the city, allowing the audience to have a refreshing feeling about the familiar city.

    The most worth mentioning is that the list of guests announced in the official announcement of "Wonderful City 2" is sorted according to the duration of the city's sunshine, which is also ingenious!

    Guan Xiaotong

    The program officially kicked off with the first episode of Guan Xiaotong's unique Hangzhou exploration trip. In the show, when Guan Xiaotong was buying breakfast, the shop owner said, "You look like a star, I thought Guan Xiaotong came to my shop for breakfast." Sister Tong replied mischievously: Many people say that I look like her!

    Beijing girl is really skinny!

    "Star Chaser 3"

    The third season of the self-driving camping youth slow variety show "The Star Chaser" will be launched on Zhejiang Satellite TV every Saturday at 22:00 from March 11. The program will be organized by the "Star Chaser Group" and the flying guests to visit China's "Star Chaser" Holy Land. A dreamy journey of chasing romantic stars. Wu Qilong, Lin Feng, Ding Yuxi, Lin Yun, and Zhao Xiaotang joined the "star chasing group".

    "Star Chaser 3"


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