The documentary "The Next Stop Exit" will be broadcast on CCTV, going south along the G15 Shenhai Expressway

    In the eyes of foreigners, what kind of China is China today?

    The first season of the road search documentary "The Next Stop Exit" produced by China Central Radio and Television's Film and Television Documentary Center and produced by China TV Drama Production Center Co., Ltd. will be broadcast on March 8 on CCTV Record Channel (CCTV- 9) Broadcast at 20:00.

    The film takes the G15 Shenhai Expressway as a clue, passing through 8 provinces and cities, following the perspective of two international friends to search for ordinary Chinese people, showing the magnificent natural landscape and colorful cultural heritage along the way, and presenting the pride of China at present from an international perspective development achievements and a vibrant social life.

    "Next Stop Exit" Season 1 Poster

    Tell the story of a vibrant China from a youthful perspective

    In Shanghai, the "Magic City", Japanese students studying in China walked into the Jiangnan Shipyard and the final assembly workshop and design and R&D center of the C919 large aircraft project. The latest achievement of international status and domestic mainline aircraft is encouraging. In the talk show club in Qingdao, I interviewed several young people who love life from afar, and witnessed them bravely exploring more possibilities in life.

    Stills of "The Next Stop Exit"

    In the ancient city of Quanzhou, David, a Russian student studying in China, met several young musicians who were committed to inheriting Nanyin culture, and listened to their stories about how ancient cultural traditions were innovated and explored. In Wenzhou, Zhejiang, David visited the legendary "second generation of the factory" and witnessed their courage to tear off the label and face the pressure.

    Their visits give us a glimpse of the struggling state and work enthusiasm of Chinese young people today. We can see their love for their homeland and their contribution to development.

    The film also always adheres to the "international perspective" in terms of narrative voice, uses character-based narrative, pays attention to the "perceivable and intelligible" content expression, and is close to the psychology of audiences at home and abroad.

    In "The Next Stop Exit", the camera followed David to explore the foreign circus performers who were looking for the "Chinese Dream" in Guangzhou, and recorded their life and development in China.


    On the coast of Dalian, the camera and Yaoyao talked with a Japanese expatriate who lives in Dalian and is full of love for the local life, recalling the changes in China she witnessed with her own eyes.


    These real and sincere interactions with the interviewees show the world a credible, lovely, and respectable image of China through plain and objective sharing of feelings, and show the close connection between China and the world today.

    In addition, in terms of narrative structure, the film adopts a "unit story" structure, with an average of 6-7 units per episode and 5-7 minutes per unit. Such a short and concise story mode is not only suitable for today's "fragmented" audio-visual habits , and each unit contains multidimensional topics.

    Stills of "The Next Stop Exit"

    Diversified narrative outlines the overall picture of social development

    Starting along the road, following the two international "photographers", we saw the stories of ordinary people, and felt the diverse living conditions, positive and optimistic spirit and harvest of people in this land of China under the background of the new era. Full of "happiness".

    Along the way, in Chaoshan, which is rich in traditional culture, taste the most distinctive local delicious supper and experience the local famous "English singing and dancing". In Fuzhou, Fujian Province, I talked with tea makers who have been dedicated to the inheritance of jasmine tea culture for decades, and experienced the long history of tea culture.

    Stills of "The Next Stop Exit"

    Around Shenzhen, I visited Huawei's new campus that has just opened, and felt the surprising landscape of the park and the equal and diverse corporate culture. In the coastal city of Dalian, I visited a research and development team determined to innovate in bionic robot technology, and felt the development power brought by technology. In Lianyungang, known as the bridgehead of the Eurasian Continental Bridge, I followed two dock workers to deeply experience the busy rhythm of this international sea and land transportation hub port.

    Among them, there are not only contemporary explorations of inheriting and developing traditional culture, but also records of technological innovation and achievements. "Exit at the Next Stop" allows the audience to be brought into it unconsciously through the depiction of the atmosphere of the scene, and instantly describes the current "China full of vitality" in the way of "sketching". It also outlines the overall picture of the current social development in China.


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